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Leo Laporte finally has a forum to talk about “trolls”

Leo Laporte finally gets to talk about his "haters."
Leo Laporte finally gets to talk about his “haters.”
Kiss-ass Nerdist sycophant Chris Hardwick interviewed Mr. LaPork.

Brace yourselves, TotalDrama fans! Leo Laporte—at long last—has been granted a forum where he can air his many grievances against the “trolls” that are pointing out his failings: The Nerdist Podcast’s Chris Hardwick has posted the hour-long interview with LaPig…and it is a doozy.

The Nerdist podcast is just a big dumb hatefest against the loving, adorable troll.
The Nerdist podcast is just a big dumb hatefest against the loving, adorable troll.

We invite you to take a listen to where the first thing out of Leo’s mouth are the words “strip poker” and then the familiar death-rattle wheezy laugh. Later on, LaPork blabs about the haters. It’s a pretty good listen; so check it out and don’t forget to tweet Hardwick (@nerdist) that he’s a douche for giving Leo a forum for his lies.

Listen to the podcast here.

Calling all TWiT Moderators.

We at TotalDrama.org would like to encourage the TWiT Moderators to express their inner feelings at the sight of their Führer living in such gluttony and opulence in London.

Leo loves me

Do you [TWiT] Mods set a value on your time and livelihood? or are you simple half-baked slaves who merely lap at your masters heal in the hope that he may one day toss you a bone.

 Now that you have experienced and savoured Leo’s, effluence, sorry should have been affluence; which was made on the back of your misguided support. Do you now think you should be paid a minimum wage for your pathetic efforts rather than being repeatedly exploited by Leo and Dan? Perhaps it may be time to consider getting a real moneymaking job, hobby or even a girlfriend and thereby accomplishing something of your lives and adding value to all society.

Leo is so funny
I hope Leo says my name today on air

TWiT Moderators please feel free to express your thoughts and aspirations so that all the silenced TWiT fans (you continually choose to insult) can understand your motivation for living.

Fans, we would also ask you to give examples of overzealous TWiT Mods you have had the misfortune to have known.

we don’t negotiate with cunchZillas

bribri and jurbs buckle under the pressure that twit or their conscious/guilt over their departure. or maybe seconds thoughts about their “tech guise” comedy routine  . Basically they found them selves in hot water and buckled.

But to the thinkFluencer over at twit. I have this to say to the psycho. cunchZilla we don’t negotiate with psycho cunchZillas. you scare bribri and jurbs but totaldrama is not scared of a big ugly cunchZilla even if you make me want to sleep with the lights on.


just because we don’t agree with your constant bullshit that doesn’t  automatically make us trolls. Not every one wants to join your cult.

Also if you did a better job controlling your trolls #gum and #jarjar we probably  wouldn’t hate them so much. Not mention trolls like #dan and #pooperX

plus can somebody please tell #gum to stop posting pictures of food and other stupid crap on twitter all the time. he’s damn retarded. it’s enough already. shit.

Why TWiT loves the word “troll”

Since the dawn of time people have been attracted to power like moths to a flame, Laporte to a Twinkie or men to Sarah’s eyes.  Once power is achieved there are always those who seek to knock those in power down. Sometimes valid, sometimes not.


A great method to discredit the lowly trouble makers, and to keep the revolutionaries down, has been to use labels. Put a label on them and they are less than you. It is so easy and simple that even Jarvis can do it. So when criticism arose against TWiT, the label “troll” was not far behind.

Call a man a name, he is no longer a man
Call a man a name, he is no longer a man

Call a man a name long enough, and he is no longer a man, he is a beast. Crimes can be committed against beasts. Rights don’t apply to beasts. Those with intellect see the ruse. Those without (like the chat mods) eat up the labels because it frees them to do what is in their black hearts.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose would by any other name smell as sweet.” There is a lot in a name, Shakespeare.
Call people trolls or be a troll, it’s time to grow up and pick a side.