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Where is Allan Mulally?
Where is Allan Mulally?

Well, somehow the glad-handing and flesh pressing #Glutton weaseled his way into the lives of Steve Martin and Paul Simon.  He actually ate dinner with the two men who are of an era that still listens to TTG radio show. This will cause a scourge on the ears of millions as Laporte tells the same story, that actually is not a story, over and over and over and over yet again. Do you have a senile grandmother who repeats herself? Well this will be worse, much worse.

Image010Fret not, in related celebrity news, our favorite  Super Star News Director seems to be getting a run for his money on the new social network Ello.com. It looks like the start-up has yet to put propper anti-troll mechanics in place. Elgin may outpace Elgan in followers.
It makes me wonder? What if the troll is more popular than the trolled? Inception? Reverse the polarities? Mix 1 cup of matter with 2 cups of anti-matter?

This is unadultered unlike...
This is unadultered unlike…

Enough celebrity news to fill your coffee cup yet? Freeze mister. If an alleged surreptitious shout-out was not enough, from the douchebag-hating* Adam Curry. This very website of meager origins  now has it’s second celebrity fan after Chazz Palminteri. Try this proof-positive on for size:

But drama is not about receiving, we are about giving so here is a treat for the man whose hair is only rivaled by Flash Gordon himself. The one and only Robert Ballecer not only steals NSFW’s time slot, it seems the No Agenda slogan “Best Podcast in the Universe,” was lifted as well.

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  1. Leo had to rush to Steves rescue only because he recommended a storage/backup/sharing appliance that failed. True to form, Leo thinks the cloud is the end all and if it’s not cloud it’s soup. However, we, the mere mortals we are, will have to pay over and over for Leo’s incompetence .

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  2. Like I said on Twitter, Soup Guzzler will come back telling everyone that he is the Queen’s or Price Charles’ best friend! That he went in and fixed their computers and got their tablets working for them.

    He doesn’t realize that maybe, just maybe, some of these celebrities and well known people will not go onto his Triangulation merely because of the fear that they will be referred to as being “his friend” forever more.

    In fact, as a test yesterday I had the volume turned down on the TV that I was streaming the Techguy to and I could still tell when he was telling a whopper.

    I am sure that I am not the only one that has spotted a trend for Leo and Co to see what others are doing and then copy it.

    The only reason Padre Ballsucker still has that show is purely because it is on at the same time as NightAttack and Soup Guzzler and the Skank CEhO with the face like Skeletor from the 80’s animated kids show (Masters of the Universe) have kept the show without any revenue coming in is because Father Ballsucker is cheap, he does the TD and everything else himself and they just need one other who is there doing the editing of AAA anyway.

    Since I don’t want Friar Flatulence’s shows, he is an insult to the church with the way he talks abusively and makes furtive remarks that a man of the cloth should not be making on public media, I didn’t spot this stealing of catchphrases etc.

    I’ve only ever listed to No Agenda a couple of times while on a long trip with someone that listens to it and hey, I was driving and it kept him occupied, and straight away I recognized it.

    What next, will Father Ballsucker be walking round midway through a show with a collection tray collecting the TWiT Tithe to bring income to his shows?

    We have to be honest though! What do we expect from a business model that is built on giving bad advice to people, lying to people, having Native Advertising that he then claims is not. While I have nothing against Steve Gibson, the fat bulbous morbidly obese soup guzzling asshole sits there eating for most of the show while Steve Gibson prattles on and the Q&A is almost always Native Advertising for Spinrite and the reader letter that is mentioned on the days that there is no Q&A is purely Native Advertising for it.

    More and more we just see Fatboy on both Security Now and Windows Weekly slurping away and occasionally making some snide comment.

    In fact the man is a hypocrite. He whines about everything. He’s even whining about not getting enough battery life from his Moto X, whines about the iPhone, whines about Samsung and then has the balls to say on the Techguy show (this was when I turned the volume to mute) to someone that most of the reviews done are not realistic and paid for by the companies and that it is people like him that companies don’t like because he is ‘truthful’ and is not biased. Well may is not biased, he just hates all tech it seems.

    I did notice that he is showing off his new website and was tempted to turn the volume up but laughed when it didn’t work right.

    As for the Elgum troll, I would be happy for that troll to do better than the hack that acts and talks like he constantly sauced up drinking rubbing alcohol! I did post on the genuine request on Google+ from Elgum where he begged for people to follow him, that it was another social media ruined. I did want to add that it was because of another self obsessed narcissistic asshole and probably could have since he muted and blocked me after claiming that he doesn’t do it unless they make a direct attack (though he does do it when they don’t say “Yes Mike you are right you are so right”).

    Has anyone ever when to Elgums Google+ page, it has a picture of him at the top wearing Google Glass looking like a twat pretending to be a pizza chef. I don’t think he realizes it looked like someone has stuck a hot poker up his backside!

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