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Leo Laporte Never Donated a Fucking Dime on Patreon

Update: Many commenters have raised concerns about our search criteria. There are no matches for any Laporte with the first name starting with L (this would include Lisa and Leo), without even considering an email address. His son, Henry, does have an account under his school email, but has not supported any Patreon campaigns.

Leo is very public with his accounts, and the reason none can be found under his name or very well-known emails is because he never created a fucking account because he wouldn’t stoop to paying for something he can get for free. He just complained on The Tech Guy about Textual 5 (his IRC program) being a $5 upgrade. For someone who spends money so freely, he is the most stingy person we know.

This information is accurate as of September 10, 2015, the latest date in the Patreon dump.

Leo Laporte lies all the time. We’ve posted examples of his many lies on a regular basis, but there’s one we couldn’t prove until recently. Every time OMGchad has been on, or Leo talks to Dickie D, he claims to looooooooooooooooove Patreon and implies that he donates to projects on the platform.

#Soup even had Jack Conte, founder of Patreon, on Triangulation and had his band, Pomplamoose, on The New Screen Savers recently to play. Each time, he hypes up Patreon. This video is a great example:

We finally have proof of what we always knew to be true: Leo Laporte has never given a single fucking cent to any project on Patreon. The fat fuck doesn’t even have an account.
Not a single cent!
Not a single cent!

We now know this thanks to hackers who used an obvious flaw in Patreon’s platform to exfiltrate all of their data and source code. The TotalDrama editorial board has been poring over the data, looking for any sign we might be wrong, but we were not. Leo has no account.

mysql> SELECT * FROM tblUsers
    -> WHERE Email LIKE '%@leoville.%'
    -> OR Email LIKE '%@twit.tv'
    -> OR Email = 'laporte@gmail.com'
    -> OR Email = 'leolaporte@outlook.com'
    -> OR (LName = 'Laporte'
    ->     AND FName LIKE 'L%');
Empty set (6.60 sec)

Leo Laporte didn’t appreciate being called a liar in the the chat room, but the gestapo mods quickly muted the brave chatter who dared point out that he lied. Thanks to that person for the inspiration for this post.

Media Superstar Howard Stern Belittles TWiT and Questions Revenue Numbers

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A Real Talent Howard Stern
A Real Talent: Howard Stern

Jeff Jarvis, CUNY adjunct professor of something, telephoned in to the Howard Stern radio program to kiss Howard’s ass. Between kisses, Google’s #1 fan tried to get in a plug for his other love; Leo Laporte.

Howard would have none of it and laid down the truth.

Howard openly called in to question the revenue numbers publicly given out by TWiT and Leo’s wife turned CEO. He went on to mock the chosen name of the network.
Howard; we loved you before and we love you more now, you have always been an inspiration to those of us tirelessly working at TotalDrama HQ. Babbooey dear friend.
Hey Jeff, thanks for helping out, we owe you one!

Longer Audio Clip

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Special thanks to long-time member of TotalDrama koolaide from our chat room and comments for the audio contributions. Team #OneAss.

Leo Walks Back Shutdown After #DickGate

Penis seen round the world. Pixelated for your protection.
Penis seen round the world. Pixelated for your protection.
Leo is busy doing damage control after #DickGate and announcing a shutdown on the live stream and live chat shortly after. He is lying on Twitter and lied to Gawker. Additionally, Perez Hilton is covering the cover-up. TOMO News has spoofed it as well.

Now, he’s busy trying to walk back the damage. Previously, he announced his intention to mine $$$ monthly from his sycophant fans, who he has said have no value and are weirdos with no lives.

Chad agrees. Live streaming is the best.

Gawker has been tweeting multiple times. Perhaps mad at being called liars, as are we.


Chat begins at May 27 2015 11:33 PST
Leo's lines only for brevity

<~Leo> don't miss it yet
<~Leo> we're looking into some sort of verified system
<~Leo> $1/month or something
<~Leo> lisa talked me off the ledge
<~Leo> I think it would be a better experience for us all - as long as we can keep the trolls at bay
<~Leo> it's not the money - it would force identification. We would give it all to the mods
<~Leo> as long as they want to stick around
<~Leo> actually [redacted doxxing] will
<~Leo> he's loaded
<~Leo> but we can block him
<~Leo> we'd let hosts choose whether they want to do their shows live
<~Leo> at least that's what we're thinking
<~Leo> trolls absolutely will pay
<~Leo> [redacted doxxing]'s family owns a [redacted doxxing]!
<~Leo> it's not to keep them out - it's to identify and eliminate them
<~Leo> we're trying to figure out how to keep the live stream
<~Leo> I don't want people to pay for that
<~Leo> I heard your pain
<~Leo> we'll just figure it out
<~Leo> I don't want [redacted doxxing] to win
<~Leo> stream is free - no matter what
<~Leo> we might want to make chat more constrained to take some of the pressure off the mods
<~Leo> no paywall to live
<~Leo> that's against my philosophy
<~Leo> agreed mick
<~Leo> but putting it behind a paywall might help
<~Leo> fewer drivebys
<~Leo> but we're investigating options
<~Leo> we're not going to get rid of live
<~Leo> lisa talked me down

Leo Laporte Makes Shit Up for Ads and TWiT Constantly Shits on Its Sponsors

Thanks to an eagle eyed viewer/reader, we bring to you video proof, straight from the #soup’s mouth, of what we all know. #soup makes shit up and doesn’t care about the advertisers.

TWiT has long disrespected its advertisers, however. The editorial board here at Total Drama discussed this at our last meeting and we’ve had enough, so we decided to create a consolidated post to express our disappointment with the way TWiT disrespects its advertisers.

A former TWiT staffer (terminated without warning during the holidays by #soup) has provided us a current job listing on Craigslist for TWiT. They are anonymously hiring for a position using Craigslist instead of ZipRecruiter which they “LOOOOOOVVVVE” (Gum’s words). This ad will certainly be taken down soon after this post, so here’s what it looked like.

TWiT Craigslist Ad for Supervising Producer
TWiT Craigslist Ad for Supervising Producer originally at http://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/tfr/4854675423.html

Here’s how TWiT co-host Katie Brenner disrespects sponsor NatureBox on air.

And here’s how TWiT host Tonya Hall disrespects sponsor ZipRecruiter on-air.

And here’s how TWiT’s TNT host Mike Elgan trashes sponsor PayPal on-air.

And here’s how Leo trashes previous sponsor Citrix ShareFile on-air.

And here’s Leo making fun of Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans.

And here’s Leo claiming on-air that Ring.com didn’t pay their bills.

So, if you choose to do business with TWiT as a sponsor, know what you’re getting into, and know that #soup loves to show his email on screen all the time, including the phone number of his soon-to-be stepchild (withheld because we are not monsters).

Leo's Inbox on Any Given Sunday
Leo’s Inbox on Any Given Sunday

Caveat emptor. You might be thrown under the bus next, and be assured, the humiliation will be televised.