The list of sponsors that TWiT doesn’t use is growing

TWiT really enjoys taking advertiser money. But what TWiT doesn’t enjoy doing is actually using the products they expect their viewers to buy.

This list will be updated as appropriate, but for now, here are the products that Leo Laporte pimps on the network, but doesn’t use himself:

  • SquareSpace
    Apparently the website creation tool is not good enough for
  • ZipRecruiter
    If the employee search site is so good, why is the TWiT staff full of crappy workers?
  • NatureBox  
    Leo claims the snacks are “all natural” and “good for you.” But he’s still as big as a flippin’ house.

The next time you think of using one of these sponsors and you have absolutely no alternative, just use the offer code for whatever Tom Merritt says.

4 thoughts on “The list of sponsors that TWiT doesn’t use is growing”

  1. I think it’s unfair to blame Naturebox for Leo’s massive weight gain over the past year. It’s probably his continuous oral service to Lisa that is whetting his appetite, or maybe the increased alcohol intake due to the ongoing financial crisis at TWiT.

    And if you eat a case of anything those calories add up. So take our advice Leo, push that Naturebox (and Lisa) away.

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