Leo’s “best friends”

Leo Laporte claims Kevin Spacey as a “great friend.”

Any regular watcher of the TWiT livestream has heard Leo Laporte and his dubious claims that he has celebrity pals. Although it’s unclear how many of these “best buddies” even know that Leo exists—let alone are aware that he boasts of their friendship.

Please leave a comment if you have any evidence of Leo being friends with:

  • Kevin Spacey (Leo has interviewed the Academy Award-winning actor “many, many times.)
  • Kevin Rose
  • Kevin Bacon
  • Kevin from “Home Alone”

New information has come to light from a trusted source, here are the latest additions to Leo’s FriendZone®:

  • Steve Martin
  • Steve Wozniak (The WOZ)
  • Stevie Wonder (We might need to research this one a bit more.)
  • Kevin Pollak
  • Nick Bilton (dubious)

Update! Update! Update!

  • Regis Philbin (Leo taught Regis how to use Twitter.)
  • Pope Francis (Leo knows His Holiness through an indirect spiritual connection courtesy of PadreSJ.)
  • Steve Jobs (Leo apparently played volleyball with the late founder of Apple.)

The sooner this is sorted out, the sooner we can get back to more important topics. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Leo’s “best friends””

  1. After extensive research I have come to learn that the delivery guy from the Petaluma market is named Kevin. Reasonable error and I do not hold #soupguzzler in contempt for this common and understandable error.

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  2. There are many missing from this list.

    Steve Martin
    Steve Wozniak (The WOZ)
    Stevie Wonder (ok I made that up)
    Kevin Pollak

    We need to get the drama-army scouring the archives. Or memories

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  3. Are you people think:
    How can you forget Regis and Kelly, he taught Regis to use twitter

    And are you kidding me, he played vollyball with Steve Jobs RIP (but thanks for breaking news)

    And I think Kevin Spacey deserves a special place, they are “great friends” Leo has “interviewed him many many times”

    He doesn’t directly know Pope Francis but he is friends with Padre and those two knock a few back once a week per Leo

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  4. Today on TTG #soup channels his best friend, Nick Bilton. And talks about internet flame wars.

    Looks like he is going to start brain before engaging mouth in the future. We will see, Can’t wait.

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