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Blame Canada

*Editors Post*

    .eu 4ever
.eu 4ever

We have left totaldrama.ORG and moved to totaldrama.EU. Look at your URL if you do not believe me. And…. we will be moving IRC servers too. Everything you love will still be here, just Europeanish to fit in with the other .EU’s. No longer will we be harassed by the freedom-loving Americans and their cowboy boots. Leo, Sarah and Burke have already updated their bookmarks—and so should you. (IRC info)

America was cool but if Gum won’t move away on his own, we will be forced to lead as role models. Maybe one day he will follow our example. And I don’t mean travel to Shenzhen China to cover stories about hard drive manufacturing. Do not worry, the whole team acted as one and all your favorite writers are on board, everyone from Helloworld to Captain Juno to Emojit3ch. Thank you, on behalf of everyone, to the team who worked day and night on this noble task. It was so moving to see everyone chipping in with their expertise.

I am looking forward to a 2015 filled with real journalism and no ad hominem attacks. Welcome to Canada!

*A percentage of some proceeds from site will be donated to Unicef (.0000001 like TWiT)

A Day in Celebrities

Where is Allan Mulally?
Where is Allan Mulally?

Well, somehow the glad-handing and flesh pressing #Glutton weaseled his way into the lives of Steve Martin and Paul Simon.  He actually ate dinner with the two men who are of an era that still listens to TTG radio show. This will cause a scourge on the ears of millions as Laporte tells the same story, that actually is not a story, over and over and over and over yet again. Do you have a senile grandmother who repeats herself? Well this will be worse, much worse.

Image010Fret not, in related celebrity news, our favorite  Super Star News Director seems to be getting a run for his money on the new social network Ello.com. It looks like the start-up has yet to put propper anti-troll mechanics in place. Elgin may outpace Elgan in followers.
It makes me wonder? What if the troll is more popular than the trolled? Inception? Reverse the polarities? Mix 1 cup of matter with 2 cups of anti-matter?

This is unadultered unlike...
This is unadultered unlike…

Enough celebrity news to fill your coffee cup yet? Freeze mister. If an alleged surreptitious shout-out was not enough, from the douchebag-hating* Adam Curry. This very website of meager origins  now has it’s second celebrity fan after Chazz Palminteri. Try this proof-positive on for size:

But drama is not about receiving, we are about giving so here is a treat for the man whose hair is only rivaled by Flash Gordon himself. The one and only Robert Ballecer not only steals NSFW’s time slot, it seems the No Agenda slogan “Best Podcast in the Universe,” was lifted as well.

*note* Richard Yes donates monthly to No Agenda