Leo Laporte ends charity broadcast with obscenities

In a complete lapse of professionalism, TWiT founder and host Leo Laporte took leave of his senses and cussed his way through a bedtime story as children were present in his Petaluma studio.

UNICEF was the beneficiary of his “24 Hours of 2015” and it is inconceivable that the broadcast sponsors would be happy with the sad ending of the marathon production.

One commenter in the official #twitlive chatroom said:

Litesmth_London: so after $50,00 of donations the cuss filter comes off the twit brickhouse as well? 🙂

24 thoughts on “Leo Laporte ends charity broadcast with obscenities”

  1. So while the telethon that he wanted to pay homage to ended with a stirring rendition of “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, this awful parody of a telethon ends with a foul mouthed fat man in pajamas. Love to see the the reaction of the UNICEF people to that.

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  2. Wow,

    “Twit is a global network and there is no night time hour, what may be 11:00PM in one country is 10:00AM in another. We want parents to be able to let their kids turn on twit whenever they want to.” (sic) Leo Laporte

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  3. I’m no linguistic prude, and a well-placed, choice curse word can undoubtedly do wonders for punching up a sentence in written or speaking form (Elgan, please don’t get any sudden new ideas about how to add a little desperately needed “zip” to your dry copy, okay?), I thought this decision was at best a wee bit much and at worst an ill-advised one in every aspect.

    Granted, it’s probably words those front-row kids (who would seem to be around 11-12) hadn’t heard on the schoolyard or at their own homes by this point, but to repeatedly expose them by a (small) business owner and figure of some responsibility and trust directly in front of them in a “children’s book for adults” is indeed cringe-worthy.

    Comedically it might’ve been actually funnier to “beep” it with a sound effect or horn done live.

    At nearly age 60, at this point I feel Leo’s judgment filter is in “dirty old Grandpa” mode rather than step-parent/responsible host/business-owner mode. No wonder his own would-be stepson of that same age refused to participate in this session, his friend clearly telling the assembled group moments before this clip starts that “He didn’t want to come out” from another room – whether he knew in advance a riveting read of the book was in store or he was just exhausted, like most of us would be, of dealing with him for nearly 24 hours.

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  4. You know, all of this would be OK if he hadn’t blown a gasket back when TWiS & the gang played Cards against Humanity on the stream.

    For which Léo, completely unexpectedly apologized a couple of weeks ago, IIRC, or was that just a dream?

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  5. Leo got real drunk and tried to kiss the new intern on the lips. She backed off and he hugged her and said your tits are bigger then Sarahs. Lisa just laughed.

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    1. When did that happen? Like most sane people I couldn’t watch the whole thing live.

      The new intern is an amazing piece though. Looks half Japanese, butt is nice, skin looks soft, would bang.

      Lisa needs to keep her in the bqck away from the cameras, she makes snubs look homely.

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  6. Carly scrolls the prompter for Elgum a few days a week. I would rather have her read the news and listen to her insights. She is only 20 or so and is not really into Tech but her insights couldn’t be less meaningful than Gum’s.

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  7. Yes I would rather fuck Carly than Sarahs ethnic dick infested pussy, I know it’s kept clean just the thought of Leo and darker skin dicks in side her is a turn off. Just saying.
    I’d still fuck her though. Carly and Abby would be good fuck. Tear those sweet Young cunts up like shredded meat.

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    1. Oh grow up! If that’s the way you feel than welcome to the 21st century. Everyone sleeps with everyone. It’s not the color of the skin that matters, it’s the quality! Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it !

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      1. Carol your either black or your spouse is black.
        Not everyone seeks interracial relationships.

        Just saying Sarah never was able to keep a white guy. So she tries the darker guys when Leo isn’t boning her sweet jucy cunt

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  8. Guess Leo couldn’t even bother doing 24 hours or shave his head totally like he said he was just to only get a “buzz cut”. Lame he did that last year and didn’t do the last hour.

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    1. @takenTECH – holy s### that’s crazy! You should get TotalDrama to post that LiveJournal from that former mistress of Leo. That’s quite a revelation about his other mistresses!!

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