“News Director” Mike Elgan Can’t Make It Through a Promo Read

Village Idiot
Village Idiot
This post isn’t really scandalous, unlike when Gum trashes sponsors on-air, but it’s still pretty funny.

Watch the “News Director” try to stumble and gulp his way through a simple promo for the week ahead with a bit of humor thrown in at the end as a reward. Gum even gives a few mentions to Tom Merritt’s much better Daily Tech News Show.


Mike Elgan Trashes TWiT Sponsor On-Air, Again

Village Idiot
Village Idiot
During Tech News Today Mike Elgan stated he would not renew his PayPal account in protest over Paypal’s change to their Terms of Service.

Gum had this to say:

“Well, um, I guess, everybody who’s listening to this and watching this show uh has a choice to either uh-uh agree to the user agreement thuh. This’ll be the uh yuh-you’ll be uh asked very soon to uh renew your agreement uh with the new agreement. Uh I personally am not going to. I’m gonna cancel my PayPal account over this, and I suspect that some people will.”

PayPay subsidiary and TNT sponsor Braintree Payments could not be reached for comment. TWiT hosts have previously trashed sponsors on-air:

The Video

Leo Laporte’s #DickGate PR Campaign Succeeds

Penis seen round the world. Pixelated for your protection.
Penis seen round the world. Pixelated for your protection.
#Soup and Yoko’s expert use of PR against Total Drama appears to have succeeded. No real changes will be made at TWiT and he was able to convince advertisers that him showing a dick on air was A-OK.

You too can learn how to suppress truth and keep a sycophant fan base by following along. Enjoy!

Editors Note: Read the rest of our #DickGate coverage here.

Leo’s PR Campaign in 11 Easy Steps:
  1. Pretend TD threatened/insulted his children/family
  2. Pretend TD called in a bomb threat
  3. Claim he will cancel the chat and live stream (while insulting the chatters) and claim that this is one TD member’s fault
  4. Claim that everyone who dislikes what he and Yoko have made TWiT into are one person, which he can’t believe, but he needs his sycophant audience to believe
  5. Lie to the advertisers and tell them he didn’t show a dick and tell them to ignore the #OneAss troll
    Hilton A. Goring could not be reached for comment.
    Hilton A. Goring could not be reached for comment.
  6. Dox the #OneAss to get his chatters to go nuts on this person
  7. Attempt to get back in the chat’s good graces when he realizes he can’t do The Tech Guy without their answers, since he’s a moron
  8. Astroturf (suspected) the live chat with people like <eliz>
  9. Go on another rant in the chat room about the #OneAss
  10. Make everything go back to normal after everyone forgets about the dick pic
  11. Say no more on it (yeah right, but see chat below)

Chat Log

Download original or read excerpts below.

<EnigmaFX> just read the update on twit , bomb threats? really wtf man wow :( Leo my friend iv been following you for as long as i can remember none of you guys deserve this twit is hands down king of the hill when it comes the  structuring of its edifice and has more then anything else been a pioneer in its field n more then one way sorry this is happening , to bad things are going in this direction (sigh)
<~Leo> thanks EnigmaFX
<~Leo> I think we've found a way going forward
<~Leo> I am very lucky to get to do what I do - it's a great job
<~Leo> sometimes I get cranky but like everything else there's no hiding on TWiT
<EnigmaFX> my heart just sunk with this news iv been “away” for a while came back to this news
<~Leo> sorry - but we've weathered the worst of it I think
<~Leo> truly - and I hate to talk about this because I know the trolls are always watching - I was worried that we were going to lose the business
<~Leo> I would not have considered shutting down live unless it was that dire
<~Leo> I shall say no more on it

Leo Forces Employees to Login To “Leo’s House” Domain

Normal Windows Weekly Activities
Normal Windows Weekly Activities
During Windows Weekly, #Soup wondered how his network works, as he does because he is a moron. Alex Gumpel came in to rescue him on-air and inform him that Windows 10 would, in fact, not take over their editing computers without warning because they are centrally managed on a domain. #Soup then asked what the domain is called.

Answer: “Leo’s House”.

Even Paul Thurott was disgusted and replied “Hubris aside…”

Imagine having to login to this daily:

Can you imagine having to look at this every day?
Can you imagine having to look at this every day?

Alex explains Windows management to Leo

NYE Celebration Canceled So Lisa Can Have a Tahiti Vacation

You won't see this.
You won’t see this.
In a further show of disinterest to his audience since #DickGate and his ensuing insults to the chat room (“Never of value… Weirdos… with no lives”), #Soup has now canceled the crowning achievement of the streaming network, the New Years Eve 24-hour celebration.

Viewers may remember #Soup rang in each time zone’s New Year with a countdown and champagne with a cast of characters from all across the TWiT Network. However, this year, CeHO needs a vacation, according to #Soup, and is forcing him to take off as well.

I guess UNICEF doesn’t need any more money after last year. Children are no longer dying from preventable causes! Congrats everybody!

Previous NYE Coverage:

Read the Transcript

<iPad_50612> is New Year"s Eve cancelled for security reasons or am I late to the news?
<~Leo> we cancelled it for a variety of reasons
<~Leo> security certainly, but also because it was killing the staff
<~Leo> and I really didn't feel right making them do it
<~Leo> I love it but they had to really work much harder than I did
<JJtothe4884> Leo: sooo, no announcement of NYE for each time zone?
<JJtothe4884> on live stream
<~Leo> but that's why we are doing TNSS - it's a variety show inspired by NYE
<~Leo> Lisa said I could do it but she'd be in Tahiti watching
<iPad_50612> maybe two 2 hours instead of 24 if you wanna do something
<~Leo> yeah we were thinking of that
<~Leo> but i think people also want to have NYE off!
<~Leo> I think we'll be in the Caribbean
<~Leo> that's the plan anyway
<~Leo> Lisa has had to force me to take more time off