Leo’s #DickGate Chatroom Rants and Lies

Penis seen round the world. Pixelated for your protection.
What a dick.
The dick pic Leo Laporte showed on-air on The Tech Guy has clearly bothered him. He’s fully mobilized CeHO and the clown in a priest costume to try to run interference while he lies about the dick pic and claims that we “photoshopped” it into a live video that hundreds saw and had that “photoshopped” video posted minutes after he aired it live.

Nobody actually believes him except for his most mentally-challenged sycophants, but dive into their world, if you must, and watch Leo, the man who showed the dick pic on air, call Bruce “Bruce the Perv.” Here are the articles actually written by Bruce (not #OneAss).

He continues by lying about who Bruce is, what he does, and literally says that Bruce is in love with him sexually. This is a disturbed, disgusting individual, folks. If you are similarly offended, please let Premiere Networks know, and join us in our live chat.

Most Humorous Insult/Lie

<cr1> Leo, read the article in the guardian this morning . turns out many Pakistani terrorists joining ISIS are from middle class families. educated.

<~Leo> yeah it's kind of like that

Soup’s First Rant (Insults and Lies)

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<~Leo> the schedule hasn't changed
<~Leo> Robert pre-records so he can do his other job too
<~Leo> but all of my shows are exactly the same
<~Leo> basically we've left it to each host how they want to do their shows: live or off stream
<~Leo> all my shows are still live
<~Leo> chat room has to change
<~Leo> the mods are at their limit
<~Leo> you don't see 90% of what goes on
<~Leo> they're that good
<short> So TWiCH is not live now?
<~Leo> no it did move to a new time slot
<dagimar> Leo thanks for keeping livestream live
<cr1> ty Leo
<@lifesazoo> modding is theraputic 
<~Leo> we're looking into chat rooms that require identity verification it will make it easier to eliminate Bruce
<~Leo> twich is live now at it's new time
<Maq> Leo, i hope its still IRC even if verified!
<Web5947> Leo, why not do the $1 charge for chat?
<~Leo> there won't be any web1020 ids anymore
<~Leo> we might web5947
<~Leo> but the troll has money
<~Leo> so that won't prevent his entry
<~Leo> and it's easy to get pre-paid cards
<~Leo> if we do a paid room it will be to defray the costs of paid mods
<~Leo> it think it won't be irc
<~Leo> pretty hard to make irc secure
<CountryDoc> it started much later the "scheduled" and I didn"t care to watch tidbit reruns
<PcGuy8088> Perhaps a visit from the RCMP and CSEC
<~Leo> you know CountryDoc there's a download for that
<~Leo> I hear the RCMP are bad asses!
<Web5947> shame to see haters win...the very few affecting the many
<~Leo> that's one of the reason I backed off the big changes - I realized it would slow Bruce the Perv down much
<TheGemDr> The Mounties always get their man.
<~Leo> they didn't win
<Maq> really gets me that a troll is ruining all this though... :(
<~Leo> we all win
<stooper> who's Bruce?
<JD> The troll has a known name?
<~Leo> ruining all what maq?
<~Leo> yeah JD
<cr1> Leo, you are experiencing what China is doing to the rest of the internet on a smaller scale
<~Leo> I know his name, address, and phone number
<~Leo> there are other trolls of course
<Maq> Leo, just causing you so much grief amd causing twit to change
<~Leo> but the real pig is Bruce
<HarryP> Leo: That's also doxxing
<JD> Leo, I'm hoping there is some legal recourse. Though they may fuel the fire.
<@Keith512> if bruce is so messed up why is he not getting medical help Leo is the medical system letting him down
<~Leo> yeah we're going to continue some sort of verified chat
<Maq> twit is a massive part of peoples lives... too bad some take it too far
<~Leo> still looking at alternatives
<~Leo> I mean if Glenn Beck can have live chat we should be able to
<cr1> Leo, how about sqrl?
<CountryDoc> so one nerd ruins the day. for mant!
<Maq> get Stebw Gibson to sort some kinda public key based chat :)
<~Leo> Hannity has live chat too
<~Leo> even Kim Kommando has paid chat
<~Leo> not sure if anyone is trolling her though
<PcGuy8088> Should contact the FBI who can liason with RCMP and local authorities up here 
<cr1> Leo, require 2nd factor auth or sqrl to login to chat?
<Wumpermill> DLR: SQRL
<Amyashi> Leo, did you ever figure out the true reason Bruce has targeted you and TWiT? Are they truly mental or someone out for something more?
<~Leo> I called him and asked Amyashi but he wouldn't say
<Maq> with all this, whats happening to the Giz Fiz?
<~Leo> nothing maq
<~Leo> I do feel very sorry for him - there's eomething very sad and lonely with him
<~Leo> I sincerely hope Bruce isn't violent - but we have to act as if he is. 
<~Leo> I have a responsibility to my staff.
<~Leo> I went for so long without any hassles. I assumed it was because I was talking to a smart and worldly audience
<~Leo> I gues I was just lucky
<~Leo> Bruce is smart and worldly - he's just damaged in some creepy way
<~Leo> His family owns a [REDACTED]
<~Leo> so he comes from money
<~Leo> he's clearly technically sophisticated too
<~Leo> but even when I talked with him I could tell something was off
<JD> Leo, curious as to Bruce's age bracket. Is he just a kid?
<~Leo> no he's middle aged
<~Leo> not sure exactly
<~Leo> sounds about 50
<cr1> Leo, read the article in the guardian this morning . turns out many Pakistani terrorists joining ISIS are from middle class families. educated.
<~Leo> yeah it's kind of like that
<~Leo> I have built up a whole psychological profile in my mind, but I have no idea if it's accurate
<~Leo> I guess we'll find out
<~Leo> he seems really normal then he flips
<CreamyCornCob> You gonna track him down Leo?
<~Leo> it's like the Hulk
<~Leo> his voice even change
<~Leo> I don't need to CreamyCornCob - I know where he is
<cr1> indeed. Osama bin Laden was educated and from a very wealthy family. it's something missing in their brains
<~Leo> International prosecutions move a little slower
<~Leo> but the FBI has investigated him before so it might be easier this time
<DLR> people that "flip" are somewhat dangerous because you don't know what they will do. 
<~Leo> yeah it's very creepy dlr
<Amyashi> At least high level law enforcement have records on him.
<~Leo> it's like a split personality
<~Leo> although i don't think it is
<@ScooterX> I wish there was not so much attention given to this person :/
<~Leo> we've talked to other people who have been stalked by him
<cr1> Leo, remember all the celebrity stalkers from years ago. they are similar. attracted to fame
<JD> scooterx nod
<~Leo> actually I think he's actually in love with me
<~Leo> sexually
<CreamyCornCob> lol
<ReplicantX3R0> O_O
<Strengths> um..
<~Leo> there's a lot of that in his stuff
<JD> no comment
<cr1> could be. or just wants you to declare his power
<ericDuckman> too late, ScooterX 
<~Leo> it's like a jilted lover
<Amyashi> That would not surprise me, considering the level of obsession he has focused on your life.
<CreamyCornCob> If you come home and Bruuce is taking a bath, theres problems 
<~Leo> yeah
<enigma> in their mind..maybe
<Wumpermill> passions are involved
<DLR> in love, or just posessive ?
