Leo Laporte Further Insults and Erases Prior Friend John C. Dvorak

Leo Laporte simply can’t stop insulting John C. Dvorak, as you can hear in the video above. He thinks saying “you’re unbanned” negates all the personal insults he’s thrown at John on Twitter publicly.

However, like the erasure of Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young before him, once Leo is done with you, you never existed and you never mattered. Leo already had John C. Dvorak erased from the TWiT people page.

He will likely lie about it to our face as well.

John C. Who? Never heard of him.
John C. Who? Never heard of him.

Look what he’s already telling the sheep:

75 thoughts on “Leo Laporte Further Insults and Erases Prior Friend John C. Dvorak”

  1. All he is doing is the same thing he did with his dick pic… saving face(s)…

    He blew his top and showed his true feelings, and then realized it was a bad business choice, after being told so by his CeHO. All he is doing is trying not to look like the bad guy. plain and simple…

    What a fuck face. Go fuck yourself Laporte, in both your faces.

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  2. (sigh) I have to say that Leo really appreciated all the No Agenda producers who purchased bricks. I guess he is dumping us because he is going to walk away from the wall of No Agenda greatness.

    I hope John stays away from TWiT. He can produce his own tech show on the No Agenda Network.

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  3. DaFuck Laporke just can’t STFU.

    I find it hard to believe that JCD threatened Laporke. He doesn’t impress me as the sort to punch retards.

    And fuck that sycophant JammerBumFuck. He’s just as skeezy as Laporke. Only an idiot doesn’t recognize a NA running gag.

    The Mother of the Year (who exposed her son to Mr Ya Know You’re Standing Where the Lube Aisle Was) should be reported to CPS.

    Yeah, these people deserve each other in their “very special” TWiT family out where the trains don’t run, but the planes fly over the office/industrial park.

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  4. JCD threatened Laporke? John would never waste his time, knows better, HIS FANS KNOW BETTER and simply isn’t his style. LEO IS FUCKING LIAR. FUCK YOU LEO. FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU. For trying to make JCD the bad guy to save your sorry ass. Oh…and FUCK YOU!

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      1. I completely agree. It’s also a health indicator. When he can’t scoff because he has difficulty breathing that shows the typical signs of a fall from PODCAST grace.

        Like I posted before he needs to keep the dumbasses blowing in the wind while they wait to hear that maybe Dvorak might be on TWiT next month. The door is open so I don’t see why he can’t take that invitation! He probably will. Leo says everything is better. I’ll stick around. I bet Dvorak will be on soon and reveal something huge! I bet it’s his vinegar book!!! Leo gets the scoop too!!! I knew they were best buds.

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  5. Mr LaFatFuckShitFaceCunt hasn’t a freaking clue. He splits from a 20+ year friend, the man “who gave him his start in the tech business” on Twitter, Twitter, no less and then sends his wife in the clean it up and apologize.

    Ladies and Gentlemen LaPork has the emotional maturity of a six year old.

    Let’s hope JCD never returns.

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    1. Yeah, even Steve Gibson had the decency to speak with Mr. Dvorak mano a mano, and he didn’t even do anything. To assert that “Lisa talked to him” was some means to an end is baffling.

      “He knows he’s welcome” – it doesn’t get much more passive-aggressive than that.

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  6. I love how the Chief TWaT says “He knows he was unbanned because I tweeted him” and then goes on to say “no one is ever banned”.

    Those two statements are total contradictions. In order to be “unbanned” it stands to reason that one must first be banned. And, how does one become banned if “no one is ever banned”

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  7. “Dvorak says he has something on me, He threatened me. (laughs)” — Leo Laporte at 1:15 in the video

    That is a very serious allegation of criminal activity made against John Dvorak and unless it can be proven or substantiated (ie Leo has to file a police report), is a clear case of defamation of character and slander on Leo’s part.

    The statements he made in this video could ruin John Dvorak both personally and financially, he stands to have his reputation ruined/tarnished. Furthermore he could lose revenue from any future book sales, business deals, entertainment deals, etc due to this very serious allegation.

    Let me remind Leo Laporte that extortion which he claimed John Dvorak did to him is a crime/felony, thus he is accusing Mr Dvorak of committing a very serious crime, yet he has not filed a police report to back up his claims to my knowledge.

    Unless he backs up his allegations then as I said before he has committed slander which could make him liable for damages in civil court so if I were Leo Laporte I would immediately retract those statements and apologize on video and on twitter or he could be writing a rather hefty check to settle out of court.

