Funky Smell Causes Shut-Ins to Revolt

Love me or I kill you
Love me or I kill you

It was announced last night that the GizWiz was cancelled. Or, if you speak TWiT; GizWiz is transitioning into an expansion off the network.

Chad had a lovely dinner with Leo and ceO but we can not confirm what was discussed. What we do know  is that Gizwiz is moving to an independent model with  help from TWiT.

“Help from TWiT”

What is going on? Surely Chad knows how to set-up a Patreon on his own. Is TWiT chipping in cash,  out of the goodness of their heart? Is TWiT getting a cut of the profits? [speculation] More likely this is an experiment to help determine if TWiT can combine the Patreon model into the TWiT network somehow. Imagine if MBW got money from fans, in addition to advertising, under the illusion of paying the hosts more and then subsequently guess-who keeps the bulk of the contributions! Patreon will be soiled and made unpure.

Obviously #totaldrama is unable to throw our support at this Patreon without the murky details.

Padre was on hand for the taping of Chad’s final appearance on GizWiz to supply fake laughter and help control the sheep.

<+PadreSJ> eric######, do you even read what you write? Chad wasn't fired. The show wasn't cancelled. Nobody is upset... but you want it to seem as if Chad was canned, DickyD was forced out and there's bad blood. -- I'm just tired of the constant negativity.

Also, Sarah wasn’t fired from IPT & they’re working on a show for Shannon

[21:35] <eric#####> congrats, never /ignored a host before

Look at this, a member of TWITLIVE has a spine, congrats to you sir

 <&Dan> eric##### you may want to consider getting a life someday.  i let you troll in here for a good 2+ hours

He let you speak and talk and even emoji, how bout thanking him, Eric

 <@ScooterX> Cere####: FYI: thegizwiz is NOT off the network, he will be featured on The New Screen Savers and the Giz Fiz is not gone. <@ScooterX> as well as TTG weekly

Translation: You stupid fan, get with the program

 <&Dan> you don't think i'm reading what you're writing, holmes? :) <&Dan> i left, went somewhere, come back, and you're still taking little 3rd grade girl potshots

Sexist? Insults? Family friendly? Where did he go? Bathroom? 

Thank god for Instagram. The only place I can go to be free of trolls.

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44 thoughts on “Funky Smell Causes Shut-Ins to Revolt”

  1. Padre in TWiT Chat: Chad wasn’t fired. The show wasn’t cancelled.

    Chad on Twitter: TWiT cancelled and ended The Giz Wiz — so we decided to take it independent.

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  2. If I were Dick. I’d tell Leo & Lisa to STFU and do the show without him and his network. I’m sure he could get enough help financially to continue doing GizWiz. He does not need to be on The New Screen Savers Show.

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    1. Dick could NEVER tell anyone to STFU. He does not possess the ‘Treat People Like Shit’ gene, that Leo & Lisa are affected with. .

      This is why I hope Lisa & Leo NEVER breed. Their crotch-fruit would be the anti-Christ, or whatever not Christian equivalent there is.

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      1. I thought I recalled that once during one of Soup’s TTG commercial-interlude classic overshares (and this certainly qualifies), he was mentioning he had a vasectomy after Abby and Henry were born – so if I’m recalling correctly (honestly much of that show puts me to sleep), perhaps no chance of a kid. (Although I understand apparently the procedure can sometimes be reversed, etc.)

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  3. Okay, so this is only tangentially related to twit because Cali Lews/Luria Petrucci is a sometimes-guest, but I’m kind of peeved at the whole thing going down with Geek Beat and Geeks Life so I’m going to rant for a minute.


    At first, it seemed like there was tension behind the scenes and they just decided to call it quits. No harm, no foul. Everything seemed tense, but more or less amicable.

    Then John P decides to restart Geek Beat — keep in mind, though, that he gave Luria the patreon, RSS feeds, Rev3 deal, and all the social media accounts — not to mention half of the equipment from the Geek House. So John is pretty much starting from scratch in term of rebuilding an audience.

    Anyway, John’s been on G+, YouTube, Twitter, etc. saying how everyone was free to watch both shows, to support Luria, etc. I’m not a huge John P. fan on camera — he just sort of annoys me. Nothing wrong with him per se, but just not type of presenter.

    So what’s going on Luria’s side of the divide?

    It seems to me we’ve heard this before. Isn’t this a similar tale to what she told when she left Neal and GeekBrief to start Geek Beat? She even makes that comparison.

    Now, if John P. is really as bad as she says (not to mention her new boyfriend here:, would he have given her the fans, patreon, and half the equipment that she claims he legally owned?

    I don’t know. John sounds like an upstanding guy to me. Luria’s story has changed so much just over the last couple of weeks. I’m kind of annoyed.

    And don’t get me started on the mess that is Geeks Life. Half their videos are content about what GL wants to be. The other half are recycled Geek Beat videos (an Up Desk review? Didn’t they do about 80 of those on GB?). And I hate the subscription model. I don’t mind ads. I support one Patreon because I think it’s worth it. Just do some ads and make getting your content easier for everyone.

    Anyway, I used to love Cali back in the day. TBH GeekBrief was always better than Geek Beat. The original had heart to it. Geek Beat had some energy and funding, the Brief was always better. That said, I was a religious Geek Beat viewer until fairy recently. This whole ordeal just leaves a sour taste in mouth.

    Sorry. Just needed to rant that one out.

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  4. Padre has lied before when Shannon was fired. He even tried to get the video pulled. When he gets another job atTwit then he will be valuable.
    If it’s true Leo’s wife who bore his children still owns half of the bis. I do hope they are not trying to destroy that,
    Hey Padre turn the lights out when you leave.

