Chomp chomp, or Why TWiT needs your money for new equipment

A partial day in Food with our dynamic duo, Leo & Lisa.

Our lovely couple have arrived in London, fresh off their Upper Class flight on Virgin , and have checked into their humble hotel, Claridges.

But they are famished, hungry, cannot go another inch with chowing down.


A little nap, a little trip to see Big Ben and then more food.



Now we can’t be sure if they shared or each had the same, but a brief look at Claridges menu finds that these delectable items add up to more than most would think.




So a minimum of £101.00 + gratuity (I suggest 20%, hotel staff are probably not as well paid as TWiT management). Hopefully Leo sprang for the champagne with tea.

This is really a drop in the bucket on expenses for this 5 day ‘vacay’. Flights are on the order of 7k each person, Claridges rack rate for a suite is 2k and up. Wow, guess those TWiT staff are lucky they still have a job.  They do have a job don’t they? No more shows cancelled?

Leo is lucky that a fan is lending him a mifi for this trip.  Every $ saved is another potential snack.

Maybe the future of TWiT will be free staff, paid by donations to some religious order. Skill is worth nothing, cost is all important.

23 thoughts on “Chomp chomp, or Why TWiT needs your money for new equipment”

  1. If I was Leo, I would be really embarrassed to use a MiFi from a fan who probably earns a a lot less than he does. This just goes to show how selfish Leo & Lisa are by accepting such hospitality whilst stuffing their ego’s and faces full of food.

    It just seems that they are sticking up their middle finger at all their fans and employees.

    I wouldn’t feel as cross if some of the money was used to employ good presenters.

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    1. I’e said it on Twitter, said it on here and said it elsewhere. People keep confusing the interaction they have on IRC with LEO as being a form of friendship and then they offer to do things for him. They carry the cost and he just freeloads.

      Look at his business model. He freeloads using Skype and throws fit every time they shuffle him towards a paid model. His IRC is operated by Mod’s that unpaid Nazis!

      Then look at the streaming. He only pays for Flosoft for streaming and he threw a fit when UStream blocked the TWiT because he likes Bitgravity, Ustream and used to like Justin.TV simply because they don’t cost him a penny.

      I think it is immoral for him to not go and pay for the equipment and the data he will use himself rather than accept the offer from someone else.

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    1. TotalBasmentDweller, I think you’ve been in your mothers cellar too long.

      We don’t hate anyone. We give constructive advice to the unenlightened and brain-dead. You should really open up your mind and not be a consummate lapdog. Thanks for your attempted counselling advice.

      Please keep taking the pills.

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      1. “We give constructive advice to the unenlightened and brain-dead.”

        You really consider yourselves brain-dead and unenlightened? That cannot be good for your self-esteem.

        You really should have your mother help you find someone to talk too.

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        1. Friar Ballsucker! How many times have we told you that living in the basement of the TWiT shit house is unhealthy for you. Spending this time creeping around here when you should be preparing for Windows Weekly and bring the standard of that show down with your 1930’s talk. You must be missing your master and I don’t mean God, he gave up on you a long time ago!

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        2., my fascination with this site is that it’s one of the few places online where criticism of TWiT is allowed and not censored. Yeah, not everything is constructive or even mature…but the big issue with TWiT is that Leo and crew don’t seem to want to listen to people. Despite having a chatroom and all this listener-centric stuff (like the bricks listerners could buy to fund the new studio), at the end of the day Leo doesn’t really care about listeners’ opinions.

          And if they want to run a business like that, fine. That’s THEIR business.

          But at the same time, stop trying to portray the company (and themselves) as this people-centric thing. They are no different than the G4 network that killed TechTV years ago.

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          1. I remember when Leo first started TWIT he would go on about transparency and how much he valued it, it how the 24hr cameras started. Sadly more and more lies have shown that TWIT is as honest and transparent as any other old media company.

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          2. yea, the chat room kicks you out quickly, as this is the front line for the twit army, one person that is extremely narrow minded does a great job of defending Leo. They kicked me out before for saying the exact same thing that Mike Elgan said on his google + post, so the hatred is very directed towards those listening, that is the change, calling everyone a troll.

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      1. Crimes? Sure….I think when you sexually harass your female employees that would be considered a crime. And shit canning people’ s shows depriving them of a wage (without telling them first) and then fucking off on a expensive vacation would be considered a moral crime to say the least.

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      2. In light of revenue reduction and layoffs. It seems not only irresponsible and plain insulting for the ones that go shit canned. Not to mention the huge ethical issues about the home wrecking CEO and Chief Twit.

        This situation is just a cluster fuck of unethical and immoral behavior. If Lisa was a true professional and wanted to stay with Leo she would resign as CEO and seek employment somewhere else. This would eliminate a conflict of interest. If Leo wants to piss away his companies revenues and over lavish vacations, wedding rings, etc. fine.

        But first make sure his x-wife is taken care financially and apologize publicly for being such a fucking horny bastard and apologize for telling his audience to go fuck themselves after funding his lavish lifestyle.

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      3. Tell that to someone who followed Leo for a better part of a decade. Spent thousands in sponsors and donated money monthly to support his dream.

        Looked upon Leo as a mentor, nah as an idol. Someone that invigorated passion for technology. Who changed the destinies of the young. Only to alienate his audience the ones who propped his dream up, who felt invested in it’s success. Leo is not a man, he is a thief. He took our hearts, our passion, our dreams and shit on them.. A pillar and now a pathetic shell of human being. And you are no better for defending his unethical and immoral behavior. To you sir I say FUCK YOU!!!

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  2. I believe people who like to post glamor shots of food have a mental disorder. And people who post picture of them self eating the food are 100% f’d up in the head.

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