Leo is Surprised Total Drama Creator is Still Alive

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We’re surprised Leo Laporte is still alive, given his massive gut, shockingly high BMI, and the fact that he shoves food in his gullet at all times. He appears to be surprised as well when acknowledging his sarcastic greeting to lkalif is inappropriate.

All hail lkalif, creator of TotalDrama.org (the first incarnation). Lkalif had been unavailable for a while due to personal issues, but Leo just assumed he was dead. We carried on without issue and lkalif is starting to be more available.

In case anyone didn’t know lkalif is back, join us in our chat room to chat with him on a regular basis.


24 thoughts on “Leo is Surprised Total Drama Creator is Still Alive”

  1. Welcome back Ikalif from all the staff, journalists, the legal team and the editorial board of TotalDrama (aka #OneAss)

    As you can see, we have become an award winning, multi media, 24 hour news gathering organisation. We are now closely gawked at and quoted by the tech and “netcasting” industry.

    I especially salute you for the delightful and enchanting open IRC chat room you created. Under you founding principles, this realm has grown and continues to gather strength without the use of repugnant Nazi close minded mods founds on other nauseating sites.

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    1. Why are you guys always talking about how big you are? its like you have something to prove.. Leo is trolling you with the ONE ASS comment and you keep falling for it.. It hurt you. You can tell.. You guys are the weakest trolls

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  2. Sorry to go off on a tangent here but whats up with Martin Sargent? He was on TNSS again yesterday and just as last time he appeared very uncomfortable both physically and emotionally. I even detected a slight trace of flop sweat. Anybody know?

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  3. Welcome back L Kalif , thank you for creating TD that allows us opinionated folk “Trolls” to call out arrogant asswipes like Leo. Tried using his IRC room but was stopped by Leo’s Goons who only allow members to post
    praise to Leo messages.
    It’s nice to see Leo order and eat within min of arriving to work,that means the fat fucks days in life are shortening .

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  4. Is it really a surprise that Leo is surprised? It’s astonishing how ignorant he is.

    Just today on TWiT, Leo was talking about how Microsoft has to hand data over to the government if they’re asked. But…if they encrypted everything in transit and at rest, they’d only have encrypted data to hand over to the government.

    Liar LaWhore also claims that companies like Google and Apple have to keep this data to provide their services, and that’s a lie. For example, Apple anonymizes search requests. so they can’t be tied to you. Google does not.

    Why is Leo considered an expert in ANYTHING? He is so incredibly uninformed it should be criminal.

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  5. lkalif welcome back any many returns. Thanks for all fun of drama and the freedom.

    It’s like lkalif, hw/bruce and hulk mated but Leo’s having the baby. Leo sure has gotten fat. If Leo keeps stress eating he’s going to explode.

    and molly don’t confuse truth with trolling.

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  6. So, yesterday’s TWiT actually wasn’t bad. I’m a huge fan of Mark Milian, and Nathan Olivarez-Giles was fantastic. Even Leo was pretty on point for most of the show.

    But oh my goddess. OhDoctah adds nothing to the show. He’s not in the tech industry. He’s not a journalist. I’m not actually sure what his job is, to be honest. But he just derailed the whole show. Even Leo was getting annoyed with him — he would say something idiotic, and Leo would just ignore him and move on because it was just nonsensical jibberish about how he has an old police weapon or pays $200/year for OnStar or whatever.

    omfg I’m so annoyed. I just don’t understand why or how he’s on a tech show…

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    1. I wait with baited breath every week in hopes that Ohdoctah will impart his intellectual wisdom to the tech pantheon of knowledge.

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  7. Agreed JAS

    Sundays TWIT with Mark and Nathan actually kept the show flowing interesting and also informantive
    “Docta” was derailing it and shocking enough Leo was trying to keep a civil
    Show on track


    You nailed it, Leo is so back in the 90’s with his tech knowledge , did you see him trying to figure out IBeacons just before TWIT? What an idiot, if he was a normal non-tech guy we wouldn’t have this conversation , but to claim your “The Tech Guy” on your radio show yet you can’t figure out a simple tech like IBeacon( that’s been around for 2 years now) works is a disgrace .

    What a posser ,fraud and asshole

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  8. Holy Fucking Shit Hans!
    First off when we run around in the back of class
    and we sorta disrupt…

    We are funny!(or at least the smart ones are)

    The comments here are not funny.
    Step it up fatties!
    For shit’s sake make it funny or at least insightful.
    Keep your foul crap for yelling at people in person that deserve to actually be called a Cunt!

    I need a drink!
    Over and out AL!

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