“News Director” Mike Elgan Can’t Make It Through a Promo Read

Village Idiot
Village Idiot
This post isn’t really scandalous, unlike when Gum trashes sponsors on-air, but it’s still pretty funny.

Watch the “News Director” try to stumble and gulp his way through a simple promo for the week ahead with a bit of humor thrown in at the end as a reward. Gum even gives a few mentions to Tom Merritt’s much better Daily Tech News Show.


42 thoughts on ““News Director” Mike Elgan Can’t Make It Through a Promo Read”

  1. OK, conspiracy theory time:

    Do you think he’s trying to use the term “Daily Tech News Show” in his own shows and promos to make people associate that phrase with TNT instead of DTNS? I don’t watch TNT (I’ve tried. Multiple times. And I just can’t make it through a entire episode of Mike’s ums and uhs and weird stuttery grunting sounds) but I wonder if he often uses Daily Tech News Show to describe TNT…

    I mean, DNTS isn’t the most creative title in the world (I was actually hoping Tom would change it back in the beginning like he originally planned), but I think it’s weird that Mike kept saying Daily Tech News Show…

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  2. Did Tom ever mess up so badly he had to cut the live feed? I don’t remember.

    I just saw a video with Eileen on Forbes. She looks so happy not working for Leo. Could someone do an article/video showing how much better all the old employees are doing and how bad things have gotten for Leo. It really says a lot about him that none of them seem to have any plans to pay him a visit on one of his shows.

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    1. This is the most damning thing – a lot of faces never come back, that’s why we get Oh Doctah [sic] on the flagship show now.

      Speaking of Eileen, aside from guests, they need some honest-to-goodness producers and Leo to decide he’s going to be anything other than an audio network with video. TNSS is kind of embarrassing as the culmination of 10 years of work. No offense to the technicians working on it.

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      1. Apparently TNSS has several producers lmao. I will say that it has been getting better. The last couple haven’t been terrible (high praise, indeed, these days) (also, how awkward was Mike last week? I think he said 3 words the whole time he was co-hosting!).

        Also, I’m pretty Sarah is planning to come up and co-host TNSS. That’s what they say anyway. She doesn’t seem super eager to get back in bed with TWiT.

        But yeah, I’d love a video showing what all the old folks are up to and how they’re doing. There might a few that I haven’t kept up with.

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        1. Mr JAS,

          You must be kidding? Not terrible? TNSS has been amazing from the start. It’s modern, fresh, and new, but still just like the old one from a long time ago. It’s techo-varity to the extreme! And they are not afraid to cover the “hot bottoms” like IOS vrs Android! That really had my juices flowing! Very current and modern like I said.

          Just to note I won’t have sex with Mike Elgen when I visit the Brick House, cause I’m a Leo kind of girl. Plus Mike doesnt seem like he’s into having sex. #Leo_is_Techno_Sexual!

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      2. I agree, it is very amateurish. When Kevin was on the last show his sound was way off and cutting out.

        I understand Leo wants to syndicate the video content, but none of it is any good as such.

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  3. How long as Elgan been on the network now? If he doesn’t realize by now that the first read was *absolutely fine* and nobody other than him (well… and TD) would ever notice anything wrong with it–at least nothing worth doing a second take, let alone a third or fourth–he’s probably never going to be confident/comfortable enough to be good at this.

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  4. “is this going out on the live stream”?

    *Elgum thinking in his head* “I’m most likely going to be made famous now on Total Drama”.

    Leo probably spanked Elgum in the back room, saying how dare you give Tom free plugs on MY network.

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  5. I think someone should call the tech guy today and ask a question about streaming a video feed over the internet ‘from my church’ to the ‘senior center’ and ask how ‘my church’ can avoid having the video stream be photoshopped like what happened to you (Leo)?

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    1. Hey Ex, Don’t ruin it for us ladies in the audience. I don’t watch or know much about Mike but I do know he is noooo Leoooo (I’m sure he good and all, Leo says so all the time). #Ladies_Luv_Leo! and Hi Dr. Mom! #BFF

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        1. Hey Molly, You’re just jealous I’m gonna get me some of that Leo’s la port and see if that video was really photoshopped or not! If you are nice to me maybe I’ll tell you the details.

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  6. Let’s understand how this troll site works.

    The trolls who post here hide like cowards behind anonymity. They have literally zero transparency.

    The targets of their hate are open and virtuous enough to live in public, to allow their mistakes public. They have a LOT of transparency.

