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PadreSJ to help the poor!

PadreSJ is expected to spend time caring for the poor. He will console those in need. He will provide comfort to those who find themselves in dire straits. He will shelter those without homes. He will offer care to those who have no one to look out for them.

F the Poor
F the Poor

On second thought, he will continue using the money donated to the church by hardworking Catholics to supply slave labor to a man who hates Catholicism. A man who needs more commandments from god to make it a challenge to violate all ten decrees on a daily basis.

Mike Elgum Bullies Randal Schwartz

Are ee ess pee ee cee tee
Are ee ess pee ee cee tee

One of the only remaining nice things TWiT does, dating back to the golden era, is give the fans a show about Linux.  FLOSS Weekly was genuinely born in a time when TWiT cared about the audience and not profit.

Another old tradition is not adhering to a schedule and having programs begin on time. When non-professionals like Elgum helm a broadcast, it is paramount that there is no time frame to follow. The length of his show can vary from seventeen minutes to sixty five minutes. He has no control of what happens nor any idea what he is doing, the chances of him starting on time are virtually non-existent.. All the hosts have always been understanding about the malleable calendar.

The girls won't go for this in 2015
The girls won’t go for this bullying in 2015

It seems power hungry News Director Mike Elgum found someone to push around. Although Gum is unable to start or finish his show on schedule he is forcing the kind and generous Randall Schwartz to start his show an hour earlier so as not to dare delay the comedy news show known as TNT. Oh how I long for what once was and what will surely never be again.  The lovely and talented Sarah Lane would never have stood by for this.

Update 1: Hilton was unavailable for comment. We are investigating why he was let go from TWiT and no longer appears in the “people” section. One possible explanation is he never worked there. Speculation that his picture and profile were  put on the site instead of actually hiring someone of color is pure speculation

Is Leo Laporte preparing to boot Sarah Lane out of the Shithouse for good?

Leo Laporte is apparently getting his ducks in a row to kick the lovely and talented Sarah Lane to the curb, le finiti. In this video (above) we see how he warms up his zombie-audience to his reprehensible plot. In the continuing mission to save money, the dysfunctional tag team of Leo ‘n’ Lisa have determined—yet again—that rather than paying broadcasters to host shows, it is more economical to have whomever is around take a shot at it. Based on the public figures spewed on-air by Laporte, it is estimated that Sarah is pulling in a meager $450 per episode for the show she created and built while Leo slurps up the bulk of the profits.

With two idle hosts on staff, either Moronne or Moron (aka Elgum) will be forced into a sad attempt at replacing Sarah in order to save the glutton the $450 per show that is paid to said goddess. Asked for comment, noted Sarah Lane expert Richardya said, “This turn of events could be related to a recent Instagram photo (seen below), which conjured up images of the ‘dark triangle’ [that] Laporte can’t get out of his head. It is also known that TechCrunch is planning to enter the podcasting sphere which could leave the failing TWiT network in ruins.”

Sarah Lane's racy Instagram account may unfortunately be used against her by the piggish Leo Laporte.
Sarah Lane’s racy Instagram account may unfortunately be used against her by the piggish Leo Laporte.

P.S. Nice try – lying once again about this being “abrupt notice.” Sarah informed you about the trip weeks ago. We see the schedule online fat man.