Leo Laporte doxxes a member of TotalDrama

Update: Leo is threatening to call people at work and EffenDumb (Jason C. Cleanthes) is now getting in on the harassment. Scroll down for new video and pictures.
Reddit was the scene of a cybercrime today committed by Leo Laporte.
Reddit was the scene of a cybercrime today committed by Leo Laporte.

Leo Laporte, in a shocking display of callousness, doxxed a member of the TotalDrama family today during his “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit. Although deleted, the post stayed up long enough for a breach of trust with Leo and his fans to have taken place.

We have redacted the name of our longtime contributor in an effort to contain the damage done by Leo and Father Robert Ballecer who joined in on the doxxing like the bully he is. Click the images below for the full-size versions.

Leo Laporte doxxed our dear friend today in his AMA on Reddit.
Leo Laporte doxxed our dear friend today in his AMA on Reddit.
Padre also doxxed our friend.
Padre also doxxed our friend.

In one final insult, Leo takes to the old trope of insinuating that our friend and TotalDrama contributor (again, name obscured) lives with his mother. Leo is a child.


Update: More harassment from Leo and TWiT staffer Jason C. Cleanthes (EffenDumb).
EffenDumb Twitter Harassment
EffenDumb Twitter Harassment. He TDs as well as he uses Twitter.
EffenDumb Twitter Harassment
Bless his illiterate heart.
Leo posted this in chat during TWiG

He didn’t forget about <>, and he knows this wasn’t the person he doxxed.

[13:57:35] <User5637> <><><><(vaynerchuk) twit><><><>
[13:57:39] <User5637> <><><><(vaynerchuk) twit><><><>
[13:57:42] <&Dan> really?
[13:57:43] <User5637> <><><><(vaynerchuk) twit><><><>
[13:57:44] *** Brad sets mode +b *!*@twitirc-5ede3785.pa.comcast.net
[13:57:44] *** Brad kicked User5637
[13:57:59] <~Leo> [redacted by TD]'s crossfit session must be over
[13:58:03] <~Leo> he's pumped
[13:58:09] <&Dan> nah. that's some diamond club troll.
[13:58:13] <&Dan> different guy.
[13:58:16] <ReverbMike> also Google
[13:58:21] <~Leo> I forgot about diamond club
[13:58:26] <DanOnimity> Either that or an insicuating troll
[13:58:30] <@Brad> trolls gonna troll
[13:58:33] <~Leo> no I think Dan is right

25 thoughts on “Leo Laporte doxxes a member of TotalDrama”

  1. This AMA is reinforcing the bullshitting dick Leo is. I was a minion of his for over a decade. Then I realized he is not a good person. He uses people to make himself bigger. He has a very large ego and when someone tests his “fame”, he eliminates them. He knows a bunch of nonsense 1995 tech. I grew up in the 1980’s tech era too. It is pretty basic the knowledge he has. The only thing he has going for him is an announcer voice. The rest is a miserable life full of bad morals and failed attempts. He is a pig, plain and simple. We are ultimately here because we love seeing the man implode. Make no mistake about it, he is going to ruin his entire career.

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    1. Wasn’t Jesus into doxxing? I think at the last supper, Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, one of you is going to betray me. And that person is you Judas. So why don’t you go run home and eat those fish sticks your mother made for you”

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    2. People keep trash talking Robert, but most people don’t seem to realize what religion he is involved in. it has been well known for the past 400 years that priests in this religion are all perverts and that is the only reason you become a catholic priest.

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  2. I was just thinking, why not Doxx Leo’s head moderator Dan. His real name is Dan Hendricks and is in MN. We all know he is a dick with his idiot bans.

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  3. “I’d love to be a 24/7 iptv channel”, what a delusional piece of shit. Beck can’t do it with $80 million a year, shut up about politics. Beck has had on Ray Kurzweil, Eric Schmidt and several other people that won’t answer Leo’s calls. So much for Triangulation, when I have to go to an admitted radio clown for cool tech interviews as opposed to The Tech Guy.

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  4. HAHAHA Two obese wannabe celebs acting like 3rd graders.


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    “Mark Harry” wote

    “Beck has had on Ray Kurzweil, Eric Schmidt and several other people that won’t answer Leo’s calls”

    Kurzweil was on Triangulation. The whole ep. is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWMC-QEMOl
    “lovemonkey” wrote

    “The name removed was Bruce. Who cares? it’s a first name only.”

    Leo posted his full last name. Reddit readers saw his whole name (I replaced his last name with X’s): “Hey Bruce XXXXX! Nice to see you rear your ugly head. Im planning a trip up to see you soon!”

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  6. I’m not a fan of doing, but you guys ARE trolls and need to be reported. I hope someone reports you to your ISPs and get you all thrown off the web.

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  7. A simple search of Bruce’s reddit name easily revealed his full name via another online account (I won’t mention which). If Bruce wanted to be anonymous he could have selected a name for reddit that didn’t tie into anything else pointing to his true identity.

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  8. Quite true. We were more pointing out the threatening nature of Leo and Padre comments. At least it felt threatening. Maybe it was a Leo joke. Like ‘dark triangle’ funny.

    At one point I responded to Padre DMCA takedown and so supplied him with my real name, address and phone number. So not hiding.

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  9. Padre is losing it. He is like a guard dog. He make sure the illusion is kept up.

    He goes after Skiest for what? A link to TD? Robert is lost and I mean really lost. The way he follows around a man who despises everything he supposedly believes in is not rational. He lies for Leo and shows no regard for anyone else.

    He defends Leo all the time, lies for him and has been doxxing drama since the beginning, I was there.

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    1. “Robert is lost and I mean really lost,,,”

      Of course he is, he was born that way. Political correctness aside, who the eff becomes a Jesuit priest in the first place?

      His sycophantic behaviour and the inherent need to bury any and all criticism of him and his cohorts is excatly how I imagine the Catholic Church abd its leaders working.

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  10. I always thought Padre had the look of a pervert about him.

    He supposed to be representing the church and doing this job to make it look “cool”. Well his conduct is not that of a genuine Christian so he’s obviously equally as useless at that job as he is at his presenting one.

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