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Jason C. Cleanthes is a stupid dumbass garbage can of a man

Jason C. Cleanthes is a garbage can of a man with no brain. Just look at this bizarre clown:

Scary weirdo, Jason C. Cleanthes
Scary weirdo, Jason C. Cleanthes

Be sure to tweet him at his ridiculous Twitter handle EffenDunn to let him know if you think his constant laughing and saying “sorry” before and after “Tech News Today” is getting on your nerves. He’d love to hear from you.

This man moved to Petaluma to be near his hero, Leo Laporte. Can you believe that shit? And  Cleanthes is still trying to make himself an on-air personality by putting the camera on himself before the start of the shows he is technical director for.

Hey, Jason…nobody wants to see you. Just put the camera on Marc Elgum and be done with it. Or go back to the zoo, you dumb ape.

Helloworld Used Bad Language on Twitter

People should be respectful on Twitter and not curse. Ethics.

CEO of Personal Capital Bill Harris
CEO of Personal Capital Bill Harris

The Triangulation program featured an interview with the Personal Capital CEO who just happens to be TWiT’s largest sponsor. Move along, move along. Or……

Take ‘native advertising’ and multiply it by 400 and you get this. And I was trying not to discuss TwiT. You try to get out and they pull you back in. (For more info click here)

Does anyone remember the name of the song by the son of the guy who played the dad on Growing Pains?

And now people are emailing me that he is asking a (female) employee, Megan, if it is o.k. to “be salacious” or hit on her and she responds “I don’t mind it, uh……..but I can’t speak for everyone.” Put an employee on air and ask her if it is o.k. to do this and see what she says. THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF DURESS.

Once again we have the victim saying; I don’t mind, I am tough I can take it, it’s cool, don’t worry. No one at twit will do anything, no one will say anything not to the boss and not to his wife the CEO.

UPDATE: The g-mail address is no longer live for tips, I do not want to be notified about this stuff. I don’t watch TWiT so Stop sending me this stuff.

Leo Laporte shows his bare cock to the TWiT editors; his pixelated dick to viewers

Even as the vast TWiT viewership was spared the unspeakable horror of witnessing Leo Laporte’s naked cock bobbing in the serene but toxic waters of his Japanese soaking tub, the poor editors at the TWiT Shithouse had to pixelate out his bare member before posted to the public. Which means, of course, that they had to see him naked. And that should constitute sexual harassment in anyone’s book—even by prolific TotalDrama commenter Molly’s standards.

Even the crass Father Robert “Dronefucker” Ballecer cringed after the short segment on “Before You Buy.” How could this video by Leo even be remotely viewed as family-friendly? Leo’s clear intention was to titillate the viewer with the censored version. He literally “got off” on imaging his viewers being forced to think what was under the pixelation. So how is this man even allowed to claim his network is “safe for children?”

Celebrated TotalDrama writer RichardYa says, “This behavior is outrageous and should not be permitted on the network, this is how the #guzzler sees the audience in one video, this is not funny and there is no place for this on TWiT.”

TotalDrama calls upon TWiT’s viewers to boycott the network until Leo publicly apologizes to the parents and children for what he has done.

TotalDrama is also looking into the legal ramifications of Leo using his property to videotape commercial segments for his network, which might violate Petaluma housing codes neighborhood homeowner association rules.

And just in case the official TWiT video is re-edited and uploaded again, here are the screensnap of Leo’s pixelated cock:

NOT family-friendly in the least.

This is camera-ready?

WTF Megan?
WTF, Megan?

What is Megan Morrone’s problem? Look at the beautiful vision that is Selena Larson on the right. And now look at the dark orange disaster that is Megan Morrone and her eyebrows of death on the left.

Get a grip, Morrone. You’re on a video show for fuck’s sake. Have a little pride in your appearance.

UPDATE: How about this for a suggestion for Megan? Tell the brilliant minds at TWiT to fucking turn up the lights and color balance you to an actual human color.

Leo finally says what we all know he’s been thinking

TWiT founder and lecherous cretin Leo Laporte hits on the lovely Sarah Lane during a taping of “iPadToday” and finally reveals what we’ve known all along: He does indeed wonder if he has a “secret crush” on Sarah. The beautiful Sarah takes the inappropriate advances in stride, however. But unfortunately for her, until she can get a better job she’s forced to play along with Leo’s debasing behavior. So get outta there, Sarah! You deserve better.

Total Drama Signs Deal with Cartoon Network

OMG, We don’t have a CEO and all the money is already rolling in. According to an unnamed reporter, reporting on a report by another reporter about a report, the cartoon network is in production to turn this brand new website into a full featured cartoon.Total-Drama-All-Stars-total

Uh oh, it looks like it is geared to kids, better keep you know who away, he has trouble staying family friendly. ; ]

Details to follow.

Leo’s “best friends”

Leo Laporte claims Kevin Spacey as a “great friend.”

Any regular watcher of the TWiT livestream has heard Leo Laporte and his dubious claims that he has celebrity pals. Although it’s unclear how many of these “best buddies” even know that Leo exists—let alone are aware that he boasts of their friendship.

Please leave a comment if you have any evidence of Leo being friends with:

  • Kevin Spacey (Leo has interviewed the Academy Award-winning actor “many, many times.)
  • Kevin Rose
  • Kevin Bacon
  • Kevin from “Home Alone”

New information has come to light from a trusted source, here are the latest additions to Leo’s FriendZone®:

  • Steve Martin
  • Steve Wozniak (The WOZ)
  • Stevie Wonder (We might need to research this one a bit more.)
  • Kevin Pollak
  • Nick Bilton (dubious)

Update! Update! Update!

  • Regis Philbin (Leo taught Regis how to use Twitter.)
  • Pope Francis (Leo knows His Holiness through an indirect spiritual connection courtesy of PadreSJ.)
  • Steve Jobs (Leo apparently played volleyball with the late founder of Apple.)

The sooner this is sorted out, the sooner we can get back to more important topics. Thanks!