“I couldn’t afford Tom” Leo Laporte

ramblinrage2Many celebrities and business executives with boatloads of money refuse to fly first-class because it is such an offensive waste of money. Granted coach is painful, many wealthy people switch to business class, but first-class? Besides the cost on the environment by taking up the space of three or four people, it is such a repugnant use of money when people are starving all over the world. Yes, you can say that to anyone who goes to a restaurant but the idea of throwing thousands of dollars away to sit in a comfortable chair for a few hours should appall everyone. Let’s hear it for Padre’s vow of poverty and the firing of Amber, Jeff and Radford. Why not cut down the

Well earned 1st class trip
Well earned 1st class trip                                                                            Photo Courtesy of Bruce’S Studios

hours worked by Chad and Shannon? Let Chad get another roommate so Lisa can put her feet up for a few hours. You get a nine thousand dollar TV and a mansion and all you need to do is fire talent and hire garbage. The idiot fans fail the taste test. And, if people stop watching, just do three ads every half-hour. This man holds his fandom in contempt.

Royalty, Celebrities and High Priced Workers
Royalty, Celebrities and High Priced Workers

Can you imagine someone coming up to her asking what she does and having her say, “me, I am a CEO of an internet network.” Seriously, my skin is crawling.

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  1. Fuck off. I earned my loot, now I can spend it with the love of my life, me.

    I’m off to Claridges where only royalty stay, or someone are rich as Croesus. That’s me again, in case you poor ass shit heads don’t get it.

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  2. Lost for words! Lost for Words!

    Looks like the boy was either offloaded on someone, maybe put in a kennel with Ozzie? Possibly a supply from the soup truck and sat him to watch Pewdie Pie?

    It is obvious that she is not fit to be a mother, monster more like, to put your personal time before you child? Let’s face it though it was no different when they went to Hawaii. They brought Abby and one of her friends to act as child minders and then sent them back home while they stayed on for another week!

    That pair are made for each other and deserve each other!

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    1. Oh my Dear Brother Robert Ballsucker SJ, you are truly a horrible person and a probably a prime example of why people are turning away from the Church! Your Venom and hate that you demonstrate must surely make you a terrible person to work with. The Church like what you are doing? or does the church like the pittance that Soup Guzzler pays them for you doing work at the TWiT Brick Shit House!

      Either way, I am sure that Father Kelly is missing your open mouth as lay below his spread legs….

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  3. New here, so maybe it is known already. Bryan and Padre moved their “offices” to the basement at twit. So Totalbasement is probably Padre. I like Padre, but if he is defending Leo, he is misguided.

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    1. We knew it was him, Yes, their cosy little loveliest was discovered by Guzzler as he went searching for soup and salad to gorge himself on. Seemed to have caused quite a ruckus about it, seems that Leo’s Jealous streak flared and he declared that Padre can only have one man teabag him and it isn’t going to be Bryan!

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    1. That Man of God is an inspiration to us all, Trolling chatrooms and doing it all while Father Kelly forced him to do unquestionable things like say a sermon or console a grieving widow and give her solace.

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  4. “Can you imagine someone coming up to her asking what she does and having her say, “me, I am a CEO of an internet network.” Seriously, my skin is crawling.”


    They won’t come up and ask her what she does, they will come up and say,

    “We don’t allow your type of activity here, you may stand on the street corner and ply your trade but you aren’t bringing prostitution into Claridges”!

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    1. I don’t think it’s hilarious. I think it’s quite sad in a way. There are people here who obviously used to be fans of twit. For twit to go so totally off the rails since Lisa came on board that there are now anti-twit websites, is sad. I honestly hope you aren’t Robert. Robert would see twit for what it is. See Lisa for the immoral, succubus she is. Robert wouldn’t want to be part of that. If anything, he would want to try to change twit from within.

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      1. padre stated he puts up with it, can stay at twit for 2 more years, but padre must set up studios like twit for the church as a condition of him staying. At least, the podcasting part of twit. Both are mutually being used by each other, but that is ok, hearing different perspectives is always good.

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    2. Our top fan from the Washington state. Has been carefully reading every article since this organisation has been founded!

      We should really send him some swag, he’s our top reader after all.

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    1. That’s not misogyny. I have respect for women. Lisa is a gold digging white trash whore. If you can support a woman who breaks up her own family, then has an affair with a married man and breaks up his family, then fires over half the staff of twit since she came in, one who had just had a baby, then you are a vile human being. And if you are Robert, that’s really a shame.

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      1. So the constant insulting of Tonya and the slobbery, stalker like posts about Sarah, the trashing of Amber, the sexist post about Shannon etc… are really inspiring examples of respect for women?

        No matter what you think of Lisa, the vile depths you fools plumb to come up with insults for her, are inexcusable and beneath contempt. Grow up.

        Just keep telling yourselves that you cretins are some sort of internet heroes. The reality is that you are a bunch of immature, gross people in need of psychiatric help.

