NYE Celebration Canceled So Lisa Can Have a Tahiti Vacation

You won't see this.
You won’t see this.
In a further show of disinterest to his audience since #DickGate and his ensuing insults to the chat room (“Never of value… Weirdos… with no lives”), #Soup has now canceled the crowning achievement of the streaming network, the New Years Eve 24-hour celebration.

Viewers may remember #Soup rang in each time zone’s New Year with a countdown and champagne with a cast of characters from all across the TWiT Network. However, this year, CeHO needs a vacation, according to #Soup, and is forcing him to take off as well.

I guess UNICEF doesn’t need any more money after last year. Children are no longer dying from preventable causes! Congrats everybody!

Previous NYE Coverage:

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<iPad_50612> is New Year"s Eve cancelled for security reasons or am I late to the news?
<~Leo> we cancelled it for a variety of reasons
<~Leo> security certainly, but also because it was killing the staff
<~Leo> and I really didn't feel right making them do it
<~Leo> I love it but they had to really work much harder than I did
<JJtothe4884> Leo: sooo, no announcement of NYE for each time zone?
<JJtothe4884> on live stream
<~Leo> but that's why we are doing TNSS - it's a variety show inspired by NYE
<~Leo> Lisa said I could do it but she'd be in Tahiti watching
<iPad_50612> maybe two 2 hours instead of 24 if you wanna do something
<~Leo> yeah we were thinking of that
<~Leo> but i think people also want to have NYE off!
<~Leo> I think we'll be in the Caribbean
<~Leo> that's the plan anyway
<~Leo> Lisa has had to force me to take more time off

57 thoughts on “NYE Celebration Canceled So Lisa Can Have a Tahiti Vacation”

  1. I think what Leo’s really worried about is Lisa making time with Raoul the massage boy at the Tahiti Hilton.

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        1. Well a contributor for maybe three or four episodes until you realize that you get the freaking batteries and keyboards to review like they are something special and wonderful and what you get paid is less than it costs to get to the studio to do the review, by that time you realize that your time is better spent working on a project that is backed on Patreon and giving full focus to a real income.

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    1. Hmmm, how many hours a week does he work? At most 20 hours? Still has two days off a week os that’s 4 hours a day averaged over all the days?

      In fact on Lisas Spring.me page


      she answers a question where she makes it clear she doesn’t even bother with a Monday so she works Tuesday and Wednesday because Leo’s already said that they both have Thursday and Friday off and she doesn’t work Saturday and Sunday, she merely pops in if she isn’t getting serviced in a massage parlor somewhere, as leo has said on the show she was getting a multiple hour massage.

      So it’s quite insulting that nobody, especially the faithful of his cultish followers don’t get a 24 hour extravaganza of crap to drool over and think they are sharing something wonderful with Leo when he’s just lapping up their fawning over him on chat.

      On the other hand the more tipsy fatty gets the more likely he is to pull out his plonker on air to try and prove that the picture was not of his wang but is of Mike Elgan’s from the swingers party they were both attending the night before.

      This is what we will miss this NYE. I did hear that they planned to spend off time recording a pre-recorded fake New Years Eve Party but Leo still wanted to flop his little man out on air and they had to shelve it.

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  2. It’s funny how soup is making excuses for not having a NYE show. Why not just be honest to your cult audience and say we decided to go on a honeymoon vacation. He could care less about his staff or what will be left of his staff by the time 12/31/2015 is here.

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  3. I probably saw more Leo during NYE than the rest of 2014. Little did I know I’d see more of Leo in 2015 than I ever want to see again.

    What the hell else supposed to do for his co-hosts – send them dick pics from his vacation in Qatar?

