Lisa Laporte [CEO] Creeping Her Way Across Europe

Guest SubmissionWe all know that legally it is permissible to photograph people in public (in the U.S.) but apparently Lisa Laporte thinks it is A.O.K. to take pictures of innocent strangers and post them on the internet. This from the bogus celebrity couple who can’t even stand to be questioned by the public without going after those inquisitive citizens. Hypocrisy, have you no limit?


It’s the targeting of teenagers that I can’t stomach, Lisa. You know?

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23 thoughts on “Lisa Laporte [CEO] Creeping Her Way Across Europe”

  1. According to Lisa the CUNT, it’s okay to take pictures of people sharing intimate moments in public; but neither her, nor her husband, can have Dropcams in the Brick House anymore.

    That’s some sound logic right there.

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  2. Your investigators saw me entertaining myself on that dropcam when Jill Duffy was being interviewed and commented on it.

    OHHHHH that felt so good. She was sitting there in her little skirt while I asked her questions and ^%$*)^&^ myself. mmmmm So goooood. I kept asking her to go into her bag so she would bend over, mmmm. Oh Jill, Jill, Yea Jill.

    [Refractory period]

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  3. I’ll go further and posit a theory that Lisa is creepier than her now husband Leo Laporte. I go back to 2012 and the “Inside TWiT” video casts L&L did, and Leo was foaming at the mouth over winning the bet he had with Lisa and she having to don a Kat suit. She allowed Leo to express very rude remarks over the course of multiple shows and never corrected him, she just giggled and looked down. Now, if I, being a TD basement dweller that I am, were ever to speak or act like Leo does towards or in front of a normal woman, my head would be ringing. It’s sad, but used to think their was no way Leo would ever act creepy around his daughter, but now I’m fairly sure he has and I’m willing to bet his son is creepy too.

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  4. I wonder if it would be OK to take pictures of them walking or riding their segway around. Anyone in Germany willing to take unsuspecting pictures of either Soup or CeHo?

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  5. Leo was screwing Laura Burstein when Abby was 12. Looking back ten years, Leo’s move over to Lisa was a huge drop in quality but a move up in quaintly , Leo is a idiot

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  6. It’s legal to post pictures of strangers in the street. It called STREET PHOTOGRAPHY. Lisa is perfectly legal to take those pictures. I know because my mom is a photographer whose take plenty of pictures of people when she travels. She does freelance and what she does is called editorial.
    Go educate yourselves trolls.

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    1. It’s true, street photography is common and legal as long as it’s not used for commercial purposes, however, all the TD followers know all to well, that Lisa is known to monetize any thing or one that isn’t nailed down, including the slit between her thighs . It all has a $$$ value, some things more than others…

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  7. Agree the young love photo was very creepy – and that the CeH is very creepy. Can’t stand her voice, the dipshit haircut and the fawning all over Soup when it’s clar she just wants his money.

    The woman is an ugly, weird, gold digger.

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  8. She is twisted, those two are engaged in public foreplay and it makes her go “awwwww!”

    Does the woman cry at the end of porn scenes the way normal people do at the end of Charlottes Web.

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