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Leo Laporte Delays iOS Today and Disgusts Viewers

From the unpublished archives, circa January 2016.

Dance, you glorious monkey.
Dance, you glorious monkey.
Leo Laporte is chronically late for every show, including the only one where someone else is his boss. Seething disrespect for his audience comes through quite clearly in the clip above.

Even though his “interview” show Triangulation finished on-time and he was already in the studio, he didn’t want to set a precedent and have people start expecting him to be on-time for any shows.

Leo Laporte, one minute before his next show was scheduled to start, left the studio, claiming to be back in 10 minutes. You can find out for yourself in the video above if that happened. You can also judge his sense of urgency and respect for his viewers.

In addition to being late for iOS Today on purpose, he made more inappropriate sexual jokes in front of and to his employee Megan Morrone, saying “a man would just stick it in.” Disgusting, Leo. Disgusting.

No shirt, no shoes, no women

TWiT Policy?

I am willing to accept that in five years there has never been a black woman on TWiT. Never, not once. (excluding ring central ad) I am willing to accept that although ten percent of the US population is black, less than 1% of TWiT faces are black and zero employees. But women? More than half the worlds population was born with female genitalia. You have to make an effort to shun half the population.

The following listing is of the most recent This Week in Tech episodes, all of which did not have one person born with (XX) chromosomes:

  • Nov 23: 1 host and 3 guests
  • Nov 16: 1 host and 4 guests (special segment included)
  • Nov 09: 1 host and 3 guests
  • Nov 02: 1 host and 2 guests
  • Oct 26: 1 host and 3 guests

Making your girlfriend CEO does not make you less prejudiced, it shows what traits in women you value and what a woman has to do to get respect there. If you combine this with his outlandish statements to the lovely and talented Sarah Lane it makes me wonder.

For those of you who like math, the chances of getting head 15 times in a row on a two sided coin is .00341796875.  So if 50% of tech journalists are women and they were selected randomly the odds of getting (see listing above) 15 guests in a row as men are likewise .00341796875. And tech journalism is filled to the brim with female journalists.