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  4. For all those coming here and commenting ” this is all you guys got now” don’t know King Troll Leo very well, TotalDrama will always have Leo’s stupidity and drama and pictures to post in the future, because Leo’s multiple psychotic personalities will be his own undoing , TotalDrama and it’s countless members will sit patiently while Leo and his merry bunch of followers will supply TD with juicy material that will make #penisgate look like a walk in the park, and I’m sure you haters of us “Trolls” will be back to defend that sap sucking King of Trolls you call Leo to defend his next mistake
    till the go fuck yourselfs , don’t like TD then don’t login in

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    1. Yes , better do commercials for such techy products like :
      BlueApron – frozen dinners
      Casper – mattress
      Harry’s – shave experience
      LegalZoom – legal stuff
      NatureBox – snacks
      Personal Capital – investing
      Prosper – Personal loans
      Stamps.com – the Post Office right from your desk.
      Trunk Club – Premium clothes

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  5. The staff should let the Dynamic Duo head off to Tahiti and do a NYE show on their own (without letting them know). It would be better without Leo or his hourly bottle of Cooks. Without Leo, they might even be able to get good entertainment like Shwood again instead of that doofus they had. I kept expecting him to do “got your nose” .

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    1. What’s wrong with “staff”? That’s what Leo uses to refer to TWiT employees and contractors. From the chatroom excerpt:
      security certainly, but also because
      it was killing the staff

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  6. Leo offers two reasons for no NYE special –
    1) he thought it was unfair to the employees
    2) Lisa coerced him (she said he could do it, but she would be watching from Tahiti)

    This means – unsurprisingly – that Leo is lying. If Leo didn’t want to do it because of his concern for the employees, Lisa would not have had to coerce him into going to Tahiti, which makes a lot of sense based on her history.

    This might seem like nitpicking – and it is – but it just goes to show that Leo can’t help himself. In an effort to make himself look like the good guy, he seemingly puts his concern for his workers in front of his own desires (as if we believed it). And, in the same chat, he shows us the real reason it isn’t happening is because Lisa is making him. Leo could have simply said he just didn’t want to do it anymore. Or, he could have just said “we [he and Lisa] are taking the time off to spend the holiday together”. Either would have been accepted. However, he not only shows how effortlessly and habitually he lies, but he put all of the blame on his wife and kinda threw her under the bus by blaming her for wanting to be in Tahiti rather than do the show.

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    1. Someone who gets it.
      Everything you said is right. 100%
      He is very smart and when he is asked a question he instinctively thinks about what answer achieves the best result. Sometimes two stories pop into his head and he just says both. This is very very very common with him. The idea of answering with the truth doesn’t really enter his head.
      Astute comment

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  7. Well noted Sly

    We already know how quickly he’ll lie or distort the truth or quick to throw a talent under the bus ( oops strike Lisa out as a talent , lol)

    I’m angry he’s ragging on us Trolls and TD by using the same crap and excuse he pulled on Brian and Justin and also during”ErikGate” stating that they “attacked his whole family”

    WTF Leo
    Your lies and stupidity is whats “attacking your family” TotalDrama and us Trolls are here only to document your demise

    Leo stop the Hollywood drama bullshit, it’s changed you, your not a star, your not a tech guy your just a washed up old radio D J trying to name drop your way onto main stream America

    The folks that canned your Ass a few times from Tech TV had you figured right, just sorry you didn’t learn from it

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  8. if he announces another new year’s it would be “great another shit show!”

    if he announces no new years it’s “what an asshat!”

    it’s not like he is going to do anything that will be received in a positive light here.

    this is like FAUX News and Obama.

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  9. This website is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The big yellow “Alerts” are jarring and serve their purpose but can you take them down? They are old news. I will submit this to feedback.

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  10. He has a right to take a vacation. Nothing is requiring him to have a party on new years eve. Who cares if his wife is the one who forced him to do it? If you guys are married, do your husbands or wives ever try to force you to do things? I’m sure.

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    1. He’s clearly insincere about it all. Now are we supposed to believe him about his Windows/ iOS/Android advice? Casper mattresses, Harry’s or LegalZoom? But hey, thanks for playing.

