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“I couldn’t afford Tom” Leo Laporte

ramblinrage2Many celebrities and business executives with boatloads of money refuse to fly first-class because it is such an offensive waste of money. Granted coach is painful, many wealthy people switch to business class, but first-class? Besides the cost on the environment by taking up the space of three or four people, it is such a repugnant use of money when people are starving all over the world. Yes, you can say that to anyone who goes to a restaurant but the idea of throwing thousands of dollars away to sit in a comfortable chair for a few hours should appall everyone. Let’s hear it for Padre’s vow of poverty and the firing of Amber, Jeff and Radford. Why not cut down the

Well earned 1st class trip
Well earned 1st class trip                                                                            Photo Courtesy of Bruce’S Studios

hours worked by Chad and Shannon? Let Chad get another roommate so Lisa can put her feet up for a few hours. You get a nine thousand dollar TV and a mansion and all you need to do is fire talent and hire garbage. The idiot fans fail the taste test. And, if people stop watching, just do three ads every half-hour. This man holds his fandom in contempt.

Royalty, Celebrities and High Priced Workers
Royalty, Celebrities and High Priced Workers

Can you imagine someone coming up to her asking what she does and having her say, “me, I am a CEO of an internet network.” Seriously, my skin is crawling.