Leo Laporte, hero of the “family-friendly”

In a pre-cursor to next week’s posting of one of the most important blog posts in the history of this blog, the editorial board of #TotalDrama would like to humbly present to you an early edit of Leo Laporte’s potty mouth from his recent New Year’s Eve broadcast (in 20 seconds or less.)

And please, if you have children, please shield their eyes and ears before you click “play.”

12 thoughts on “Leo Laporte, hero of the “family-friendly””

  1. leolaportesucks posted this on twitter today, from one of Leo’s chat sessions:

    “Leo: We just try to find people who want to be there” [Read: How dare Chad turn up like that at my party!]

    Does anyone have the full chat transcript? I don’t see how what Leo said has anything to do with Chad… I love LPS and TD but both are terrible at providing context for Leo’s comments. TD is much better than LPS but both could/should be better.

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    1. I don’t see the problem, Chad still hosts TGW so he had a right to be there.

      Unlike Elgum’s ugly ass wife. She had as much screen time as ‘Gum himself. Fuck off, Ameerah!

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    2. Prediction for 2015…. Leo and Lisa finally have to be black and white with chad and straight up tell him they don’t want him there any more. They must be so annoyed that he can’t take the hint. The show host spot is simply a ruse to prevent a wrongful dismissal lawsuit. Chad is pretty dense. That show he is on is politely going to get the “not enough viewers” axing shortly and chad will be gone with no legal recourse.

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      1. California is at will employment you can let anyone go at anytime and not even give them a reason. He is hanging on to whatever scraps Leo throws his way, and he’s happy to receive them.

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    1. Leo frequently likes to give off some kind of ‘cool, Liberal’ persona but if you’ve actually listened to him expressing opinions on various things he’s very clearly more Libertarian than Liberal. His government-is-bad/business-is-good stance on issues like net neutrality is just one of many indicators he’s NOT any kind of social democrat.

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