    This isn’t just a case of “I could have been talking about anyone” because he clearly named John Dvorak. In any case we’re way past the point of “He’s always welcome to come on”.

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    1. Extortion? I didn’t hear Leo say that John is forcing him to do anything because of what John has on him.

      What could John possibly have on him that could ruin his rep worse than he’s already done on his own?

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      1. Lets examine what Leo said.

        “Dvorak says he has something on me”

        This claim suggests that Dvorak called him and said “I have x, y, z on you”, while he did not specify what JCD wanted he followed it up with:

        He threatened me.

        Again, he did not specify what the threats were but he clearly alleged that John C Dvorak said he had something on Leo and threatened him That is by definition extortion, he also claimed the John C Dvorak “threatened” him which is also an allegation of a crime made by Leo Laporte.

        No matter how you slice it, these are very serious allegations of criminal activity made by Leo Laporte against Mr. Dvorak and unless he can prove it or substantiate through a Police report then it is slander and these allegations could do very serious harm to Mr. Dvorak’s reputation.

        If I were Leo, I would take the cheaper option and just issue a retraction, apologize and call it a day.

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      2. Eating the brain out of a live chimp. Fucking a dead premature baby. Praising Friar Fatty as an asset to the church. Printing pictures of female celebrities out on the latest review printer and testing the ink formulation adherence to the paper with his semen. Getting sweet little Asian reps from cable manufacturers up to his hotel room at CES and having them test cable strength across his ass.

        There are probably more but I need to sleep

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    1. Lisa was the one who thanked John for stopping Leo from spewing about the podcast patent (note that there was no patent troll) on TWiT a while back. He mentioned it on No Agenda afterward. Perhaps this abhorrent behavior is just Leo being himself, not because of her. Just a thought.

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  8. LL has the gall to blame high blood pressure on the No Agenda Show, right! Coming from a clearly obese man who in my opinion’s only excercise is from shoveling bad food and snacks from cardboard boxes. Rides a heavy duty Segway two blocks from his house to the soup twit house, how lame is that! I hope JCD never comes back to the twit house. All them people working there are kissing LL’s boots constantly, you heard his duffus assistant mock JCDs show just egging LL on, what a loser!

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  9. I am not a huge JCD fan, but I have respect for him, especially after he wrote in his NA response to Leo’s “fit” about what Leo did to Brushwood, and JCD essentially said that everyone in the business knows what a jerk Leo is.
    It is clear that JCD knows what kind of person LL is and he told Adam that he isn’t going back to TWIT. If JCD goes back to TWIT, I will lose respect for him. It seems the only reason he would go back is if it is self-serving/self-promoting. To ignore the Monster (I mean, LL had his wife call JCD) and go back just to get exposure for himself or for NA would show me that he doesn’t really care what LL is like, and he is condoning LL’s behavior – he would be guilty by association. JCD has been treated worse publicly than most others, especially considering their long history, and he would be at least as guilty of complicity as anyone else who continued to work for/appear on TWIT after becoming aware of LL’s abuses and mistreatments.

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      1. @Digital Dynamic,
        I was also.. The people that go back are just are just showing they are the “bigger person”. They are financially stable in their new jobs.

        The people that left where clearly unhappy.

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        1. I’m not a big fan, but pretty remarkable for someone whom Leo Laporte publicly slandered as having “sucked TWIT dry”.

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    1. I looooove JCD like Leo loooooves soup. It hurts me to say “I whole-heartedly agree with SLY.” I also have a gut feeling that JCD might have told leo he’d come back after the shit dies down. I fucking hope not but my gut is fairly consistent.

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    2. I understand forgiving someone, putting aside differences, and moving on. And, I don’t think that someone should let differences in religion, politics, opinions, business, etc. prevent you from going on a show, as long as people are treated with respect. And, assuming that Tom and Leo parted over business differences, I don’t think that should necessarily keep Tom from TWIT.

      However, when there is an ethical difference, or someone is obviously mistreating people, being the “bigger man” is a non-issue. If Leo were to declare “white power” and align himself with White Supremacists (WS), I don’t think Tom would go on his show, and I believe most people would them come out in opposition to Leo. And, the basis for that decision would be a difference in an ideology regarding the treatment of people, and the basis for that treament. In many ways, Leo is much worse than a WS. WS hate people from a distance, and are generally malicious toward people as a whole, and when they do single out someone it is usually a stranger. Leo seems to have the same hatred and vitriol for people, but they are people he actually knows, employs, or claims to be friends with. His reasons are ALWAYS petty and egocentric. And, instead of being honest regarding his hatred of someone, he is usually lying to cover it up or blame the recipient of his abuse.

