lkalif Has Gone to the Great Cruise Ship in the Sky

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Dearly departed lkalif

The founder of Total Drama, lkalif, is no longer with us. He lost a long battle with a terrible disease.

Although Leo — with knowledge of lkalif’s dire situation — once crassly expressed surprise that lkalif was still alive, lkalif can now rest in peace.

He will be missed. So say we all.

30 thoughts on “lkalif Has Gone to the Great Cruise Ship in the Sky”

  1. Drama lost it’s shining beacon of light, that was a guide for many of us, from a pool of stupidity, misogyny and lard. He will be missed but his craft won’t be forgotten.

    RIP lkalif

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  2. R.I.P. Lkalif

    I heard the news today as well. I knew him through this site and IRC. He was a very bright though-out individual with real talent. He was a pioneer and role model.

    He will be missed.

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  3. The guy actually contributed something positive to society, unlike that piece of shit that continues to live on. Fuck you Laporte, you are a scourge on society and when you die nobody will have anything to say except good riddance.

    R.I.P. Lkalif (we will finish what you started brother)

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    1. Mike, enough.
      I looooooove lkalif and I looooooove total drama, I am sincere. As a sign of reconciliation I will dedicate 3 of tonight’s 8 cupcakes to the departed. May Jesus bless you. I love the church. Padre is one of our most expensive hosts. Shave with Harry’s, it’s a fabulous shave.

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    2. Well if the boss is being nice so will I.
      I am a huge believer in the concept of free speech. However, as a public intellectual I interpret that to exclude hate speech and/or making fun of myself or TWiT. So I can’t heap accolades on Lkalif as my god Leo did.

      I am really busy writing an article about Google or I would write more, also Google put me in business class on this trip so I don’t have much room. Buy my book on Amazon “what would Google do”

      Remember Independence is Journalism and I serve the people, the Internet is the definition of free speech.

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