TWiT fails in quest for 24-hour broadcast

They didn’t make it.

In an odd twist to the alleged “24 Hours of 2015” Leo Laporte decided apparently on a whim to end the broadcast just one hour short of their 24-hour goal.

The #TotalDrama editorial board is at a complete loss at why Leo would do this. Whatever.

But it’s not too late if you donated to UNICEF to cancel your donation with your credit card company—because TWiT did not complete their publicly-announced goal of broadcasting for 24 hours, you can change your mind as well.

21 thoughts on “TWiT fails in quest for 24-hour broadcast”

  1. They raised $60,000 for charity and you are telling people to chargeback their credit cards to the charity. Keep in mind you probably can’t even do a chargeback in that case. You may want to rethink posting nonsense like this, if you ever want to have any credibility.

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  2. You’re a fucking asshole to even suggest that people cancel their donations to UNICEF. I am a long time fan of TWiT and have disagreed with alot of things that have went on with TWiT over the past year, but you spewing your bullshit about missing the 24 hour mark taking away the money from those children is over the line.

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  3. Wow, that would be pretty low to cancel your donation because doofus can’t count. The money is going (hopefully) to a good cause. Keep in mind all the guests that volunteered their “talents” and time. If anything, donate based on the entertainment you received from them.

    It would be sad to have all that go to waste.

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  4. For a long time I enjoyed reading Totaldrama because it provided insight into the back office workings of TWIT, which was very interesting. Over time I have become less enamored with this site, as it has become more and more apparent that at the end of the day, you are just a bunch of immature, bitter and very ignorant people.

    Your last comment was the final straw and shows that you have absolutely no credibility. I have lost any desire to read your site and have removed the bookmark from my browser. I have too many better things to do than focus on the insanely stupid musings of your warped mind.

    Grow the Hell Up!

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  5. I’m laughing out loud at the feigned outrage being spewed by all of these newcomers to TD.

    The gorgeous, talented and incredibly sexy Helloworld is having a wee bit o’ fun at your expense.

    TD members would never have donated to #Soup’s telethon in the first place, so there are no donations to be canceled.

    It’s a joke? Get it?

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  6. He probably ended it earlier because after midnight pacific time everybody left!! There was no Jason, Mike, Paul, Jeff, no one was still around after the new years celebrations ended in the brick house and Leo still had to be on camera for like 3 or 4 more hours? I would get bored quickly too. I mean they even brought a guy to play the piano or something after midnight, you could see that Leo was close to just getting out of there, after 20+ hours of live coverage, and then being left alone? Can hardly blame him.

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