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          1. Yes, mean things are said about both sexes here…however the more vile comments seem to be directed mainly at women.

            No I am not mixing anyone here up, you all swim in the same swamp.

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        1. A man of god lowering himself to trolling. Clearly “judge not lest ye be judged” doesn’t apply to Father Rob. Lol, rather pathetic and sad. The pope would be disappointed.

          If this is Dan you might want to stop posting so many damn pictures of your fucking cat, makes you look like a freak.

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          1. I think you just hit the nail on the head.. Glenn is a likely candidate.

            Few people would defend Laporte once they’d educated themselves to the reality of many of his words and actions. Such responses could be the work of a misguided fan.

            But, more likely, they are the work of someone who stands to lose directly if many of the FACTS posted here were more widely disseminated amongst his core, casual viewer, base.

            It’s that core base which keeps him listed high enough in rankings that he can afford the otherwise huge audience churn rates, as people discover his podcasts, wonder who the smarmy self-obsessed old guy with the cheesy DJ voice is, then unsub.

            But, even though this poster is likely a Lisa urchin, I actually agree with him. Making these sorts of comments, about people like Tonya, isn’t good. Worse, it serves Laporte’s interests.

            It allows him to hide behind the “trolls” tag when the reality is the vast majority of content posted on this site is nothing of the sort – it’s simply negative facts
            about a horrible man and woman that they’d rather the world didn’t know.

            Tonya’s only real crime is producing boring content, and sucking up to the gold-digger to keep her job. Beyond that, the personal attacks on people like her harm the wider cause IMO, which is hopefully to have as many people as possible know the truth about Laporte and his so-called “CNN of tech”.. At least we probably know what the “C” stands for now..

            I hope the guys, who run this site, see the wisdom in such thoughts, and realize that your words are a much more effective weapon when they’re kept more firmly on the target, even if it’s difficult because the target wobbles more each day with every gallon of soup consumed.

            Tonya will be gone soon enough. There’s nothing Soup and his gold-digger hate more than people ACTUALLY costing them real money for nothing in return. Gold-digger’s stubborness, to admit she has no freakin’ clue what the hell she’s doing, can only last so long before even she starts to consider all the stuff she could be buying for herself with the money they’re paying Tonya, meager amount as it probably is.

            But I’d almost swear there are some pro-Laporte elements trying to influence the immature trollish type stuff, as well as those incoherent babble type posts, which make the site appear less credible. It undermines the wider effort to expose the tech fraud for who and what he really is.

            Please guys, let’s have less of it, and let Laporte will crucify himself with his own words and actions.

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      2. That’s a fact. Leo said it himself on tape that he knew lisa way before and that it was now his turn with her. This after he admitted that she had already been with everyone else in petaluma. What can you expect from a throw away hoodrat hoe and single mom. Naturaly prey on symp men who can’t get an erection. Poor bastard like fatish limpy dude. All for the promise of a sexual like stroke he’ll never get

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      3. I remember calculating from Leo’s comments that TTG was making him about $500K per year, and that it was Lisa’s idea to sell ads on the TWiT network while the radio show’s commercials played, which increased his take to over $1M per year.

        Leo didn’t originally have commercials, and I seem to remember having them was her idea so they could grow the network. I would have been fine with that, until they started putting four commercials on all the popular shows, and Leo drones on for two or three minutes about questionable products ( Carbonite ).

        It just seems that the pendulum has swung too far, and that Leo and Lisa have become too greedy.

        Really, how the hell did Leo ever get into Yale with such a nouveau riche attitude toward wealth? Didn’t his parents raise him properly?

        And putting aside matters of taste, advertising your conspicuous wealth (to say nothing of boasting about it) makes you a target. What happens if Leo’s kids are ransomed? This is not an economy in which you tell tales of your $30,000 vacation to London. People will hate you for it.

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  5. Chad just said on iPad Today that he is moving the OMGcraft set into his own living room apartment. To do this he had to get rid of/sell his TV and coffee table. He also said it feels really cramped, but it is what he has to do to keep the show going.

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    1. Well either that or they shipped him in the Cargo Space or down in the cheap seats! I went to Leoville.net and no mention of the offspring.

      Poor kid, imagine growing up thinking that he’s only wanted around when it suits them. When they need a slave to go and get a bucket of soup ready or to go and clean the sex toys!

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  6. 🙂 some of you guys are damn funny. thank you for comments on totaldrama.net you guys make me laugh.

    dweller guy go stick your head in a gas oven and inhale more fumes.

    if you think of any thing funny to say then come back if not light the match and go [f] off.

    how about some constructive criticism instead of just bitching about shit dweller guy.

    if you just want to act like a troll your out numbered you stupid dweller guy drama queen.

    OH please pay atention to me. -dweller guy troll.

    every one else good work you other guys are funny.

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