Leo Forces Employees to Login To “Leo’s House” Domain

Normal Windows Weekly Activities
Normal Windows Weekly Activities
During Windows Weekly, #Soup wondered how his network works, as he does because he is a moron. Alex Gumpel came in to rescue him on-air and inform him that Windows 10 would, in fact, not take over their editing computers without warning because they are centrally managed on a domain. #Soup then asked what the domain is called.

Answer: “Leo’s House”.

Even Paul Thurott was disgusted and replied “Hubris aside…”

Imagine having to login to this daily:

Can you imagine having to look at this every day?
Can you imagine having to look at this every day?

Alex explains Windows management to Leo

35 thoughts on “Leo Forces Employees to Login To “Leo’s House” Domain”

    1. So you don’t know this is an “open” marriage yet? Leo is not stupid, he is not getting caught a third time cheating and losing more of his money. Catherine Hall is only one of the woman Lisa has shared with. There have not been many but Leo has tried. Everyone around him knows because he tells people when he makes lewd remarks. (Rumor is that he asked Elgin to wife swap and was denied, they don’t do that)

      Leo told Lisa that he loves her but that he has urges he can’t control and she accepted that. Not a bad negotiation. She gets a very high salary for her ability level. She is on the level of a giggling high school junior who took two courses in bookkeeping.

      Maybe I have never gotten a great enough blowjob but I don’t see why Leo made her CEO. No blow job is that good. Maybe it’s just me.

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  1. Going to the actual login question. Alex is only half right. If they’re running Win 7 or 8 on a Windows domain, yeah, they’ve probably got SMS running controlling updates. That is unless they installed the KB3035583 nag screen/background downloader but yeah, you have control. After Win 10, however, it’s a different story just like Paul and Mary Jo talked about a few weeks ago. Of course WW isn’t the show it used to be and I wasn’t happy about Mary Jo’s attitude about updates in the enterprise. More about it here…http://tinyurl.com/pohqkwe

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  2. I think Lisa will do the cheating… Not Leo. He seems whipped by her. When you break up a happy home for money, once the resources are gone, you find the next home to smash.

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    1. That’s funny, she’s on here and Leo isn’t, but I don’t find her much more helpful than Leo. I don’t know if she uses Google and a chat room to answer questions though.

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        1. Do you know what I call that bitch? Kim ‘Spamando’.

          ‘Kim is suppose to be Miss Technology, however, if you want to be removed from her mailing list, you can only achieve this by sending a letter or postcard via snail mail, can you believe that? It’s a constant stream of Kim Kamando e-mails clogging up my mailbox, all about peddling her crap, sell-sell-sell.’ – a former kimbot

          She is the worst. Don’t get me started on her. #FU_Kamando!

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          1. I just got to quote my buddy Kim KoMANdo hater,

            ‘What a $kunt! Hate this ugly female bait n switch $itch
            Her spouse is her web partner in crime
            Evil bait n $witch 8itch.
            Shut this spamming pro now
            And the soulless blood$sucing advertisers
            No moral compass
            Treatin the ma$$Es as a$sse$

            I know what a fkct@rd is now’

            His words are like poetry to me. And like I said, #Kim_Kamando_TreatinTheMas$$esA$$e$!

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          2. umm nobody cares about kim komando. I watched her 1 time 50% of her show was commercials. At twit we have Google, the very knowledgeable chat-room and the fat guy behind the curtain.
            Let us remember treating co-workers poorly, eating at work showing personal texts, and showing your dick at work is not illegal when you own the place. It’s just creepy.

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          3. Actually, just about anything Leo does that’s considered “creepy” which in his case includes blinking his eyes is solid ground for sexual harrassment and hostile work environment. I’ve seen actual cases won by plaintiffs that didn’t have half of the evidence. Owning the place doesn’t allow you to treat women like whores.

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    2. just checked. twit has 7 podcasts in itunes top 25 tech podcats.

      #6 this week in tech mp3
      #8 the screen savers hd
      #11 komando on demand
      # 13 tech guy mp3
      #16 the screen savers mp3
      #19 macbreak mp3
      #20 security now mp3
      #22 this week in tech video high

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      1. TWIT showing up twice (HD and non) doesn’t count. The Screen savers will fall off after a few months after the novelty has worn off .

        Counting that twice doesn’t count either ( also HD version) Kommando isn’t on TWIT. Tech guy is because of the radio show until Leo screws that up.

        Security Now is like NPR for Security Geeks and would succeed without Leo. In fact it would be a better show if Leo would shut the hell up.

        Notice what isn’t on there, TNT, TWIET, TN2, WW, etc, etc.

        TWIT used to have at least 6 different ( no HD crap) in the top 25 at any point in time before all this crap started.

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  3. Don’t you think Leo probably has a VPN named Lisa’s House?Filled with private Dick Pics and other NSFW material that wil pop on his Mac for all to see live on air.

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  4. Seriously I can’t believe this Fat Fuck. It’s his network and staff and he is suppose to be the tech guy but if he doesn’t know how is business network is setup, he’s a Tech Fraud.

    I don’t have a domain setup in my home but I do have private IP addresses and Smoothwall Linux router along with an Access Point that is specially setup. Lots of streaming boxes and printers which have static IPs. I know what IP is statically assigned to what and I have file sharing setup with specific users and share permissions so that thing don’t get deleted over the network. It’s not that hard especially if you’re into this field.

    He is totally an IDIOT for now knowing his own business domain. I can see not recalling an IP, it happens to me. It would be like me forgetting my workgroup name or what WAP security I am using.

    It’s sad, but he needs to realize he is past his prime and needs to pass on the reigns to someone else, (which won’t happen do to his ego.)

    Leo Leporte the Tech Fraud

    Thanks TD

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  5. As much as we all don’t like Kim Komando , I see Molly and fake Molly really hating on her , you two sure remind me of Leo , the night he decided to troll Kim and Mark Cuban on air .
    matter of fact some of the trolling points he used were the same Molly and fake Molly just voiced

    Things that make you go Hummmmm??

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    1. Hey Ohno,

      FU troll. I hope you go to the Kim Spamando site and get viruses and toolbars! Me, I’ll goto the Brick House and get laid! I think makes it’s pretty clear who the superior tech ‘person’ is.

      (Note, I do plan to wear a condom with Leo when I have sex with him when I visit the Brick House this summer, but not because I think he has STDs or viruses, or genital warts (I think a lot of old guys have these?), but because I’m not on the pill.)

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