Native Advertising

I don’t know, maybe it’s me?
It just seems like the personal testaments and promises are all lies. Mike is not making money with his android watch and El Padre doesn’t have people coming up to him needing ITCproTc or whatever that thing is. If you do a live-ad then just do an ad read. It is fine, we get it. But don’t make up stories to make it not an ad, just do the damn ad read.

2 thoughts on “Native Advertising”

  1. “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. ” Yeah Friar Ballsucker! You should not be telling those whoppers! It is bad enough that we have to endure native advertising but to lie just to sell a product.

    Elgum, Stop emphasizing your lie with the word ‘super’ we all spot it.

    SoupGuzzler, you just contradict yourself in so many ways. If I remember rightly JCD pointed out to you one day that YOU DID NATIVE ADVERTISING and you outright denied it. I think you actually cut TWiT short and then you banished him for several weeks for daring to point out the obvious to you.

    We’ve all been suckered in at one time or another.

    As for your claim that TWiT was named after your show, it was not. That’s another lie. When comcast was dumping your sorry ass it the first words that came out of the executives mouths were

    “Laporte! Your a twit! An imbecile, an idiot! Why? We’ve investigated your more than once over these persistent claims by the young female presenters about your unsavory advances towards them and we have to let you go! Don’t you know that you don’t shit in your own backyard? That’s what makes you such a TWIT!”

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