gum is a g+ basterd that keeps abusing twitter

gum needs to stop linking his g+ crap in twitter.
elgum and other twit host like to complain that twitter is full of trolls but that doesn’t stop them from whoring them self on twitter to get more eye balls.

7 thoughts on “gum is a g+ basterd that keeps abusing twitter”

  1. Based on viewership gained by putting Gumbie in the anchors chair, I value every 400,000 G+ followers to 1 twitter follower. Gumbies crusade to make G+ relevant is going as far as my crusade to get in Sarah’s pants, not very far…

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  2. Mike Elgan and his 3 million bought followers on Google+

    Elgum abuses all social media. He abuses it the same way that Padre Ballsucker was abused by a Priest when he was a little boy.

    He thrusts out links on Facebook and Twitter that go to Google plus to get him ‘views’ and then these posts have links that go to his ‘paid’ hack authoring.

    And just like SOUPGUZZLER Laporte if you say anything that argues or contradicts his point of view he will mute and block you and if you continue he will start deleting your comments. He can’t take it when people don’t agree with him.

    I don’t know whom I dislike more, Soup Guzzler or Elgum the Hack. I used to tolerate both but over the past few months the toleration level has collapse.

    Elgum is what ruins Social Media! He is one of those people that abuses social media. Laporte confuses him with being a great news person when he literally just follows all the good tech news people and regurgitates his version of other people’s work!

    He is like the kid that did his school reports by copying out of the book and changing sentences and words to make it sound like it was his own work when it was just plagiarized from the true authors.

    That’s why Tech News Today is not true reporting it is just a continuous stream of other people that he asks them questions about their news stories rather than telling it in his own words. It would be too obvious that he had stolen their work.

    That’s also why the ‘Breaking News’ think never happened! Why? Well if it is breaking news then he cannot regurgitate the story and call it his own.

    In fact, while I don’t care for Tom Merritt and his reporting at least he discusses it like HE ACTUALLY READ AND ABSORBED MULTIPLE POINTS OF VIEWS and doesn’t just listen to that third party and then sit there and vomit out in his drunken style that god awful monologue that sounds like a drunken bum asking for money so they can get a bottle of Thunderbird from the liquor store for a couple of dollars.

    In fact it highlights even worse that Elgum does not understand the tech news.

    I remember back a few weeks before he blocked me on Google plus he made a statement directing to one of his plagiarized opinion pieces about why it would be a good thing for google+ to allow autoplay video’s. When I made a blunt statement that yeah, we all want to go to Google+ and be forced to see an autoplay video of someone being killed by terrorists and that if he likes autoplay he should focus on Facebook he then posted another opinion piece taking the opposite stand.

    In fact his first PRO stance post was the same day that his co-presenter for the day Lindsey Turpentine had already said that either her or a friend had gone to facebook and been forced by autoplay to see the video in its entirety blasted at them against their will. Which just emphasizes that he doesn’t even comprehend his own News show and failed to comprehend that he had made statements saying how terrible autoplay was.

    In fact having a CNET Senior editor as a co-host highlights the plagiarizing of others work. I’ve seen a couple of times comments made on CNET by readers being stolen and then copy and paste used, no other changes and then their ‘reporters’ claim the whole thing to be their own work. One of the occasions it was one of my comments. It was an opinion piece and I did a long rebuttal as a comment. 48 hours later I was reading stories and clicked on a ‘rebuttal’ to that opinion piece and it was my comment copied, pasted, even with spelling errors and then claimed to be the work of one of their ‘reporters’. I guess birds of a feather…

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    1. very good about the auto-play, the video of some horrible terrorist act, like blowing himself up, and this was on facebook, and facebook told me, like they tell the schools, it is ok because there is no nudity in the video, violence of all kinds rule, but at least there is no nudity. At one school a gang initiation beating of a middle school student was able to get by open dns and districts filters, but they said, it is required that they not block it, since it is not nudity or sexual.
      Very good point! I am Not on facebook anymore, but all the students are.

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  3. How about not following Mike (and others) if you do not like him? or is simple logic just to complex for the beings that lumber around here at

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    1. Hey Hey Hey Is that Padre Ballsucker SJ?

      You will be without purpose while your Chief TWiT is causing Terror in the fine City of London, nobody to teabag you? Maybe you can do a service for the homeless and let them take turns doing it to you.

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  4. #planet-retard how about mike stops acting like a retard and stop whoring his stupid [g+] links at twitter with ridiculous stupid pictures.

    mike should get off of twitter and stop whoring himself there if he thinks it’s full of trolls.

    Is it to much to ask that a tech journalist not act like a complete dumb ass? I think not.

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