Total Drama Signs Deal with Cartoon Network

OMG, We don’t have a CEO and all the money is already rolling in. According to an unnamed reporter, reporting on a report by another reporter about a report, the cartoon network is in production to turn this brand new website into a full featured cartoon.Total-Drama-All-Stars-total

Uh oh, it looks like it is geared to kids, better keep you know who away, he has trouble staying family friendly. ; ]

Details to follow.

One thought on “Total Drama Signs Deal with Cartoon Network”

  1. How does this news relate to the recent “MAD” magazine coverage that resulted in the completely undeserved pen-and-ink deification of Leo ‘n’ Lisa?

    Is #TotalDrama going to be able to beat them to air with this project? I don’t want those fat mothertruckers at Twit getting a leg up on #TotalDrama.

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