How to and How not to

From the ack it looks like...
From the back she looks like… Could it be….

Ignore the picture.
This morning I was on the subway and since I had woken a bit earlier than usual there was a new crop of fellow commuters whom I was not familiar with on my train. The car was not shoulder to shoulder packed but was moderately full.

I stood near the door and leaning with her back against the door in a belted A-line blue dress that fell just above her knees was a very attractive ring-less young woman.  Her coloring was magnificent, she must have had Middle Eastern or Spanish blood because her skin was a healthy olive tone. Her eyes were the perfect shade of green and she had those pale shaded lips, I am not sure what you call that color.

As fate would have it I had my most expensive jeans on along with a good pair of shoes and my greatest button-down shirt and of course my Beats-by-Dre headphones with a leather satchel bag. Urban-chic.


So I was spending this commute alternating between looking at her and playing with my iPhone and she was (I say this in all modesty) doing the same. When she looked up and caught my eyes on her, I did not do what you nerds would do. I did not look away, I held my gaze until she looked away with humility. At the next stop an empty seat opened up right in front of where I stood. All the nearby eyes of standing passengers flocked to the seat but it was mine, if I wanted it. I moved toward the seat but remained standing (like boxing-out for a rebound) and left a path for only her to sit. She accepted and only succeeded in half-hiding her smile. The rest of the ride was a joyful sparring match played with our eyes and I will not divulge the ending to this tale. I relay this story only to let people know how to treat a princess. And of course the one man who does the opposite.

Have you no shame LaPorte? You make her walk around without an ipad, where is your humanity? Whats is next, killing all the starving kids in Africa? Where does it end?

7 thoughts on “How to and How not to”

  1. So did Sarah lie when she left TWiT or did Leo and Lisa not want Miss Lane announcing/promoting that she was going host a competing news podcast on TWiT?

    I’d love to know if downloads have dropped after her departure? Though I not sure anyone ever downloaded TN2 to begin with.

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    1. I for one never downloaded TN2, but I really enjoy The Crunch Report.
      I know lots of people rip on her for using a teleprompter, but Sarah comes off much more natural using one and isn’t afraid to add in a little extra opinion while talking every now and then which adds to the natural delivery.
      I watch Crunch Report every single day, and enjoy it as a quick glance at the tech news.

      Now everybody else at TWIT who uses a teleprompter – they are a different story. Yikes.

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    1. If Leo, sorry CeHo actually took it away, it just proves how petty they are. Leo buys stuff, writes it off and then gives it away, that’s illegal. You can’t just gift something that you wrote off as a business expense.

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