Bomb Threat Signals Fans are Insane

If people are that out of their mind that bomb threats are being called in to TWiT there will be no more TWiT news here. None.

UPDATE: After conducting an internal investigation we decided to lift the ban.

All the information on the alleged threat can be found in the No Agenda Episode #707 Podcast. (About 2:22:00)

Careful with Macbook lid.
Careful with Macbook lid.

8 thoughts on “Bomb Threat Signals Fans are Insane”

  1. lol, get over yourself TD.

    Your little site has nothing to do with this. You should be reporting on this story and calling out the douchebag for not having the balls talk the talk and walk the walk.

    Fuck self-censorship and fuck this blog. It fucking sucks now.

    Go guzzle some soup you pansies. I can get crap like this on twit 24/7.

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    1. I agree, TX. You’ve turned into a total douchebag with your tech news that no one cares about. Guess the Soupguzzler scared you, huh? What a pussy boy. You had people ready to donate to the site and then you back out like a woman. Good job.

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