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    2. A vacation, sure. But he takes like four vacations a year, and each one is one to three weeks long.

      If you can be away from your position for that long, your services are not really needed.

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    3. I don’t fault him for taking a vacation at all, like I said above, and I don’t really care how many vacations he takes. However, why does Leo have to lie about why he is taking the vacation and say that he isn’t doing the NYE show because he cares about the people that work for him? I doubt that you think highly of people in your life that are deceptive and insincere like that.

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  11. I would like to say that the very first NYE show at the end of 2013 was the last time I watched TWIT and I actually enjoyed a great amount of it and viewed as much of it as I could. I think I watched like 15 hours of it or something.

    That show now feels like decades ago given how far the network has fallen since that time. At that time, Tom had just left days before. Sarah and Iyaz were still there, and Brian gave a fantastic live performance of his magic act during one part of the show. Sure, the segments were hit and miss but it looked like everyone was having fun.

    And when midnight struck in California, I fondly remember Lisa semi-whispering to Leo (while the camera and mic were right on them) “Want to go in the back and F***?”

    Good times.

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    1. I remember 7 or 8 years ago on NYE when they were still in the cottage, Leo and the gang (just Colleen and one or two others…Dane perhaps?) were hanging out chatting – it was all very relaxed and fun. They ended the broadcast around 6pm , but it was very cool. At the end, they all huddled together in front of the single camera and wished everyone a happy new year. Definitely the vintage days of TWiT, but as Steely Dan once wrote: “Those days are gone forever, over a long time ago.”

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      1. There is a reason why they call Lisa Yoko. Before the Brickhouse there was a sense of family. Like a wicked stepmother Lisa came in and destroyed the relationship Leo had with his fans. It’s no wonder his former fans are emotional about the current state of affairs with Twit.

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        1. Sir Morris,

          That is some interesting speculation, and I have to admit, I’m impressed with what a creative ‘world’ you’ve spun for TWiT. But let’s get back to reality, the real reason Lisa has been dubbed ‘Yoko’ is that she looks kinda Japanese and has a love for those crazy lads from Liverpool. I know she also is kind of obsessed with the Julian Lemon album’s ‘Help Yourself’ (1991) and ‘Everything Changes’ (2011), but I don’t think this relates to the nickname, but rather just how she lives her life. I can’t even imagine TWiT w/o her anymore! #C_E_OutwitsTheTrolls

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  12. Whatever excuse Leo gave, the truth is NYE has been canceled because of Lisa. Lisa has him by the balls. Leo likes it like that. Good for him.

    TWiT has and WILL continue to slide in popularity due to Lisa’s mishandling of TWiT. Once she gets her hands on the production of TTG, that will be the nail in the coffin of TWiT.

    As my Daddy always says,”I hope the fuckin’ you got, was worth the fuckin’ you got”.

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  13. Lisa is the reason there isn’t going to be a NYE event this year. I could name some reasons why she might have done this but here are the main points I that are important.

    1. She is lazy and does as little work as possible during the week.
    2. She likes spending money like a leaky water pipe.
    3. She controls Leo like the Bitch he is
    4. She doesn’t want any live messes to cleanup like she is doing now.

    I don’t get why you would go on vacation during Christmas and New Years. She’s using him as a sugar daddy and he is so whipped in the balls that he’ll be broke in 5 or 10 years…if he lives that long. She does all these expensive things like massages and getting this or that done, he got a new car last year around NYE, they got new Segways, that dumb fat fuck needs to run.

    She’s like a vampire suck u bus and as long as he gets laid, he’ll never the wiser on the damage she is doing.

    PS I thought the new site would be online this week…no where to be found…not that I am surprised. 🙂

    What a Dumb Ass ID10T

    Thanks TD

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  14. Another pattern to note, Laporke announces business decisions based upon his personal relationships and when questioned, the Smarmy Schlub characterizes the queries as attacks on his “family”.