<Hodor> uh, oh. Ex's are the worst
<dagimar> a psychotic jilted lover
<WebGrrl> very scary, and sad
<Solamar> obsession never good; the tv tells me so. :)
<~Leo> no kidding
<ReplicantX3R0> DLR: and obsessive
<JD> it is sad
<enigma> or not getting attention he wants
<cr1> power of others is sexually attractive. or at least the strange part of youtube says so
<marsworm_> sounds dangerous leo be careful, maybe have a body guard follow you?
<eliz> Leo: years ago, in previous life, our corp was under a similar attack, although without as much internet action
<~Leo> this helloworld is his alter-ego - his "hulk" persona
<d123> Leo, you need to grow up, you're pathetic
<Ed> if there is any history of behavior modification through medication, risk factor will be considered elevated
<enigma> that even negative attention is good for a  troll
<ericDuckman> Leo, so, you've met him?
<ayemossum> sounds like someone is just a (basic, run-of-the-mill) whackadoodle
<~Leo> not met him
<~Leo> but I did call him and we spoke
<~Leo> he denied he was hello world but I can understand that
<eliz> Leo: we hired a security firm who dealt with brand protection ... it was pretty impressive how they dealt with international law informent
<~Leo> there's just too much linking them
<eliz> enforcement
<~Leo> what was the company name eliz?
<JD> leo, calling him took guts
<un2ward> is bruces also richardya? or is that some one different? as the blog moved around thatwas the other persona that seemed to be at the core of things 
<eliz> Leo: too long ago but you might start querying your friends in the industry ... pretty common whats happening to you
<Amyashi> We do need to be careful not to obsess or give Bruce attention, it could cause issues.
<~Leo> I was curious JD
<JD> understandable.
<~Leo> and I was hoping to mend fences or whatever it took to calm him down
<~Leo> but he's very defended
<JD> Applaud your efforts.
<~Leo> I still don't know what he looks like although he claims he was in studio once during google io
<cr1> yep Leo.  calling him did not meld with his view of reality
<~Leo> none of his true social media accounts have pictures of him
<~Leo> which is also weird
<eliz> Leo: we had bomb threats, dead animal deliveries, antrax scares ... 
<Maq> good to try to reach out, that is positive
<~Leo> ugh eliz
<~Leo> this isn't that bad yet
<~Leo> yeah I think it freaked him out cr1
<CreamyCornCob> eliz where, if ya dont mind me askin.
<~Leo> he said he was working out and asked me to call him in two days
<~Leo> I did
<~Leo> he's a massive crossfit enthusiast
<eliz> called our security guys 'the men in black' ... they did all the forensics and tracked down the international connections ... it was pretty amazing
<~Leo> which also fits the profile
<cr1> lol Leo.see that fits with his view of his ultimate superiority and power. power to control others.
<@Keith512> maybe he has been taking drug when working out
<WebGrrl> oh, boy. (crossfit enthusiast +++)
<~Leo> I must call those guys eliz!
<~Leo> that's exactly what we need!
<JD> I'm an ultimate couch potato enthusiast, what does that make me?
<CreamyCornCob> Well Leo  - he is commiting felonies correct?
<GaryW> Cant his ISP ban him?  I am sure you went that route though Sir
<~Leo> his ISP?
<~Leo> he comes in for all sorts of IPs
<~Leo> his web site was in the Netherlands
<GaryW> yes, for breach of usage
<~Leo> now it's in France
<~Leo> he's not dumb and very careful
<@Keith512> wow this is seriously committed
<User2295> Sounds like its Snowden
<jabaa78113> Leo he is attacking your privacy the EU would close him down and is IIliad I think
<~Leo> he had some confederates early on but I think even they found him too extreme so I believe he's mostly alone now
<eliz> I was briefly with an Israei tech company ... they taught me how to jump all other the world without being traced ... 
<~Leo> although he's likely always recrutitng
<marsworm_> eh dont give this freak anymore more ego boosting time
<jabaa78113> eliz he is not that smart
<~Leo> The internet is designed for openness not security
<~Leo> as it should be
<~Leo> but it gives bad actors a lot of room to move
<DLR> that seems scary that he is recruiting
<+PadreSJ> This is the sort of stuff our stalker posts: https://twitter.com/padresj/status/603776803321282560/photo/1
<@Keith512> events like this the isp need to talk to each other about people they ban
<~Leo> yeah that's all Bruce
<~Leo> he has a very specific style
<@Keith512> PadreSJ you could of warned us first
<+PadreSJ> **Warning** -- Not Safe for Chat (sorry Keith512 )
<~Leo> he's fascinated with certain thinks
<~Leo> and repeats his obsessions frequently
<~Leo> it's pretty obviously crazy
<~Leo> he makes new twitter accounts daily
<~Leo> we ban them every time
<~Leo> he's busiest on weekends
<short> PadreSJ: oh that's sad, that screenshot..
<+PadreSJ> We even have a form letter that gets auto-submitted anytime he tweets to us... 
<+PadreSJ> short, that's not the worst of it... that's actually pretty tame.
<jabaa78113> this guy goes back to tom Merritt days
<~Leo> there are other trolls, don't get me wrong
<~Leo> but most people fade away
<User2295> Leo will there still be chat and will you have a live twit broadcast on Saturday and Sunday for your radio show
<~Leo> Bruce is demonic in his devotion
<~Leo> yes and yes User2295 
<eliz> laughing .... i conforned my stalker ... did the Ape-rage thing ...scared him and myself ... never stalked since
<jabaa78113> but padresj whats the motive to spend all these resources for WHAT??
<cr1> Leo, PadreSJ, but fixing chat? how does that slow down the posters to twitter, FB, etc. 
<~Leo> it doesn't cr1
<~Leo> it just fixes chat
<ayemossum> Wow. This is WAY past trolling. Trolling is just a quick jab to get some quick kicks usually. This is ..... well it's a broken mind.
<~Leo> thats one of the reasons I backed down on the major changes
<~Leo> I realized it wouldn't slow him down, and in fact it was just empowering him (he sent me several gloating emails)
<+PadreSJ> ayemossum, yup... we've ignored it for 2 years... this is waaaaay beyond trolling. -- And the bomb threat, death threats
<+PadreSJ> :(
<cTech1> exactly dont feed the ass hat
<Amyashi> Leo, is he tied to that horrible TD website that is devoted to slandering TWiT?
<+PadreSJ> This is stalking... a whole other thing.
<~Leo> he IS TD
<JD> padresj, more than stalking if there are death threats
<~Leo> there was a (vaynerchuk)sucks twitter account run by a brit - but Bruce has lately resurrected it
<Web8273> you sure one guy can do all this? it's kinda hard to believe..
<~Leo> I don't think he has to work
<+PadreSJ> Web8273, not that hard if somebody has a lot of time...
<~Leo> he said he had "clients" but I don't think he does much else
<jabaa78113> web8273 using free resources yes
<marsworm_> leo i i guess the td site cant be taken down?
<theotherguy> sounds like a loser that lives in his mommy's basement
<Chumly> "clients" is relative
<~Leo> it's in France
<~Leo> it was recently moved - I'd love to know the story there. Probably another schism in the ranks
<~Leo> Eventually Bruce goes far enough that even his cronies rebel
<~Leo> bye all - make sure to pass along that chat transcript to Bruce won't you Andrew?

