Leo finally says what we all know he’s been thinking

TWiT founder and lecherous cretin Leo Laporte hits on the lovely Sarah Lane during a taping of “iPadToday” and finally reveals what we’ve known all along: He does indeed wonder if he has a “secret crush” on Sarah. The beautiful Sarah takes the inappropriate advances in stride, however. But unfortunately for her, until she can get a better job she’s forced to play along with Leo’s debasing behavior. So get outta there, Sarah! You deserve better.

12 thoughts on “Leo finally says what we all know he’s been thinking”

  1. Thank you Total Drama. You made me copy and past that link and then have to go and throw up.

    The man makes me cringe. Watching Windows Weekly and the overweight piece of crap is wearing a red shirt that keeps unbuttoning because he’s put on so much weight!

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  2. You need to make a compilation of the really disgusting depraved stuff Leo Lapigg says to Sarah starting with when he verbally abused her in January to when he talks about “Lets find Sarah’s muff” about two weeks ago.

    The stuff Sarah has to put it up is unbelievable but if she dare speaks out she’ll end up being blacklisted like Kate Botello still is.

    Sarah isnt the only woman this fat pig sexually harasses on air, last week he told his call taker Heather Hamann that he through her “slave sandals” were sexy then told her to stand up and show them to him, he also made a comment that he just wanted to get her to put her legs up on the table.

    He is a vile and nasty SOB but its nothing new…

    http://youtu.be/VA-jwncEA3M?t=55m42s (Fast forward to 55:42)

    He’s been like this for decades.

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  3. As a long time female reader of your informative blog, I feel compelled to write in.

    After reading countless instances of Laporte’s unwanted sexual advances and depravity of poor Sarah and others, I broke into tears and felt her heartache and pain.

    Now that I’ve showered and cleansed myself of any thought of Laporte’s vile creepy advances. I would greatly appreciate if you wonderful gentlemen could add the following HelpLine number 1.800.656.HOPE and link https://www.rainn.org/get-help/national-sexual-assault-hotline to your expose.

    I hope Sarah and all the other numerous ladies/girls/Ozzy who have been inappropriately touched or spoken to by Le Porte find RAINN support and sympathetic ear helpful.

    I love you all, and please continue to OUT this sexual degenerate and predator for the sake of us all.

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  4. Wow, I came to this website for some laughs but you guys are really starting to make a difference and change the world, I Love you all and wish you all the best.
    Long live Sarah Lane

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  5. Leo harasses Sarah every single week during the ipad today pre-show .

    You’ll hear stuff like:
    “You like ’em big, don’t ya” *leo’s disgusting laugh*

    It’s not a joke. It disturbs us as listeners, imagine how sarah (the victim) feels like.

    He knows he can get away with it because if she peeps she’s out of a job, and after her failed stints at rev3 and currenttv I’m sure she’s really afraid to be unemployed.

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  6. He also likes bringing up her age and height on air, its his sick little way of saying “Hey baby, I’m the only one who is going to give ya job”.

    He is putting that poor woman through absolute hell and it shows. There is no joy whatsoever in her eyes, she looks like a totally destroyed person who died inside long ago.

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  7. I am unhappy at the thought that Sarah is being subjected to such anguish and mental abuse by Leo.

    I wish we can do more at TotalDrama.org to reach out to help her at this time of need.

    Sarah please feel free to contact us at #Drama with your registered IRC name for a chat and coffee.

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