Mike Elgan Fooled by an Obvious Hoax On-Air

Elgum will literally (attempt to) read anything put in front of him on a prompter. He isn’t able to do this very well, of course, but today Megan Morrone co-hosted the shit-show called Tech News Today, and she had a joke of a story in the “News You Can Lose Segment.”

Why is this segment in a news show they want us to watch?

Leo Laporte has crowed over and over about how TWiT is aimed to be the CNN of Tech, but the following video illustrates how that’s a crock of shit.

The editorial board of Total Drama presents to you:

Mike Elgan Believing a Story
About a Wearable Banana

21 thoughts on “Mike Elgan Fooled by an Obvious Hoax On-Air”

  1. And this is the Brainiac that was put in charge of a serious tech news show? He couldn’t figure out that the story was a joke (not a “hoax”, by the way)? What a complete moron. OMG!

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  2. LOL Mike reminds me of Best Buy employees that are just working there so they can have beer money for college, but don’t really know a damn thing about the shit they’re selling.

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  3. From Slashgear.

    “If you’ve made it this far, then you should probably be aware that it is a tongue in cheek joke meant to advertise Dole’s bananas.”

    Thanks TWiT and Mike for doing a free ad for Dole.

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    1. Eat a dick.

      Are you literally so stupid and so disconnected from TWiT that you don’t realize they record the promos *after* the show? Of course he says it’s a joke *before* the show since he recorded it *after* Megan made him look as stupid as he is.

      You are truly one of the most stupid commenters I’ve seen here.

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  4. I don’t watch TNT regularly. I’m not really into tech news.

    When I don’t like a show, I don’t watch it.

    I just monitor this site because I heard people talking about it as an example of the stalking and harassment of women.

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    1. “I just monitor this site because I heard people talking about it as an example of the stalking and harassment of women.”

      Excuse me for being a pig here, but don’t all fat females monitor guys that talk truth and laugh about the smack talk?
      We don’t mean* it personally! You’re just to ugly to screw without beer! (And a ball gag!)
      here’s a web site for you to troll as well hoping for some juice to sue over!
      Over and Out Al!

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  5. And this is what Mike Elgan bases his google+ community on?
    Input from internet sources. I have an mango that tells you the weather.

    If he ever gets gets that turd to float it will be a whole lot of fun.

    Kirk out!!

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  6. I love Stonewall and Thornberry and Molly. They make this site worthwhile. When I say “Well, today is a good day to say goodbye TWiT and goodbye Totaldrama a beautiful comment here draws me back.

    Thanks girls. Or guys. Whatever.

    I knew it was a hoax. really.

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