<~Leo> Ha ha
<~Leo> Bruce emailed me that he was watching chat
<~Leo> of course
<+PadreSJ> Hi Bruce :)
<~Leo> No i think it's probably a web####
<~Leo> or AndrewZarian 
<+PadreSJ> WAAAAAAY back when Bruce was in our chatroom as BruceS, his biggest concern was that he didn't like my voice. -- :)
<AndrewZarian> What did I do ? 
<~Leo> Now you see why we need a verified chat
<hal> AndrewZarian what did you do now?
<~Leo> Yeah I'll say no more - we really shouldn't feed his ego

Second Rant (Charging for Chat Discussion)

Click here for the unabridged version. There aren’t as many insults and lies in this one.

<~Leo> I don't feel unsafe
<~Leo> our mods are at their limit with keeping chat safe
<~Leo> and the drive bys and the trolling are not conducive to chat
<~Leo> so we're going to move it to a verified system 
<~Leo> that way it will be easier on the mods
<~Leo> and a more fun place to be
<~Leo> I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want that
<~Leo> unless you like being anonymous in here
<DLR> I'd be happy to register
<TheGemDr> Leo, I hope a credit card isn't needed?
 * ToiLeTBuG is sorta annon*
<Loquacious1> I don't like those drive byes at all, they ruin the fun and disrupt normal flow of conversations
<~Leo> I don't know what system we'll use
<~Leo> we're looking at them now
<~Leo> I'd like for it to be free and for people to be able to use handles
<~Leo> but can't guarantee it
<bleak> handles would be great if you can manage leo
<~Leo> Lisa wants to charge a bit to defray the cost
<~Leo> yeah I like the handles
<~Leo> all we're looking for is a way to identify chatters that's better than spoofable IP addresses
<J5_JCH> Leo - i'd pay $3 mth or $30 yr at most to help defray costs
<OldTech> Tie it to verified email addresses, maybe?
<~Leo> think it throuhg oldtech
<TheGemDr> as long as cash cheque or paypal are allowed Leo 
<Loquacious1> Charging isn't going to stop trolls with money J5_JCH 
<~Leo> it's easy to create an email addy and verify it
<~Leo> we need something better
<ToiLeTBuG> Leo I will pay $1 for a year, but you gonna owe me when i answer the gaming editing question on the radio show, ya dont gotta plug me but ya gotta pay me! :P
<LonnDawg> driver's licence
<~Leo> there's got to be a significant speed bump
<~Leo> otherwise the trolls just make new accounts all the time
<TNohands> Will it require us to pay a subscription and change or use other specifc irc clients like the ones you have to pay for Leo?
<~Leo> no idea TNohands 
<~Leo> depends what we pick
<~Leo> no money is not a verification system
<~Leo> it would only be to pay the mods and for the service
<bleak> phone numebrs (although also generatable) are probably a reasonable verification system
<~Leo> no they are not
<~Leo> I know Bruce's numbers
<Web7539> Hello Leo, I'd pay for the chat, but if the proceeds go to a charity, that would be kind....
<~Leo> but it's easy to create numbers
<~Leo> the money will go to supporting the chat 
<~Leo> including mods
<nightrain-ke5jxo> ~Leo: keeping the channel invite only would work, the payment would only validate the "invites" 
<bleak> hmmmm...... btc to hire a hitman? :P
<~Leo> someone would have to administer the invitation system
<~Leo> we might do that but I'd like something more automatic
<TJ> Leo, a moderated chat with people earning voice (+v) privilages could work
<~Leo> maybe tj
<nightrain-ke5jxo> TJ: Yes. 
<~Leo> if the mods agree
<DLR> am i correct in assuming you have enough mods? (otherwise I would consider volunteering)
<~Leo> mods are burned out
<TJ> yeah, I understand
<~Leo> we're going to lose most of them the minute we find a system
<TJ> I used to be a mod in Pirillo's chat a long time ago
<LonnDawg> Leo , you should not need to many mods.. If the system is under control
<~Leo> aexactly LonnDawg 
<~Leo> what about it marmot? burned out?
<~Leo> I'm thinking of some system where you send us a picture with your driver's license or ID
<~Leo> and we mail you a password
<@marmot> Leo: at times but I'm not around as much as I used to be. Moved back to the office with work. 
<~Leo> yeah you're not alone marmot
<~Leo> I really really appreciate all you've done over the past few years
<~Leo> it's been a horrible thankless job
<~Leo> how many of the mods would be interested in a paid position in a more orderly chat?
<~Leo> yeah papers please
<J5_JCH> Leo - I'm using webchat on old XP laptop and its very readable to my bad eyes - hope you consider that aspect on any new chat
<~Leo> of course J5_JCH 
<LonnDawg> look Leo even if someone sends you a picture of there. Drivers license,  it still could be a false one, but I would expect that to be an extremely small percentage of people who would do such a thing, and if they joined the chat room and were disruptive you would kick them out.. 
<Loquacious1> I also have a stalker, I know how important being invisible is
<nightrain-ke5jxo> over 10$, just wont work for most people.. 
<~Leo> exactly - then they'd need to take the time to get a new one
<~Leo> and having a mailing address would also help
<nightrain-ke5jxo> Lonndawg, but "showing" of a document or something would give it some lag-time between wanting to troll.. and actual trolling. 
<Loquacious1> Actually TWiT already has my information from when I bought bricks on the receipt 
<LonnDawg> Yep Leo
<~Leo> I don't mind if it's a fake identity - just that it's hard to create
<~Leo> It might be that we can continue to use IRC with some sort of invite system
<~Leo> but we're also looking at commercial alternatives
<LonnDawg> oh Leo.. You can only go so far to verify somebody's identity...  You want to be totally strict...  Then you need it signed by a notary...:-))
