This is camera-ready?

WTF Megan?
WTF, Megan?

What is Megan Morrone’s problem? Look at the beautiful vision that is Selena Larson on the right. And now look at the dark orange disaster that is Megan Morrone and her eyebrows of death on the left.

Get a grip, Morrone. You’re on a video show for fuck’s sake. Have a little pride in your appearance.

UPDATE: How about this for a suggestion for Megan? Tell the brilliant minds at TWiT to fucking turn up the lights and color balance you to an actual human color.

59 thoughts on “This is camera-ready?”

    1. I agree with you BB. I really don’t like seeing staff at TWiT being criticised for their looks. Megans’s job is to present a show not be a model.

      Megan’s presentation style isn’t as good as Sarah’s for sure. I think over time she will get better (unlike Mike).

      We know the Laporte’s won’t pay anything above the minimum amount possible so I’ve learned not to expect much.
      The ones with any talent don’t get their contracts renewed because they refuse to pay what them they deserve. In the case of Erik, fucked about constantly and not get paid at all and then fired. If a bookkeeper can’t even manage to pay someone without fucking it up then we shouldn’t set our expectations high.

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  1. It seems we can’t actually get a news show that works . Either it’s Mike interrupting his guest and going about some point he is trying to make, or Megan just says “Wow” and lets her guest talk forever.

    Forget her looks, I don’t care. She can’t run a news show. She can’t interview. She can wear a banana.

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  2. Another shameful sexist post trying to shame women for their appearance.

    Of course you hide behind anonymity, because you couldn’t face your mother or your sister or other females in your life if they knew that you were so evil about women.

    Reveal yourself, coward. Let’s see who the woman-hater is.

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  3. i certainly think you’re being inappropriately harsh on Megan.

    It’s always rough when you shoot video at home, in your basement, or in an extra room. People don’t realize how much effort it takes to get the right lighting, background, white balance on the camera, etc.

    If Megan wants to take things to the next level, perhaps she could find somebody to help get her lighting right, recommend some better camera settings, and get a more suitable background. Maybe even somebody who does that sort of thing professionally.

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    1. Why do we so often assume that taking something to the next level means getting better? The next level, for many things, is quite worse.

      Just askin’ and best regards

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  4. This site I getting pretty lame now. I can’t believe someone actually donated funds. I ended up here after being curious what was really going on behind the scenes at TWiT since I stopped listening end of 2013.
    What I found was a good source of information with occasional tongue in cheek posts. This post isn’t newsworthy and isn’t even funny. The interview post with Elgum the other day was shit. Take a ‘joke’ that isn’t really that funny and keep it going for several paragraphs? Garbage.
    I think I’m done with this site. I get it, TWiT is going down the shitter. I might stop by when the next person leaves to read some comments but for right now all I see is a site that’s short on news or humour desperately trying to remain relevant to its handful of loyal fans…hmm, reminds me of someone else.

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    1. Eat a dick.

      The site covers (and breaks) news when it happens, including video production. If you don’t like the content in between which is mostly humor, then don’t visit the site.

      If you haven’t noticed, it’s entirely a volunteer effort and there are no ads. So, eat a dick.

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      1. But that’s just it though…the humour is shit at best. Come up with something actually funny and stop beating shit jokes to death. Seriously it’s like a child wrote half this crap.

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  5. He isn’t sexist if he made fun of Norton for his hat, every time they say something about a woman it is called sexist, but if they say the same thing about a man nobody says it sexist, this makes no sense. Also, Helloworld is not a male or female name.

    Selena has looked better, effort ladies effort.

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  6. Megan used to read her show introductions, etc. years ago on Jumping Monkeys…big props for always been prepared (instead of just winging it), but she was boring – and never tried to hide the fact that she was reading.

    It appears things haven’t improved all these years later. Don’t care about her looks, but she’s not a great host and a poor interviewer at best.

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  7. An observation. Megan is over her new job nervousness.
    You now see that knows what a shithole she works in.

    I have nothing bad to say about her but I can see high stress inflections. i she her moving on soon. She will be the one to quit twit. She will fiqure out it’s just not worth it. The very worst thing a twit employee can do is find this site.

    And they do read it.

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  8. I think the bigger complaint I have then how their hosts look is that they think that different light colors mean a different set. Android show is green. Twit is blue. TNToday is blue. tn2t is orange. It’s stupid. they need to work on that.

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  9. Whatever – the place is certainly in need of a stylist – forget MM – take a look at the AAA hosts with ill-fitting t-shirts & Ron’s man-cans. The network doesn’t need to be button-down preppy but does need a few simple style standards (Tom’s jacket was a nice touch) – doubt Yoko or Leo could assist w/ any of that – or pay for a professional

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  10. No problem w/ RR content, but when a priest’s outfit and Elgan’s black t-shirt are the most stylish thing on camera – there’s a huge problem. A stylist from a SF TV network coming in a couple times plus reviewing video then making recommendations would not cost a great deal – additionally $10k to $20k for wardrobe would not kill Yoko’s bottom line – Leo is talent / CEO is a bean counter / there’s something missing besides Tom, Sarah, Amber etc / the content is another matter entirely

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    1. Dude, the fat man is still wearing his ugly-ass 90s shirts, (well, those he stills fits in, sucked-in belly and all), I can’t imagine “wardrobe budget” even registers outside negotiating appearance fees.

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      1. Really you dick beaters are now runway fashion critics, Concentrate on the problem. Tub O guts Laporte. The old pervert that treats people like property. The guy that really thinks with one of his small heads.

        He’s so far behind the times that he answers fewer questions every show. Twit is dying a very slow painful death. It can never be what it was.

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  11. As an internationally known comic I can state its a well known fact that, um, well, you know, repetition is the highest form of humor, uh, yeh.

    It is. Look at known funny man Leo Laporte. He loooooves to re-uses his choice bits. A good Russian accent brings down the crowd.

    Mike is struggling a bit to find that one big line, one he can re-use every show. Currently its a tie between ‘Uh” and “blame China”

    Caesar walks into a bar and holds up two fingers (V) and says, “I want five beers.”

    A little while later, he says “Pour me a Martinus”. The bartender asks if he meant, a Martini. Caesar says “If I wanted a double, I would have asked for one.”

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