4 thoughts on “ello mike go [f] yourself”

  1. He’s completely useless as a host of TNT, but I used to enjoy his Google+ content, until he posted a dozen iPhone 6 “test” photos. Sorry Elgum that equals unfollowed.

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    1. It wouldn’t have been so bad if he hadn’t whined in one of the posts about the poor battery life for the phone when he had been taking many 240 fps slo-motion video’s.

      It would not have been so hypocritical if he had not posted numerous posts badmouthing the very same phone that they was ‘reviewing’ after having it for a few hours.

      This is the level of reporting that this man does! But hey! Leo gripes and whines continuously about Apple products but then had his minions stand in line to make sure he managed to get the number of devices he desired!

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        1. Well Hey hey hey It’s definitely Leo the Soup Guy here to slurp and drool.

          I heard that they made you wear the Hannibal Lecter mask on the flight to stop you eating the little children as they walked past.

          Petaluma market has had to lay off staff too! Why? You are not there to slurp soup.

          They did request that the old PLUTO (Pipe Line Under the Ocean) was reactivated and your soups were pumped through to tankers and driven to you but were told that you had decided to just trawl round the Soup Kitchens set up to serve the homeless at least one warm cup of soup in the evening for free! Padre Ballsucker SJ set you up with that fine tip, one that he has used many times before!

          A Terror alert was broadcast across London as your flight touched down warning people that Jabba the Hutt had landed in the City. The London Eye was closed and secured to avoid a dangerous weight imbalance that could cause it to fail or topple.

          You really are the biggest worry for the people of London since the Blitz!

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