<~Leo> I don't really need to know their true identity - I just need to make signing up take time
<~Leo> then we can kick someone and it will be a lot of trouble to get back with a new identity
<ciamp> Loquacious1…you matter muchly ;)
<nightrain-ke5jxo> 48 hour delay should suffice. 
<Trex> Leo: The way Twitch does IRC may be of interest to you. It uses OAuth
<OldTech> Seven-day waiting period, maybe?
<nightrain-ke5jxo> ~Leo: exactly. 
<LonnDawg> Leo .. The first thing to do is to try some type of verification system...  And then work from there. As problems occur.. That's the way things are always done, you guys try things on your shows and then modify them as needed
<Watson> good idea Leo
<~Leo> oauth would work
<ToiLeTBuG> Leo have them all go through #unfiltered and let them be questioned.
<~Leo> at least that would be an identity
<Loquacious1> Oh, well thanks ciamp, that's sweet of you to say
<SgtMuffin> oauth has worked really well for Twitch and a few other IRC communities. You could then build an online registration system that gives them out and revokes them as needed.
<ciamp> true
<Loquacious1> I'm just feeling kinda sad these days, but am trying so hard not to
<nightrain-ke5jxo> Leo with a 48 hour delay, you could turn off the new users registratipm when trouble spikes.. and the vetted community continues uninterupted. and new users get delayed
<Trex> Leo: A write up for what they require to connect to their IRC. http://help.twitch.tv/customer/portal/articles/1302780-twitch-irc
<OldTech> I guess the problem with a delay would be patient trolls.
<J5_JCH> nightrain-ke5jxo: but - suppose  there is a TTG caller who wants to followup to issue - dont want to force them to wait 48 hrs
<OldTech> Register a bunch of nicks over time, then slam you when you're not expecting it.
<SgtMuffin> You have to make sure you cannot have a bot auto fill the stuff out either.
<ciamp> Loquacious1 …I, as a outsider, unbiased, can honestly say the chat is very much a part of you. A very nice part ;)
<SgtMuffin> Because if it uses a captcha that a bot can figure out it's pointless, they'll find a way.
<nightrain-ke5jxo> J5_JCH: thats what i was curious about, and wanted to see stats. are there lots of new faces showing up everyday? or is it us same old folks everday? 
<~Leo> and our trolls are nothing if not patient
<ToiLeTBuG> Where's the teach? Is Leo still lurkin?
<~Leo> yep
<~Leo> I'm going to pm all you chat mods
<@cwbp> Leo, thanks.... I will email you
<@Keith512> i will so the same
<~Leo> thanks cwbp
<~Leo> I really appreciate
<~Leo> it
<OldTech> One clear frame is all it takes for info to escape.
<~Leo> is can0k
<~Leo> out completely?
<J5_JCH> AnroUser: true - but now we have NO delay so no chance to catch anything so something is better was my thought
<PcGuy8088> AnroUser: the only reason its 15 sec delay is because the stream has to be transcoded on the fly I believe by the providers like bg or ustream so that delay is being implemented after any cut off point 
<AnroUser> Since what the miscreants want are Leo flubs...  which might seem harmless at the time.... might not do the trick
<cr1> was the video stream the vector for the trolling. i thought the trolling culprit is twitter itself
<~Leo> way too hard to do a delay on video
<~Leo> very expensive
<~Leo> sponsors have reached out and expressed their concern. The troll is writing to each and every one of them and sending them links to his site, etc. 
<~Leo> Most are savvy enough to understand that it's just trolling. A few we have had to talk down off the ledge.
<phil> all this fuss over a harmless picture.. sad anyone would give it a second thought.. or a first one
<~Leo> I'm not kidding when I say he is trying to put us out of business
<Web2741> oh my god. use a production machine without personal accounts on air, and dont talk about sticky business or employee matters on air/dropcams. the ammunition they have was hand fed to them !
<~Leo> it's not just his faked dick pick
<~Leo> it's many many more things over an 18 month period

91 thoughts on “Leo’s #DickGate Chatroom Rants and Lies”

    1. Oh, he’s lost fully. How much time have they spent talking about real name policies of sites like Facebook and how they’re bad? I guess it’s only bad for transgendered people, not us trolls.

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  1. Honestly, the thing that has angered me about the Leo/TWIT side of this has been his denial and insistence this is photoshop trickery.

    This really happened. If he had just owned up to it and apologized in the beginning, this wouldn’t have been able to blow up to this point.

    Always admit your mistake and beg forgiveness… Never make up a story and live a lie. People will forgive a simple mistake. It’s much harder to regain trust when you lie at every turn about this being ‘faked’.

    I caught wind of this whole story after it ‘blew up’. I started with no sides taken. In turn, I have lost virtually all respect for Leo because of the lies and deception.

    Seriously, if he had apologized and moved on, I would believe him when he says this site is obsessed with him and ‘after’ him. Now, I see it more like a site trying to expose a bunch of lies from Leo and his business partners.

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    1. Need I remind the Dick Pic Defense Force that Leo explicitly called chat a bunch of losers with no lives. He has also extolled the virtues of chat for the past 10 years and quite frankly grown to depend on it as a knowledge base and source of personal affirmation (as sad as that is).

