Leo Laporte’s #DickGate PR Campaign Succeeds

Penis seen round the world. Pixelated for your protection.
Penis seen round the world. Pixelated for your protection.
#Soup and Yoko’s expert use of PR against Total Drama appears to have succeeded. No real changes will be made at TWiT and he was able to convince advertisers that him showing a dick on air was A-OK.

You too can learn how to suppress truth and keep a sycophant fan base by following along. Enjoy!

Editors Note: Read the rest of our #DickGate coverage here.

Leo’s PR Campaign in 11 Easy Steps:
  1. Pretend TD threatened/insulted his children/family
  2. Pretend TD called in a bomb threat
  3. Claim he will cancel the chat and live stream (while insulting the chatters) and claim that this is one TD member’s fault
  4. Claim that everyone who dislikes what he and Yoko have made TWiT into are one person, which he can’t believe, but he needs his sycophant audience to believe
  5. Lie to the advertisers and tell them he didn’t show a dick and tell them to ignore the #OneAss troll
    Hilton A. Goring could not be reached for comment.
    Hilton A. Goring could not be reached for comment.
  6. Dox the #OneAss to get his chatters to go nuts on this person
  7. Attempt to get back in the chat’s good graces when he realizes he can’t do The Tech Guy without their answers, since he’s a moron
  8. Astroturf (suspected) the live chat with people like <eliz>
  9. Go on another rant in the chat room about the #OneAss
  10. Make everything go back to normal after everyone forgets about the dick pic
  11. Say no more on it (yeah right, but see chat below)

Chat Log

Download original or read excerpts below.

<EnigmaFX> just read the update on twit , bomb threats? really wtf man wow :( Leo my friend iv been following you for as long as i can remember none of you guys deserve this twit is hands down king of the hill when it comes the  structuring of its edifice and has more then anything else been a pioneer in its field n more then one way sorry this is happening , to bad things are going in this direction (sigh)
<~Leo> thanks EnigmaFX
<~Leo> I think we've found a way going forward
<~Leo> I am very lucky to get to do what I do - it's a great job
<~Leo> sometimes I get cranky but like everything else there's no hiding on TWiT
<EnigmaFX> my heart just sunk with this news iv been “away” for a while came back to this news
<~Leo> sorry - but we've weathered the worst of it I think
<~Leo> truly - and I hate to talk about this because I know the trolls are always watching - I was worried that we were going to lose the business
<~Leo> I would not have considered shutting down live unless it was that dire
<~Leo> I shall say no more on it

33 thoughts on “Leo Laporte’s #DickGate PR Campaign Succeeds”

  1. The real criminals OJ should be looking for are these #twitlive assheads inciting violence against TDers. Interestingly, TWIT’s mods are complicit by their tolerance of this.

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    1. … You reckon Leo won? You’re delusional Molly. TD hasn’t had an outright victory because Leo and sycophants have lied their way out of deep, deep trouble. Your fucking hero.

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    2. I agree. TWiT and Leo and Lisa are waging a spin war that the Republican elite would be proud of.
      Swiftboating poot me. Or is that the right term?

      More defamation. I ‘m wearing my totaldrama tshirt around town. Any TWiT Fans around? Glad to MEETUP!!!!

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  2. Don’t worry, The Internet doesn’t forget and eventually the advertisers and his pack of moron fans won’t be able to deny what’s going on any longer.

    If he goes back to being unfiltered it’s bound to happen again.

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  3. Leo’s & Lisa’s ( aka Molly)
    Have not won anything, they are now under a stronger microscope from everyone : sponsors ,viewers ,ex twit viewers whom seen the light ..etc etc

    What Leo knows and doesn’t want his non-tech followers to know , there isn’t one “guy” or Troll , there’s 1,000’s of us TotalDrama users,lurkers,trolls including Leo & Lisa & loyal staff
    that read and respond to TotalDrama daily .

    So it’s not going anywhere, how do we know it’s not going anywhere?
    Simple, it’s called “History ”

    Leo’s stupid , perverse , arrogant , sexual predator behavior will repeat itself over and over again and again as does History.

    Just type “Leo Laporte sexual ” into Google search and click on the 100’s of links all related to Leo Laporte your tech guy..

    If you think that’s the past and he’s going to change and yada yada yada,
    just remember arrogant sexual predator’s who think they are smarter than anyone they meet(sound like someone you know?) will always be the soul cause for their own demise .

    We will be here to post & comment on all his next mishaps or sexual charges that I’m sure will happen again

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  4. I think Leo’s heart will stop beating and we will finally be rid of him long before he self-destructs. He just eats and eats, getting fatter and fatter. No body can take that forever.

    I look forward to MBW and SN without you, Leo. By all means, keep porking up!

