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Mike Elgan Trashes TWiT Sponsor On-Air, Again

Village Idiot
Village Idiot
During Tech News Today Mike Elgan stated he would not renew his PayPal account in protest over Paypal’s change to their Terms of Service.

Gum had this to say:

“Well, um, I guess, everybody who’s listening to this and watching this show uh has a choice to either uh-uh agree to the user agreement thuh. This’ll be the uh yuh-you’ll be uh asked very soon to uh renew your agreement uh with the new agreement. Uh I personally am not going to. I’m gonna cancel my PayPal account over this, and I suspect that some people will.”

PayPay subsidiary and TNT sponsor Braintree Payments could not be reached for comment. TWiT hosts have previously trashed sponsors on-air:

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