    The trolls on this site use their targets’ transparency against them. It’s the virtue of their transparency that makes it possible for these trolls to attack them the way they do, even as they themselves offer zero transparency.

    Trolls are assholes.

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  7. Jason – These so-called trolls are people, too. The people who do what you call trolling are actually mentally ill. They suffer from a set of well understood mental problems (like the inability to have compassion and also they derive pleasure from other people’s unhappiness)

    They need help, not ridicule. This site is a cry for help.

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  8. Stewart: Fuck that. If HelloWorld and the other trolls on this site want help and sympathy, they should get help instead of attacking people who are just trying to put food on the table.

    Yes: Clearly they’re mentally ill. There’s no question about that. But if they want people to feel sorry for them, hate speech isn’t the way to get that.

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    1. Jason, we both have to realize these trolls are craving the attention. I don’t think they’re mentally ill, I think they’re unemployed and just plain bored. They get their Jollies trolling TWiT.

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  9. Jason – I don’t care what you say, everybody is a person. People with mental disorders shouldn’t be attacked just because they’re victimized by their own compulsions.

    HelloWorld trolls because he has to, not because he wants to.

    Please be nice.

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    1. So you think all the writers who work for the millions of gossip magazines and websites around the world (like TMZ.com) all have mental problems or are trolls?

      Or all the thousands of TV critiques?

      Or all the journalists who reported on the lies of Brian Williams?

      I think YOU have mental problems if you actually think that – you’re delusional.

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      1. @ What do you think would happen if Matt Lauer would do that on the NBC Today Show?

        It would be reported on every news site, because it’s highly unprofessional.

        To report on PUBLIC FIGURES (in this case broadcasting hosts) is PROTECTED by law.

        It has nothing to do with trolling and it is BY LAW separated from reporting on PRIVATE CITIZENS.

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  10. This guys is not good in front of the camera, I mean, it’s his job and he fumbles so much? He might be a brillian journalist, reporter and might even make an excellent news director, but he should not be in front of the camera, he looks uncomfortable, uneasy, can’t read, stumbles a lot… that’s not the kind of person that should be the main news anchor of any broadcasting network, old media or new.

    Then I read he’s been doing it for all of 2014 and 2015? Seriously? The guy must be Leo’s best friend, otherwise I cannot explain how this is possible.

    There’s very smart people that have no charisma or talent to be in front of the camera, people that are dumb but have that charm to be the face of a network and people that are both, this guy might fall into category one and I guess because he is so smart is why these mistakes get a huge pass, but my oh my, this is just unwatchable, painful to watch actually.

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  11. Ron, your post is absolutely spot on – especially because you’re being generous and thinking that maybe he’s got great skills away from the camera.

    But it turns out that he hasn’t even got those skills. He wrote an analysis of Facebook and said that Facebook was “the biggest threat to Apple’s business model”.

    Think about that phrase. Not a threat to Apple’s business (selling computers and portable devices), but Apple’s business *model*. An intelligent writer would know that Apple’s business model is “selling premium products for a very high mark-up: not concerned with market share, only concerned with profit margins”. It’s a different way of doing busines (Samsung is the opposite – it works with much higher volume but lower margins).

    So, Elgan wrote that Facebook was “the biggest threat to Apple’s business model”. And why did he say that? Because of the *services* Facebook *might* be offering.

    That is very typical of his style of analysis. It’s empty, pointless, doesn’t stand up to scrutiny and is frequently misleading.

    He’s done it again and again. I thought maybe he was trying to be like John C Dvorak, a “tech wind-up” man. But he doesn’t even reach that level. His essays often completely baffle people, make really spurious points, and ultimately leave the reader feeling like they’ve learned nothing.

    So, not only does he have no on-screen charisma, he has no ability to write incisive analysis and no ability to carry the reader through a written story.

    At least Leo can do some of that. Tom Merritt has it by the bucket – charisma, knowledge and ability to analyse and present.

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    1. Yes, you have to wonder why Leo loves this guy so much while bad-mouthing Merritt and even Dvorak, for that matter. The stuff he has said about the both of them would make most people cringe. I’m surprised Dvorak ever does these shows. Oh wait. He’s not doing any of them, is he.

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  12. First time to your website. Can’t deny this doesn’t make me smile..

    Tom was a true professional and clearly unappreciated. ultimately he was better off out and he will know that though as he’s smart and dignified.

    His “successor” is impossible to listen or watch – I keep to the delete button when I hear him appear on other weekly shows from time to time.

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