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    1. I actually feel bad (a bit) for Leo. I remember when (before Lisa) he was trying to lose or at least maintain his weight.

      Now he is expanding and that is a huge load for his heart. Not unexpected that they have matching Segways to cruise the 2 mile s to TWiT HQ.

      My recommendation, and it is really heartfelt, lose that 100 extra pounds Leo!

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  5. I don’t think there’s any “win” or “lose” in this situation. There’s just – as Leo said – “weathering this storm”. Sure, he’s done that. But the cost is high. He’s lost a lot of credibility. A big chunk of people have seen him lie. The wider tech journalism community will have seen the laughable claim of “photoshopped video”. People saw how he went into panic mode.

    In other words: this is life for Leo now. Having to lie more and more to cover up pathetic bits of ridiculous behaviour. Being seen as “pathetic”.

    If Leo really did inject great talent into his network, if he really did have a tech news show that was full of life, if he really did have weekly shows that weren’t just middle-aged white men sitting around bitching, then we wouldn’t care.

    But there’s nothing else on that network. A few great hosts, absolutely. But they don’t need Leo: he needs them.

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    1. I never understood the whole “photoshop” argument when we all saw it real time AND he responded to his own nudism in the TWIT pre-show.

      Anyone who believes any Adobe product was involved is just a fucking moron.

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    1. Some Leo-level idiot was bombarding the chat with spam. It was more spam than Leo eats between breakfast and brunch. It was harder to read chat than Leo trying to read a chicken-and-waffles menu without his reading glasses. Chat was more useless that the token salads Leo is always vacuuming during Security Now. Chat was more flooded than Leo’s mouth under the frozen yogurt tap at the buffet. Chat was more clogged than Leo’s arteries at the age of 7.

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  6. Stop giving Leo and TWiT attention. That’s what this was all about.

    -Stop watching Leo/TWiT
    -Ignore Leo/TWiT

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    1. No

      Leo’s the poster boy for rich a-holes who think they can get away with anything. To let it lie is to validate the activity. If a world run by misogynistic, megalomaniacal, perverts is your thing then yeah, ignore him/TWIT.

      Otherwise, keep up the pressure till the behavior changes or it finally collapses under its own weight.

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  7. Sadly leo laporte is quite compulsive when it comes to his misogynistic ways and is arrogant enough that the fat slug doesn’t realize that he is in a shampoo cycle. He’s lathered, rinsed and is going to repeat and repeat and repeat.

    He just doesn’t realize that shit sticks and with Leo, he may think that he is not being observed but he is being watched, and watched closely by advertisers and regardless of what is said by him we just need to observe and see which advertisers choose to reduce their advertising on his shows or just slip of quietly and not advertise with TWiT anymore.

    How many have been in a situation where they were told one thing by a friend that they know was upset about something and then told nothing was wrong but pretty soon that friend never came to visit or phoned or even emailed and soon they weren’t on your friend list?

    This is what will happen with some of the advertisers that were “on the ledge” at Leo claimed. He may have thought that they had talked them down but if they were on that ledge then they are watching him closely and will remain watching him.

    Like anyone else, these companies are not fools they know that there was enough noise and protesting from Leo for the incident to have been manufactured by Totaldrama and for him to be innocent.

    The reason he chose to go with the ‘business as usual’ was that he is such a freaking narcissist that he knew he couldn’t live without the attention from those that adore him like the leader of a cult!

    The other reason is he realized that he would be really in trouble if they took people’s money and then banished them from the chat for a saying a wrong thing, that’s a whole new bucket of lawsuits in itself.

    Then we get to the cost of all this implementation and the requirements for his site to truly be HTTPS with all the information they would store about users. Imagine the cost to him if someone hacked the site and stole the credit card information.

    I twice bought from imore.com and twice the credit card used and was only used with them, had the card number including the security number off the back used to purchase high dollar items. My card provider pointed the finger at them twice. Now can you imagine how his loyal schmucks would feel if suddenly their information is out there in the wilds. Fuck! He can’t even secure a picture of his penis without that getting into the public arena and can’t secure host and employee contact information without it getting into the public eye.

    All we have to do is sit back and wait for fatboy to fuck up again and again and each time let the little pieces of shit stick until he is a bulbous ball of shit!

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    1. I’m sure Premiere is watching him closely, too, and at some point will not renew his contract. And, of course, Leo will slam them mercilessly and spin it as if he was thinking of leaving all along anyway.

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  8. In all honesty (wow, here? Really) I no longer buy or look at any product that TWiT has as a sponsor. I do still have an Audible subscription. but thats it.

    When I need to draw up a will I DON’T go to LegalZoom.
    When I’m scratchy I DON’T go to Harry’s.
    When I really need to fill an open job position at TotalDrama I DON’T go to ZipRecruiter.

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