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    1. The man’s a pathological liar. He doesn’t put value on facts and information, only personal gain at any given time. The “facts” will suit him as convenient. Answering callers makes him feel like he knows what he’s talking about, but mainly it enables future vacations and deep dish pizzas.

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  2. Bruce, we don’t know each other (I assume – the only Bruce I know is my sister’s husband, and he never gives me a knowing “we both hang out on the same website” look), so this isn’t worth much, but there must be plenty of people out there like me (used to be a huge Twit fan, started feeling really uncomfortable at how Leo was acting, ended up seeing stuff about “Twit Exposed” and delved right in, reading Total Drama), plenty of people who understand what’s going on, and who are completely on your side.

    You’re not a public figure who puts his entire life online to make money. Yet you have been very publicly doxxed, shamed, humiliated. So, consider this just one more voice saying “I’m on your side”. Doesn’t mean much, can’t do much, but I sit out here, like so many other people, totally disgusted by how Leo is lying about you and trying to get his more unstable listeners to actually harm you.

    He’s come close to the sort of behaviour that would make me advise you to call the police on him – a few days ago, I saw several people in chat say they wanted more info on you so they could come and see you. I posted in chat that this looked like Leo was encouraging clearly illegal activity, and was quickly kicked.

    Just another voice on your side here. If any of us anonymous internet commenters can help out in any way, say the word.


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  3. What’s the story about Andrew Zarian? This isn’t the first time I’ve heard Leo mention him. I don’t watch GFQ because AZ’s voice is a little grating to me, but I like what he’s doing over there. Does Leo think he’s involved with TD somehow? Or what’s the story there?

      » Quote comment

    1. Andrew Zarian is Paul Thurrott’s co-host on “What the Tech”, a podcast that’s been going for some 250+ episodes. What, you’ve never heard of Andrew or Paul’s “other” podcast? This is because Leo Laporte is a petty, small, and jealous man. It’s unbelievable that Leo would shit on him like this in public – and for what possible reason? Par for the course I guess.

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  4. Hi Leo,

    I just want you to know I’m on your side. I know how difficult it can be when someone Photoshops a dick into your video, and who cares about those missing few seconds of footage in the version you posted. That doesn’t prove anything!

    I think there’s an easy way to settle this: I’ll pay you $1M if we can come to the studio and take a photo of your dick, and it doesn’t match what was Photoshopped.

    However (and I know this is impossible, but I’m just trying to cover all bases), if the photo we take of your dick DOES match the Photoshopped photo, you pay us $1M.

    Simple, right? One million dollars for FREE! And this would be a great PR move to shut TD up once and for all, those lying fucks!

    I’ll be waiting for your call. This million is really burning a hole in my pocket, and I can’t wait to see you vindicated.

      » Quote comment

    1. It’s REAL, not photoshopped. How the hell could you “photoshop” a dick pic that quickly? Show me the proof. That was LIVE, you cannot photoshop something in .2 seconds, you need at least a few minutes.

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  5. Just ignore the trolls Bruce! All journalists like you and Leo have trolls. I’m sure they mean it in that same good spirit of humour that you always do.

    Maybe they just want Total Drama to improve?

      » Quote comment

    1. About $3 a month if one commenter is to believed. Hahaha.

      What a buncha schmucks, he called the entire chatroom useless amd without any life before last week’s MBW. Sad to see some continue to support him even though he didn’t say sorry for calling all his live viewers losers.

        » Quote comment

  6. that crazy leo was drunk and ran over my box/house in some fancy car, and then laughed at me when I crawled out of the box and started yelling at him. oh, was he smug. then I got to introduce the first screen savers and now I’m ok with Leo i’ve been looking for that dick pic but the public library terminals block adult content

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  7. Unanswered Questions:

    1) If Leo and his family really have been threatened, I’d like to see proof, such as a police report. Even the “bomb scare” sounds a little bit sketchy to me. If Leo is implying that the operators and/or readers of Total Drama have anything to do with illegal actions, he had better be prepared with proof or be subject to a lawsuit for defamation.

    I have been a fan of Total Drama’s exposing the real Leo Laporte and there is nothing that can remotely be considered a threat. Reporting his hypocrisy can not even be called trolling.

    2) Leo claims the photo in question was photoshopped. How is it possible to get a photoshopped copy into his own collection of pictures? And why was it necessary to edit out that part in the replay? Does this make sense to anyone?

    Several previous contributors have hit the nail on the head. If Leo would have just owned up to the mistake of showing a private photo on air, this would have been over in a couple of days. He’s just showing his true colors, which is why this site is so popular.

      » Quote comment

    1. Some will remember Leo’s daughter had some kind of stalker or other Internet problem… they went to the cops and took care of it. That was that.

      Leo knows there’s no threats here, that’s him spinning his lies. If there were actual threats against him he wouldn’t be dicking around name calling and taunting on the Internet.

      But he is actually making threats against us, at least in jest, by commenting that he’s going to pay Bruce a visit.

        » Quote comment

    2. With Leo’s logic….

      The video that was put up live is the one being played back for download. Aside from the fact that they time stamp undeniably proves something was clipped out. How in the fuck would anyone get “60” other personal images of Leo to include in their new mocked up version.

      Where is the logic here…. Eesh. Stop the lies leo. Please.

        » Quote comment

    3. I’m starting to think Leo is under some kind of (or rather yet another) delusional fantasy. Being the target of some conspiracy or mastermind elevates his ego in some demented way.

      And if he is indeed being threatened in some manner, than how about contacting authorities instead of trying to engineer some cocamame IRC paywall scheme.

      God help him if one of his deranged sycophants takes it upon himself to hunt down the “trolls”.

        » Quote comment

    4. There might be a very good reason why he didn’t own up to it. Maybe it’s behind the reason he took the photo in the first place. Maybe this photo wasn’t meant for Lisa.

        » Quote comment

      1. What better way to test how good the camera is on the phone you’re reviewing than taking a dick picture i think we found out leo’s review method

          » Quote comment

    5. He should be honest and maybe admit that it was a family member that phoned in the bomb threat because she didn’t get what she wanted and is undergoing Psychiatric counseling as agreed by Petaluma PD who received a hefty donation to one of their funds.

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  8. You trolls won’t just leave this be. Get a fucking life.stop watching TWiT. Oh wait, you get your shits and giggles over fucking being trolls and fucking a person’s life.

    Karma will bite all of you in the end.