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  5. GizWIz should stay on. But really “This week in Law?” and “Ham Nation”? cmmon..get rid of those shows if you want to do something productive. Save Gizwiz…

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    1. I think HAM nation makes money. They always have like 2-3 sponsors. I do not agree with all TWIT’s decision but i think HAM nation does well. Have you ever watched it. Its not that bad of a show. Im not a ham but i try to watch it weekly. Good crew of people.

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  6. Leo just said on TTG that NBC sent them a cease and desist letter over The Screen Savers. He said they’re going to fight it, but he did sound a bit worried. Interesting developments…

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    1. Whether or not the show actually has “Screen Savers” in its name really doesn’t matter at this point. Anybody who remembers that show either (1) works for or has worked for TWiT, (2) has been a guest on TWiT, (3) watches TWiT show already no matter what they’re called or (4) totally lost track of Leo after he left the show and had no idea TWiT existed.

      Just doing the promo itself was a pretty slick SEO move just to send group 4 the message that TWiT exists.

      The Tech Guy and Screen Savers are a throwback to an era before Genius Bars an Geek Squads. Leo (and Lisa) live in a bubble if they think naming the new show after the old one was really going to attract any “new” viewers.

      At this point they can name the show whatever they want (provided they can actually think of a name) because they got all the bump from “The New Screen Savers” that they were ever going to get.

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    2. Y’know, I think it’d be neat to check out a parallel universe where instead of trying to build a TV studio, recreate shows from days gone by, and build “the CNN of tech” (without doing any real news), Leo had just stayed in the cottage and built what could basically be considered “The Dan Patrick Show of Tech”.

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  7. I’m not a lawyer but if NBC/Comcast owns the name The Screen Savers then there’s no way he can use it unless He buys the rights from them. He has no case against NBC/Comcast.

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    1. Agreed. Expect a new name for the show shortly, along with the requisite “it wasn’t worth the legal costs” and “this is a better name anyway” garbage.

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      1. tbh The Screen Savers isn’t that great of a name these days. It was fun, quirky, and witty back in the day. A play on a common feature on every computer, in addition to

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        1. [sorry idk what happened]

          …in addition to the idea that they’re tech support people trying “save” the screens.

          No one uses screen savers anymore, so I just don’t think the name makes sense for “going forward.”

          Even without the C/D letter, I would choose a new name. One that takes the concept and moves it into the modern age of computing. TNSS just by its title sounds like a nostalgia show. .

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  8. IF NBC did indeed send a cease and desist, #soup is in a bad situation. If NBC wants to be pricks, then can actually sue TWIT for unlicensed use of their trademark. since he publicized it everywhere.

    But, more importantly, #soup must have used Legal Zoom or they hired a crappy attorney. Intellectual property is very complex. It’s the only law field that in addition to being accepted by the bar, IP attorneys have to take a further test to practice that discipline. IP lawyers are really expensive, up to $800 an hour, if not more. I wonder if he hired someone just to run a trademark search on the cheap.

    Marks do lapse from non-use., as Leo alluded to. However, any skilled IP lawyer would verify that fact before allowing someone to either use that mark or license it under their company.

    Bottom line: #soup’s in trouble. I’m now returning to my non-attorney mode.

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  9. Shannon is focusing all of her work on Hak5, TekThing, and all the awesomeness behind the scenes in the HakWarehouse. She quit working on external shows months ago, with all other networks.
    But thanks for the lulz, dudes. 😛

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  10. And I agree the New Screen Savers name is ridiculous. It carries nostalgia for the old show, but that’ll fade quickly. It’ll still be the same shitty segments just under that old name.

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  11. Shannon, please tell us what you really think of Leo and that fat padre. They’re phony, self-absorbed and treat their staff like shit, right? What else can you say? Get it off your chest! we’re here to help.

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  12. Gradually, I had reduced my TWiT viewing down to Security Now, Sunday TWiT and Giz Fiz.

    The Giz Fiz format is a little lame, except for “Chatroom Celebrity of the Week” which is usually fascinating but Dickie D is such an incredibly special person overflowing with warmth, gentle humor, and kindness that the show has a wonderful feelgood quality about it. It’s a social thing, especially if you’re old, I guess, although Alex Gumpel is a young guy and genuinely enjoys Dick and his show and adds a great deal to it.

    But now after the way Leo and his “CEO” have treated Dick with all the fakery to make it look like they aren’t really doing what they are doing to him (shafting him) with BOTH of his shows, I cannot even look at Leo or hear his voice for any show for even a minute and as a result I missed seeing Giz Fiz Saturday, because it started an hour earlier than predicted and I had TWiT off ’til Giz Fiz was supposed to start.

    When Leo and his CEO go on their next cruise, I hope their boat sinks.

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  13. You won’t die if your cruise ship sinks. They have lifeboats for everyone these days since the Titanic went down. They may not let you take all your possessions on the lifeboat, though. So they might have to leave behind their 10 Androids, 4 IOSes, 5 DSLRs and 14 lenses and the special heated toilet seat warmer custom made to perfectly fit their buttocks that they brought aboard and had installed in their bathroom although they would probably try to bribe the crew member in charge of loading the lifeboat to make an exception for their toys.

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  14. Who knew the CEhO was such a pile driver?
    No, yeah.

    That would be everyone ‘cept Sr. LePorke who is infatuated with the inky-haired, strapped-on simian.

    Hope he enjoys the ride.

    It’s costing him plenty.

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