Who is the real Tech Guy?

Interested readers noted today a mysterious occurrence on Soups site, leoville.net

A constant shuffling of avatars, from one, to none, to another, then finally setting on something totally different.

Who is it?



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7 thoughts on “Who is the real Tech Guy?”

  1. On yesterday’s This Week in Tech, the misogynistic pig said his ex-wife Jennifer drank alcohol, took ambien and had a hard time remembering what she was doing most of the day.

    As if the divorce wasn’t bad enough, his kids Abby and Henry who watch the show have to listen to this pig publicly humiliate their mother.


    Leo is a nasty nasty nasty nasty SOB.

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    1. Are you fucking DOUG BENSON (even Doug wouldnt take things out of context) – Dude, it’s in the DVR, too, Leo was talking about ONE trip to Europe with his whole family where his wife did that, BY ACCIDENT, asshole.


      (Dont get me wrong, Leo’s bullshit way of handling Erik Lanigan is almost unforgivable – Leo still needs to publicly apologize to Erik, IMO – Leo’s clinging to Lisa’s every ‘golden’ word ended up raping Tom Merritt, again, unforgivable, BUT you HAVE to keep the context, and farnly, keeping the context in this case, there wouldnt be a post)

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      1. You are such a liar.

        I watched the live stream too and heard him saying that about ex-wife and its not the first time he’s made nasty remarks about her then I watched the podcast but that part was edited out along with him asking guest Nick Bilton if he was coming out the closet.

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