      » Quote comment

      1. She keeps threatening to stop posting here, but we can’t get rid of her. kind of like when you accidentally step in dog shit and it stays on your shoe. Molly = Dog shit

          » Quote comment

    1. You mean like how Karma is biting Leo? Remember how funny it was for Lisa to take a pic of the delivery guys ass. And how funny it was for Leo to show it live on air? Remember how he had a good laugh at that guys expense? Remember him showing it to thousands of watchers?

      Karma you fucking dirtbag.

        » Quote comment

    2. Fuck off Molly – long time fan doesn’t take kindly to be accused of “having no life” so until the fat fuck we call Soup apologizes …. well I’m gonna be a pain in his very large ass.

        » Quote comment

    3. Fuck you, bitch! Everytime you and everyone else rags on us, I write another letter to Leo’s sponsors!

      So go ahead! I have plenty of time and money to send physical letters to his advertisers.

        » Quote comment

  9. HA HA HA! Leo is hilarious! Wow, there is something really wrong with him. What is unbelievable is that his minions STILL believe him. After so many lies which are undeniable!

    I love the simple minded mentality of the followers relating everything to ISIS and terrorism. HA HA! Top of the decade. Call someone out on their lies, you’re a terrorist! Too funny.

    Leo just keeps adding fuel to the fire every time he talks. Lies and more lies. He would be so dangerous if he ran a country and had a populous with the mentality of his chat room to govern. They re not free thinkers and put zero effort into looking into the truth themselves. They are just blindly led.

    Leo just doesn’t get that we don’t hate him. We just feel betrayed by his promises to deliver what he said he was going to. We invested our time and money (some of us) to help him build a niche network to deliver content we enjoyed. Everything evaporated when Lisa came into play and monetized his talents. Things dumbed down. Leo turned into a sex crazed maniac led by the rule of his now wife. His behaviour went from a charming goofy guy to a glutton that orders his staff to fetch him soup and sandwiches while he berates them and sexual harasses them. Now his no-limit antics are being projects to the audience.

    Keep your personal matters at the door. But it is too far gone now to the point that anyone that voiced a concern was instantly silenced by his chat mods. It made us feel angry. So we came her to voice our distaste. A lot of us enjoy the odd show on his network. Be real, we wouldn’t still be here posting if we didn’t find some small part of his network enjoyable. We just wish he didn’t continue the lies. Keep EVERY aspect of your personal life out of twit; your eating, creepy sex talk, your photo streams, etc.. I bet we all might enjoy you again. The most important part is, be honest. STOP THE LIES.

    Howard Stern is rude and vulgar, but every one still deals with it because he is honest. Lies are a sure way to start a hate field against you.

      » Quote comment

  10. Hi All,

    This is becoming more entertaining on our part to see Leo twist and change his story every few days and sometimes every few minutes. I agree with almost everyone in here, he needs to own up to the mistake and learn from it, not lie and pretend it was photo shopped. He laughs at other celebrities getting caught with weak passwords and getting hacked, but he knows he wasn’t hacked, as do we. Be a man and own up to your mistake. (Oh wait just like he won’t own up to the harassment of ex employee’s and his adultery turned second marriage.)

    As for the members who are calling Leo out on his shit and getting ridiculed for it, I am on your side as well. He is diluted to think this is a one or two man operation. It’s basically all his old fans who see through his lies and behavior. I am one of them.

    Stop blaming others like Bruce or Hello Wold or whoever you think is behind this site and own up to your mistakes and correct them. Show the proof of your statements in chat about how these people or person is really the bad guy in all this.

    Thanks TD (All of You)

      » Quote comment

  11. it’s not just his faked dick pick

    I ju… I just don’t understand. Could someone who supports Leo please tell me if they actually believe this or not. Do you think it really was someone hacking into Leo’s computer while he was streaming and putting a picture of a dick on his screen, or do you think this is a lie and Leo wants to frame it on TD to save face?

    If it is the latter, could it then be possible that Leo might have lied about other things in the past? Perhaps also blaming others to save himself?

      » Quote comment

    1. “If it is the latter, could it then be possible that Leo might have lied about other things in the past? Perhaps also blaming others to save himself?”

      No. He would never do that. There is no pattern.


        » Quote comment

  12. Leo is my Homer Simpson of tech.
    Petaluma we have a problem.

    Exhibitionism, which involves exposing one’s genitals or sexual organs to a stranger, falls under the psychiatric sexual disorders category of paraphilias, “abnormal or unnatural attraction” or obsession with unusual sexual practices or with sexual activity involving nonconsenting or inappropriate partners.

      » Quote comment

    1. Symptoms

      The key features of true exhibitionism are these:

      There is sexual arousal directly related to surprising the victim
      The victim is unwilling
      No further sexual contact is desired
      Clinical diagnosis is made if the patient:

      Over a period of at least six months, has recurrent sexually arousing fantasies or behavior involving exposing the genitals to an unsuspecting stranger
      The person has acted on these sexual urges or the fantasies cause marked distress or interpersonal difficulty in the workplace or in everyday social situations.
      The onset of this condition usually occurs before age 18, although it can begin later. Few arrests are made in the older age groups, which may suggest that the condition becomes less severe after age 40.

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  13. Of corse it is photoshopped! you people who think the trolls are telling the truth are the ones who are stupid for thinking it is real!?! I can’t believe the stupid stuff you wrte on here. Leo says it is BRUCE. Leo knows what he is talking about, he is the Tech Guy, you idiots. HE knows exactly where you are and is probably lining up legal actions. Leo is a GOOD PERSON, and the community loves him and he is good to his loyal followers, and people like you are jealous because you are living in your mom’s basement!! get a job!

      » Quote comment

    1. Kyle,

      I can’t tell if you are being serious or not ! But please look through every video available online and then tell me that was photoshopped !

      I think you seriously need to get your face out of Leo’s ass. Anywhere else if they showed a Cock on the screen they would have to apologise – but Leo does nothing..

      I think it is disgusting. On the one hand he wants a ‘family friendly’ chat room and then on the other he is showing dick pics and texts to Lisa etc.

      I actually really like Leo – but I do think he just doesn’t do the right thing at times !

      Also, he needs to sort out the chat room mods. I’m sorry but when a debate is happening on the screen then we are bound to want to discuss in the chat. But as soon as we say anything we are muted or banned. I can understand hiding any swear words but apart from that just let us have free speech !

      You can’t have opinionated people like Jeff Jarvis and Dvorak etc. on the shows and not expect the chat room to join in !

