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PadreSJ to help the poor!

PadreSJ is expected to spend time caring for the poor. He will console those in need. He will provide comfort to those who find themselves in dire straits. He will shelter those without homes. He will offer care to those who have no one to look out for them.

F the Poor
F the Poor

On second thought, he will continue using the money donated to the church by hardworking Catholics to supply slave labor to a man who hates Catholicism. A man who needs more commandments from god to make it a challenge to violate all ten decrees on a daily basis.

Leo Laporte harasses Heather Hamann

Self-deluded sex perv Leo Laporte gets nasty with Heather Hamann, his call screener for “The Tech Guy” radio show. Leo thinks that she cares about his disgusting birthday weekend with his fugly CEO. Heather does not care and tells him so. Give your boner a rest, Leo. The ladies don’t give a flying fudge about your wrinkled scrote.