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Leo Laporte Trash-Talks @LeoLaporteSucks and Mike Elgan Wishes Someone Cared About Him

Yesterday, #Soup happened upon “LeoLaporteSucks”, either through his web site or his new twitter. Leo tried to act like LeoLaporteSucks has lost his edge, but we support LLS wholeheartedly.

Poor Gum wished for a @MikeElganSucks, so Total Drama has reserved the name for future use. Right now, nobody cares about Mike Elgan (and he doesn’t control the chat nazis that LeoLaporteSucks covers in his tweets, unlike Leo Laporte).

Thanks to an anon in the chat room for the video. Keep those submissions rolling in via the “Feedback & Tips” link on the right.

Mike Elgan Fooled by an Obvious Hoax On-Air

Elgum will literally (attempt to) read anything put in front of him on a prompter. He isn’t able to do this very well, of course, but today Megan Morrone co-hosted the shit-show called Tech News Today, and she had a joke of a story in the “News You Can Lose Segment.”

Why is this segment in a news show they want us to watch?

Leo Laporte has crowed over and over about how TWiT is aimed to be the CNN of Tech, but the following video illustrates how that’s a crock of shit.

The editorial board of Total Drama presents to you:

Mike Elgan Believing a Story
About a Wearable Banana

More TWiT Employees Side With #Drama and Sarah against #Soup

In a shocking shift of allegiances, long time technician Alex Gumpel has freed himself from the lapdog allegations with mucho gusto. In a recent seemingly benign post, the long coated youngster clearly stated his allegiance with the slim half of the iPad Today twosome. Asked for comment, he may have posed this question, “Have you seen the first three letters of my last name?”

Welcome to the revolution!

The Soup has come home to roost!
The Soup has come home to roost! This #soupyscoup reported by SRubber

Why Ello might succeed

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 7.17.46 PM

(Follow me on Ello: https://ello.co/mikeelgan )

Gigaom founder Om Malik tweeted: “The obsessive coverage of Ello is less about Ello. Instead, it really is about our growing dissatisfaction with the state of social networks.”

In fact, we tend to love new social networks and hate older ones. The reason, I believe, is that both popularity (here comes everybody!) and monetization (ads, algorithmic noise filtering, personal data harvesting) are the qualities that spoil the fun private club aspect that new social networks have.

35 minutes of tech news awesomeness!

Join our all-star cast, including me, +Jason Howell, NPR’s +Elise Hu, ReadWrite’s +Selena Larson, Bank Innovation’s +Ian Kar, The Wall Street Journal’s +Lisa Fleisher, Variety’s +Todd Spangler and the Boston Globe’s +Hiawatha Bray!


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