      I’m now having to use the Drama Chat because I want to express an opinion !

        » Quote comment

      1. Your opinion is yours, no problem there. Let’s just get one thing straight: Jeff Jarvis and Dvorak are two very different kinds of people. Only one of them is an attention seeking whore. And John is not it.

        This is why his opinion is valued, not just by crowds, but by editors, writers, even executives… and why I shrugged when you named Jarvis and Dvorak in the same sentence. And now you made me do it too! *shrugs* BRRR

        Dvorak could not care less about that chatroom, or any chatroom for that matter. This is what makes him stand out – he is his own man, is not influenced by easy chats like Leo c.s., and best of all: Dvorak is not someone who does it for the fame. He’s the only real giant Twit has ever been lucky enough to host. And even he got banned by Leo. Give me a break. Then again, you said you like Leo, so I get how easy you switch opinions. Here’s a suggestion: raise the bar a little. You don’t have to keep supporting someone who would never do the same for you or anyone other than himself. Just my $0.02…

          » Quote comment

        1. Now that you mention it. Dvorak used to be on a lot then less and less and less because he is one of the only people who actually calls Leo on his shit. Then Leo says shit about him behind his back rather than in front of him. Jarvis is just an arrogant stooge with bad teeth who really works for Google.

            » Quote comment

    2. I just want to be clear: I don’t like Leo because he’s a malignant narcissist. His breed preys on society, and uses people for their own ends before casting them aside. Sound familiar?

      Leo tells his lies, and he lies so easily and gets busted on it so often that it’s become really difficult to tell when he’s telling the truth. Right now, I can’t really believe anything he says.

      I agree with the other commenters here: he’s a disgusting human being.

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  14. The exhibitionist might masturbate (or fantasize about masturbating) while exposing himself but makes no further attempt at sexual activity with the stranger. The individual is sometimes aware of a desire to startle or upset the observer. At times, the individual might fantasize that the observer will become sexually aroused. Exhibitionism, though often discussed as a humorous topic, is a very serious behavior that can frighten the victim. The exhibitionist is typically male, and the victim is usually a female (adult or child), and usually an unsuspecting stranger.

    Social and sexual relationships may suffer if the behavior is found disturbing or if the individual’s sexual partner refuses to cooperate with this particular preference. In some instances, the unusual behavior may become the major sexual activity in the individual’s life. These individuals rarely seek help on their own and are likely to get professional assistance only when their behavior has brought them into conflict with sexual partners or society.

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  15. The main problem that led to this war is this: Leo isn’t serving the audience. He tries too. He thinks he can. His mouth moves near the microphone. But his mind is on other things, like running a business, handling personal messages during shows, pleasing sponsors, and planning vacations and large purchases. I think his disenchantment with technology and lack of other career options have placed him into an expensive and nightmarish trap.

    I imagine all the carbohydrates in his food have warped his ability to feel fully alive and energized. His cells aren’t flowing and interacting with life and physical effort, just filling with sugar and converting it to fat. His fat cells are dividing to handle the job and calling for more fuel at the expense of the whole organism.

    He talked about fitness in the cottage era and became obese. He talked about photography and just focused on pricey camera gear instead of lighting and visualization. He posed as a pioneering broadcast professional and utterly failed to leverage the internet’s power to delegate hosting tasks to a once lively and enthusiastic staff. We, the “trolls,” have watched all this unfold, and it ain’t pretty.

    Leo Laporte has ended up doing real damage to the digital revolution. What was once a wide open universe of conversational and creative possibilities has, under his questionable “leadership,” contracted into a pointless world of minor upgrades, bad information, reality distortion, hoarding, living in the past, ageism, sexism, and painfully long ads. All of which were apparently synergized to create a tragically broken home and a “community” where keeping quiet about the truth is the #1 rule.

    I had a glimmer of hope that the live stream and chat room would be pulled. The audience could then be served a professional quality product instead of the half baked and haphazard, unprepared ones we’ve been getting. I can fully understand why former fans who were strongly connected to TWiT to the point of donating now feel bitter about the waste and corruption on display.

      » Quote comment

    1. I love what you say about the consequences of food, and how, if I may paraphrase, cells convert carbs and sugar to sad and/or stupid. And about the truth being sacrificed to continue this lifestyle. I am not sure, personally, if Leo’s impact on the tech community is that big. Many people are like Leo in this world, especially in the world of the sit-on-your-ass type of tech. Twit however is indeed a most tragic example of what happens when community support is no longer appreciated but rather being taken for granted. Ignoring this fact is in my opinion the primary cause that is bringing twit down. And personally, I am still very disgruntled of how Sarah and Tom were treated by Leo. He should still apologize. Won’t happen though; sadly I know.

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  16. I’d love to see and hear Leo explain this Sunday exactly how someone can ‘photoshop’ a picture of a dick so exactly over the image that it supposedly covered. Not only was it exact to the millimetre but stayed exactly where it should be and appeared at the exact same time as the other ‘images’ on his desktop.

    All whilst doing this live and spontaneously, even given the time delay between encoding and streaming the video from the twit shithouse to the outside world via BitGravity etc…

    At what point does Leo suggest that the image was ‘photoshopped’ and injected into the live stream for it to appear live on air?….all without interrupting anything?

    1. Leo is a liar and loves taking pictures of erect cocks.
    2. Someone at the Twit Shithouse doesn’t like Leo and has exceptionally godly ‘photoshop’ skills to do all the above without interrupting the stream before the data gets sent out.
    3. Leo is suggesting that the likes of UStream, BitGravity etc… have shite security and anybody can hack the stream he is sending to them…..and that they can do all three simultaneously.

    If it’s 2 or 3 then who ever decides to pay leo to take part in his ‘brainless’ chat better be ware of his apparent appalling security.

      » Quote comment

    1. There’s time jump on YT video that matches where the edit would have to take place. Why edit out an innocuous section? If it was photoshopped, then posting the undoctored video would clarify things conclusively. The simplest answer is that Leo is lying.

        » Quote comment

    2. I’d like to see him explain how someone can do it on a video too so well that when he clicked off it vanished with the rest and was not overlayed over another image.

        » Quote comment

  17. The TotalDrama commenters are amazing. I wish most of these could be real blog posts they are so well-written and thoughtful.

    Thank you for your contributions to the community!

      » Quote comment

  18. Okay, I couldn’t get through that chat. Serious comments:

    The man is totally delusional. He’s lost his mind. He keeps blaming Bruce for everything, including doxxing him. The worst part is the Leophytes keep on saying how great he is!

