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The New Screen Savers is Officially a Monumental Failure

Well a hey hey hey and a how de do, it didn’t take long but TWiT’s last hope is apparently on its way out. The show known as The New Screen Savers is witnessing its ratings descend at an alarming rate.

Youtube views for video shows are meaningless indicators of popularity. [WinkyFace]

Will this show ever reach TNT level lows?
Will this show ever reach TNT level lows?

Let’s dish, the show was ill-conceived at the outset. They had one advantage in that salaried employees could be made to work on the show at minimal to no cost.  But the shearing of talent meant they had no one left to put on screen. They were forced to cash in a lot of favors from outsiders, but now that well is drying up too. No one wants to be on this failing program without being paid (at least) on a similar level to Patrick.

Not in the top 40??
Not in the top 40??

Oh, and if you non-believers want to see the top 40 tech podcast list unaltered you can click this. But TNSS is undoubtedly in trouble. Who knows, maybe the CEO/ PR expert/ Wife/ Host/ SalesExec/ Producer did not realize that a video show is not an ideal fit for an MP3 dominated podcasting genre. Remember when hopes were high at the studio and fans always heard about new shows on the horizon? That ship sure as heck passed, when was the last time the gun shy execs even teased a new show? They don’t even lie about new shows anymore.

Whatever the colossal error was, the begging of guests  is not the answer. Folks who graciously appear in-studio, should not be pestered into prerecording a TNSS segment because it just takes “a few minutes” after doing This Week in Tech. Frankly my dear, it’s kind of rude. This network needs a better business model than relying on the kindness of others. Already we see TWiT being forced to call in Christina Warren, Inhatko, Ritchie and other TWiT contractors to be This Week in Tech guests. The impact of TNSS on This Week in Tech is a further reduction in guests as tech journalists try and avoid the badgering to do free segments for TNSS. He already fired Chad for not getting good guests who is the next whipping boy?

(Should  the 4th sexiest person in tech ask for a raise?)

Keep the ban going!
Keep the ban going!

Is it time to zip up the body bag on this show and maybe roll the dice on a Padre toy helicopter show instead? We doubt Leo will cancel this show and we predict a pig-headed stubbornness in the vain of, his choice of TNT host, to win out over reason. But…..

Self Love
SelfLove, Ever see him happier?

Folks, Leo needs help and he can’t ask his fans so I will be his voice. Can anyone offer some advice in the comments on how we can save this show?

*Now, why does Padre start three/fourths of his sentences with the word “now” when he does his 1920’s radio voice?

Leo’s “Million Dollar” Studio May Soon Be Priced Beyond His Reach

Update: Leo has now confirmed he is losing the studio.

Major, major props to the reader who sent this #scoup in. This slipped by the editorial board and regulars in our chatroom, but it was sent in as a tip. Please continue to send in tips to keep the site full of great news.

Leo flips off the audience
Right back at ya.
Leo “Dick Pic” Laporte can’t stop showing his private chats and other information on the screen. He has no self control. Here’s another in a long line of “whoops” and “oops”.

We first reported on TWiT’s lease information when the building was put up for sale. Take a look at the raw PDF (bottom of page 4) for the details. The original lease expired 3/31/2015 and was renewed. The information in the PDF shows it’s at $1.50 per square foot.

Lease Expiration Monthly Lease Amount
3/31/2015 $13,160
3/31/2016 $14,100
3/31/2017 FMV $???

We now have new information, courtesy of the CeHO, from a Google Hangout #Soup was so kind to display for us.

Our transcript (possible errors)

“… restaurant “The Patio” who is buying the building. Warren just responded that he cannot extend us beyond a year next year because of the LOI. The realtor said they would be interested in extending us beyond a year but we will be paying for the basement. Let’s see if the deal goes through.”

Lease Expiration Monthly Lease Amount
3/31/2018 FMV + Basement Rent $$$$ ???

Hilton A. Goring is wondering if he should still come in to work tomorrow.
Hilton A. Goring is wondering if he should still come in to work tomorrow.
So we now know that if they extend their lease again, they will be paying fair market value in addition to paying for their very large basement they use for the business. This might come close to doubling their square footage. Might this more than double their rent with fair market value plus the large amount of extra square footage?

One of our editors previously made a video of Leo’s terrible fears that the Shithouse might soon have to close.

Video discussing the restaurant moving in

Cropped image #Soup displayed

Help us transcribe if you think we made mistakes.
Help us transcribe if you think we made mistakes.

Raw video

This is here because Leo “Dick Pic” Laporte accuses Total Drama of “photoshopping” as if we’d ever need to.