      Even though Leo has PUBLICLY mistreated Brushwood, JuRY, Tom, Sarah, Chad, Dickie D to name just a few (it is easier to come up with a list of people he has worked with that he hasn’t mistreated), they still speak with respect for Leo, and they will still go on his shows (if not “banned”, which we all know he does). I don’t get it, and I have lost some respect for all of them. When is SOMEONE…ANYONE going to call Leo out for who he really is, or at least take a stand and publicly distance themselves from TWIT, or Leo. Brushwood came pretty close to saying something real and honest when Chad got fired, but JuRY talked him down, regretfully. JCD has come closest to calling Leo out, but I agree with the Ken Sintek that it is very likely JCD will be back on a TWIT show…unfortunately.

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      1. It’s simple.

        TWiT is Laporke’s litter box (okay, sand box) and as such he can kick around all the sand he wants cuz he makes the rules – short of breaking laws.

        I’m pretty sure all parties involved know the terms of engagement. Guess it depends on one’s bullshit threshold.

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  10. I don’t hate Megan like some people do, but like that gangly BOL guy, I guess it’s a gig that currently works for her. What a steep price to pay, working with the Dean of Decorum.

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    1. I don’t hate any of the people working for LL or going on the shows. I agree that you are paying a price/making a sacrifice to do so. Re: Megan – she may not be aware of how bad LL really is. It is easy to be blinded to things when your job or money are involved, and when you are working in an insular environment where you always only hear one side of the story. I was on the outside and I was fooled by LL for years, and was skeptical of all the critics much like his current sheep are. Part of that was me just believing what I wanted to believe, and part of it is because of LL being so deceptively charming (though he has become less so). Once, I finally opened me eyes to the truth, I saw all that I had been denying for all that time.
      Different people will reach that awareness at different speeds, and some will never reach it. People like Jason Howell (and possibly Megan), who are naive, forever accepting and always looking for the good in people, will likely never see it, but those characteristics also cause us to be more forgiving of people like that.

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  11. “No one is ever banned”. Really?

    Ask all of the people who were “shown the door” in the chat room.

    Ask BB and JRY and JCD. Who’s next on the “excommunicated” bandwagon?

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    1. I got banned from chat for merely logging in, reading posts, and not interacting with the chat room. Oh, the paranoia-inducing HORROR of people who READ!

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    1. No one is ever banned, except when they are. Sorry Leo, if you don’t like the application of a trite concept, don’t act like a child.

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  12. Sorta guessing here but I think Lisa had to make the call to John, realizing that cutting JCD off from any future podcasts would hurt TWiT much more than it would John. Leo has a history of trying to patch things up via the live stream. I don’t think he is capable of picking up a phone and talking things out. Look at how he cut Amber off, no phone call, just a email at most and even then it may have been directed more towards Sara. Tom came back because it furthered his career much more than Leo’s. I was very surprised when Cali Lewis came on, but again, it was to advance her new turn in business/life. Notice that Chad hasn’t been back, even to skype in, since Lisa fired him. Though TWiT still carries The Giz Wiz feed and keeps it up to date.

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  13. Does it make any difference if Leo “bans” John or not?

    Leo insults John, and John doesnt go back on the show.

    Who cares if Leo invites him back?

    He insulted John & John didnt come back.

    Why should John go back to Leo? To get insulted more?

    No logical reason.

    Leo can “invite” whomever he wishes. Invite the Queen of England, say she is not banned. Who cares? She isnt coming on his show. Neither has John.

    End of Story.

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      1. Well, Paul joined in a little, but Paul is kind of that way, I think it was all in good fun.

        But this is a pattern of behavior when it comes to Leo, tiny jabs are made toward someone, then a year or so later they’re gone.

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          1. He decided to make his living as a blogger, and part of that ‘deal’ is taking a tremendous amount of shit from anonymous internet people. He feels entitled to make his living doing this without taking any grief. Leo has a much worse case of this syndrome.

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  14. This site has degraded to manufacturing drama for the sake of… I don’t know what, really.

    Leo and John are lifelong friends… brothers, even. And even brothers fight, and then move on with life (unlike this website, apparently).

    Maybe I missed the memo, or the memememe, something… but why so much hate from this site?

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  15. Yeah, Dvorak was becoming more terse and hateful at times, it could be felt in their last engagements. And Leo is no stranger be equally in one’s face, but being his .. sandbox.. it was his call on what persons and shows remained on the network. Dvorak just moved on and so did Leo and his network, as the world just divides them to a larger degree than in their early days.

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