    I love when he talks about calling in the FBI. THERE’S NO CRIME COMMITTED. The FBI would laugh at him.

    If he had only been a man and apologized for what he had done, I would have a modicum of respect for him. But he keeps digging himself into a hole deeper and deeper.

    I’ve handwritten each of us advertisers already (conveniently listed on that moron’s website) and will continue to do so. I know for a fact that Premier is investigating him.

      » Quote comment

    1. Can you imagine giving Uncle “Here’s My Dick Photo” your address and credit card, only to be kicked from IRC by some wet diaper on a power trip because he’s having a bad day? Just think about the type of people ready to sign up for this.

        » Quote comment

  19. As an addendum to the suggested letter posted for the head of Premier, be sure to add that you will * not *patronize any of Soup’s advertisers – both TWIT and radio – as long as that degenerate works there! Once he’s fired, you gladly will. But not until he is fired for his degenerate and disrespectful behavior.

      » Quote comment

  20. Hey TD , did you miss the part where he was calling his Chatroom “Babies” in IRC the other day? Leo is still insulting folks and just being an arrogant ass- wipe

    The guy that ran @LeoLaporteSucks ( now runs @LeoLaportePenis)
    Copied all the IRC chats and posted it to Twitter and on his website at

    Here is that chat

    @LeoLaportePenis: “cheeto0: Who will leo’s successor be? Any chance its jason?”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “WoWhunter: Goodnight everyone. It was fun while it lasted”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “conducive: Twitch streaming is progressing and Twit is regressing”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “greho: So, TWiT will be less live than TechTV was. ok…”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: Ha ha what a bunch of babies”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: wah wah wah”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: relax”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: it’s not the end of the world”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: actually live viewers have never “made” twit” [#facepalm]

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: I really enjoy live chat but it’s not monetizable and has become a massive liability” [But, not as big a MASSIVE liability as you are]

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: we have never counted live in the download numbers” – [Leo Laporte, bare-faced liar. #schmuck]

    @LeoLaportePenis: “web6666: No leo live made twit for the live views the community that feeds you answers on your tech show. The community that
    comes to watch shows live the hardcore fans. if you wanted millions of views their are easier ways.” [More constructive criticism Leo!]

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: if you say so web6666”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: I’ll try to muddle on”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: most of our hosts are happy about the change” [Okay, no audience insult there. Keep it up Leo!]

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: raygun01 is probably the only one who isn’t” [No Leo, criticizing your employees in public still counts. 🙁 ]

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: I wish we could keep the live element but it’s not working” [I must not insult my audience. I must not insult my audience.]

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: I really had hoped we would transisiton the audience to live” [Yay, I think he’s finally got it!]

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: but it never happened” [Wow, it’s a new Leo! Leo “I will treat my audience with utmost respect at all times” Laporte]

    @LeoLaportePenis: “User8073: I hope someone is capturing this so we have a record of what Leo thinks of his biggest former supporters”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: kind of proving my point user8073” [No, no, no, no, no! Remember the new rule, Leo!]

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Web6668: this is the begining of the end of TWIT”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Guest5778: afraid u might be right Web6668”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: and then asswipes like user8073 demonstrate why you’re losing this” [#facepalm]

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: I spend a lot of time with you guys”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: I have never been less than totally upfront with you” [Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!]

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: and very available”

    Anyway more on @LeoLaportePenis on Twitter

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  21. Telling lies is just so natural to Leo that he can do it with a straight face. I’m totally disgusted with his bare face lies. He’s making fools out of the gullible folk that believe his every word. I just feel sorry for them . They probably won’t ever see through the facade.

      » Quote comment

    1. I wouldn’t be discouraged by there still being supporters in a place that actively discourages discussions on such obvious troll topics as “reality” and “facts.”

      All it takes is one step, one google search, to expose him for what he is.

        » Quote comment

  22. OMG

    Talk about Karma. I’m watching Leo trying to answer questions on his Radio show, he can’t answer the question so he repeats the question out loud several times ,
    seems like the smartest most loyal chatroom viewers from last week had enough of Leo insults toward them ( example: Leo claiming he didn’t need them and they added no value to him )

    So those smart chatroom guys weren’t there or as ready with links and answers today…


    Good one Leo,
    Karma for Erik !!!!!!
    your Hummmmmming and long pausing and dead air while you frantically type on your keyboard for answers made my day!!!!!

    What a jerk

      » Quote comment

  23. Fuck Leo. He’s such a sack of shit. He wants to put a paywall behind his chat? Well good luck ya stupid fuck, because you sure as hell aren’t getting a red cent out of me you Soup Nazi motherfucker.

      » Quote comment

  24. Seriously who the fuck does he think he’s fooling? I’ll tell ya who he’s fooling, himself, and all the god damn people that are “on his side.” You idiots need to fucking wake up and realize that THAT MAN ISN’T ON YOUR SIDE! He’s only on your side because he wants YOUR MONEY! Don’t let fat fuck Soup Nazi take your money. Go support the people who actually give a shit about your donations. Not this shit for brains asshole. I don’t even fucking care if Soup himself reads this comment. In fact, I hope he does. Leo needs to just quit. Just shut down this shit show that is TWIT. The fact that just because of a few trolls he decides to shut the chatroom down is the stupidest thing ever. Oh, boo hoo! I’m being trolled, waahh!!1 WELL MAYBE STOP FUCKING LYING TO US AND WE WON’T HAVE TO FUCKING DO THIS!!!!!!!! YA EVER THINK OF THAT?!?!

      » Quote comment

    1. The only fucking thing Soup’s gonna do with your money is use it to purchase and review another fancy gadget and never touch it again, he’ll just wipe his hands of it and be done with it. Seriously, I mean, fucking think about it, what the fuck else wold he want with your money? The man’s already got everything he fucking needs. Fucker could pretty much just retire live streaming and be content for the rest of his fucking life.

        » Quote comment

  25. That’s interesting, he wants to make the IRC a safe friendly place.

    Interpret it as “He wants to eliminate any criticism and have only those that are like limpet fish sucking away on his ass, or maybe his cock, he’s pervy enough to desire it.”

      » Quote comment

  26. Any notion I have ever entertained of giving TWiT and its chatroom a second chance has now been squashed. I feel bad for all those that bought a brick in support of his network because they have really been given the shaft here (no pun intended).

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