Leo Laporte falls short of pledge to “shave head”

Not short enough...
Not short enough…

Update: Leo has cut it much, much shorter

Leo Laporte fell way short of his pledge to his remaining fans to “shave his head” if they donated $50K to UNICEF during his “24 Hours of 2015.” Using a No. 3 guide on a hair trimmer, TWiT CEHo Lisa Kentzell refused to take his hair all the way down to the root as initially promised until Lisa stepped in and put a stop to that. Apparently she’s cool with bobbing on his knob, but doing that AND Leo without his trademark gray mop…why that’s going too far for the sweet and chaste Miss Kentzell.

Judge for yourself from the this screengrab if Leo went far enough—or if he let his vanity stand in the way of a promise.

Here’s a sampling of the irate official #twitlive chatroom comments:

gadget: Leo should have his nose hairs pulled out
Web5140: shave is no hair
Stroszek: Leo sells razors…. and he promised to shave his head…
CK496: Leo, forget Lisa, she ruins all the fun. SHAVE your head! it”s for a good cause and you promised all of us
Pepelluepe: shaving involves a rzor. If he has not used one, he did not shave.

We here at #TotalDrama are nothing if not fair, so here’s a shot of Leo’s ass tattoo. He really did follow through on that promise.

He really did it!
He really did it!

8 thoughts on “Leo Laporte falls short of pledge to “shave head””

  1. to Leo’s credit, he more than once suggested going full shaved before and during. Said he would just shave the rest later. so we shall see. It was the evil witch that was keeping a full shave from happening. When they did the first few swipes several hours earlier it was a 1 and she freaked out because she wanted it to be a 3.

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    1. Leo’s credit? There’s no credit due to a man whose every whim is dictated by his ugly ass lover.

      I’ve shaved my head before. The amount Leo didn’t shave off would’ve grown back in a week. Way to go 90% of the way and still cop out.

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  2. Now Leo shaving his head on air would have been a great advertisement for Harry’s Blades and far more genuine. It’s not like there aren’t a hundred set’s the the Winston lurking around that could have been used.

    Chance for some Native Advertising lost!

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