    Guess that happens a lot when one is dipping one’s stubby quill in the company (st)ink.

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  15. I always think it’s unfair to say that Lisa controls things, in the same way that it was/is unfair for people to say Yoko broke up the Beatles. John Lennon desperately wanted a dominating mother figure, his psyche was broken, there were fractures in all his relationships. He strongly wanted to give everything to Yoko. He wanted her to have control. And as it developed, he wanted more of it – he handed his life over to her, willingly and without coercion.

    Lisa has no power over Leo that he hasn’t deliberately, specifically, willingly given to her. He wants someone who will run his life. He doesn’t want to be a businessman. He wants to be a little boy, playing with his toys and having fun while the grown-ups do the real work.

    That’s what Lisa promised him: I’ll run things, I’ll let you be free to carry on making your shows and playing with your toys, but I’ll make sure your toys also make you lots more money so you can have new toys.

    Once you add two things: Leo’s narcissism and Lisa’s incompetence (or lack of self reflection), then it all goes wrong: She doesn’t know how to run *this* business – she knows how to “run a business”, which is something different. He doesn’t know how to tell the truth. He doesn’t know how to admit mistakes. And so on.

    I don’t think a bad women got her hooks into Leo. I think Leo wanted, needed, craved that bad woman and willingly grabbed those hooks and did the job himself.

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    1. I agree that Leo is culpable as well, and it doesn’t make sense to just blame Lisa, though it is hard to know if he “deliberately” gave power/control to her or not.

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  16. As for the cancellation of NYE, the reason people here are sneering at it is because Leo lies so much, attacks so much, he has no credibility with us. We don’t believe him when he says he’s looking after his staff – remember how he and Lisa decided they wanted the editors to completely change their working patterns? Leo and Lisa put their needs first, always.

    But it’s not just the fact that he might be lying about that one thing – we always think he’s lying these days. The truth is probably a) he no longer sees TWIT as a new, exciting thing that’s gonna change tech broadcasting – the dream is dead, and with it go a lot of little things, like a “TWIT family”, great talent, a growing network – and 23-hour-long live shows to bring in the new year; b) hardly anyone really watched the live NYE show – perhaps his live viewership is dropping further and the payoff in terms of loyalty and audience just isn’t worth the effort; c) the presenters decided, “actually no, we want a decent wage for the night” etc. There are gonna be loads of reasons that Leo is simply too dishonest to talk about.

    So, yes we would be scathing if he didn’t cancel it, and we would be scathing if he did cancel it. Why? Cos he won’t be honest with his audience about his motives, so we assume he’s just being Fat Dishonest Leo again.

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  17. One last thing, something I disagree with everyone about. Why do people criticise him for having non-tech adverts?

    When I watch Top Gear on TV, the adverts are about holidays, bread, new TVs. There are sometimes car adverts, but the advertisers say “what sort of products do the people who watch this show buy”, and they advertise accordingly.

    If TWIT is to truly grow, it will need to do the same thing. It will need advertisers who say “there are people listening to this who have money to spend – what do they spend it on?” – so, why not advertise holidays? TWIT listeners might have higher-than-average income for all we know, so why not advertise higher-spend products?

    I hate his ads, I hate his dishonesty about “only advertising products we use”. But there’s no reason why he should only advertise tech products. The sign of really breaking through will be when normal TV advertisers start paying attention.

    It’s still a seller’s market though – Leo’s advertising sales people are still only getting the same people that every other podcast gets. They’re so far unable to break out of that niche. And I don’t think that’ll ever change now. A few years ago, when Ford started advertising, I hated it but it was a sign of TWIT really reaching out – a *car company* advertising on tech podcasts meant that Ford was taking the medium seriously.

    Same with Visa. How long ago all that was – two major brands, and now it’s just LegalZoom and ZipRecruiter. I don’t even know what either of those do.

    I just know that I did a Legal Zoom onto his dick pick, and wished he’d recruited someone to do up his zip.

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