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Women used to appear on TWiT
Women used to appear on TWiT (See the long hair)

The fallout from the Apocolypse of 2014 is still being felt today, eleven months later. The positive network effect (of the former TNT, and other shows) was overlooked by TWiT’s founder and CEO. Losing those programs and people is now having the opposite network effect on the failing network and this loss is too big for even Doubting Saint Thomas to deny. Thanks to the hard work of Tom, Sarah, Jason and Iyaz, the admittedly expensive show TNT finally broke even in the 2013 ledger, even under TWiT’s skewed accounting practices. This feat was a huge boon to TWiT finances. TNT was a daily show that anchored the live views. A whole host of internet stars were brought in by Merritt, unheralded ancillary shows were popular, much of the  audience from CNET came over, shows from The Social Hour to Framerate brought in audiences and a percentage of all those show’s audiences became TWiT viewers. All this at no cost to TWiT as the TNT show broke even.
It must be said, this was a commendable plan to grow the network. A plan developed in a day gone by. A plan that worked as they grew without fail, year after year.

         Sample Invoice
Fake Invoice – *NOT REAL*

But that was not enough for the new TWiT, they wanted all that money. As everyone who was not asleep under a rock knows, in the interest of saving a few bucks, the hallmark news program was torpedoed to save a few thousand dollars a year. The loss of the bulwark show had immediate repercussions.  Friends of TWiT were friends no more, chatroom members were banned for speaking out, other shows were cancelled, TWiT birthed its own competition and no new shows were working. Today, no one at TWiT seems able to right the ship as they neglected to employ anyone with a management background. Money is being thrown at scammers who use phrases like “increasing brand image to vertically integrate programming.”
My friends, the emperor has no clothes.

More money coming his way
More money coming his way

Now the falling dominoes have reached the previously untouchable, This Week in Tech. The show that seemed invincible, is not what it once was. Week after week, more and more people unsubscribe. Firing Chad seemed like a stretch as Leo blamed anyone and everyone (including TD.N) but himself. Jason has been thrust into the glaring spotlight and we hope he is not next to fall on his sword.  Fabled tech hero, John C. Dvorak has been begged and wooed to appear more often on the flagship show and other less noteworthy voices have been offered money to be on the program, but nothing is working. Desperation is settling in. The show with the most ads and highest downloads is falling and falling fast.  We all know that TWiT was keeping the network afloat. Can they survive without its success? How long until someone comes up with a competing show that deals the death blow? Maybe Kevin Rose or Dvorak himself will do it. They will have to sell a lot of shirts to make up the lost revenue, maybe V-necks will help, I like V-necks.

*Update* The invoice is not real, it was meant to illustrate how podcasts are billed. Twit does not have the final numbers on DL’s until two or three weeks after taping. Totaldrama has estimated CPM rates, not actual.

Steve Jobs Only Stole a Couple Thousand From Woz

It is a shame how the greedy often rip off the innocent. Lost amongst the Soup Maestro’s blathering  about how his shows subsidize all the other shows is one small detail. He has co-stars on his shows. In some cases those co-hosts are the shows. Is there anyone who thinks Laporte’s contribution of eating lunch is equivalent to Steve Gibson’s contribution of  delivering complex sermons on the intricacies of the internet? Which Gibson, in all likelihood, spends hours and hours preparing for.

Gee, I wonder what the profit split is, fifty fifty seems likely. Well not really. They both need offices, they both need microphones, editing can’t be more than 20 minutes work, a few C notes for hosting etc. Hmm, I guess they have a spreadsheet for those expenses. That show is a massive success  and grew 28% just this past year, surely Steve got a 28% raise as well. If Leo is able to subsidize all the other shows with his share of his four shows, Gibson must be living on easy street.   Looks like being smart isn’t as lucrative a trait as being conniving.


“Trust no one” may in fact have its own double entendre, ay Steve?

That’s your job

Image006There was a recent tweet, pictured below, that brought to light another example of the mismanagement of TWiT. When you see Laporte telling the host of a show (Sarah Lane) how much money he sinks into her show it is wrong on so many levels. TWiT is not “old media” it is actually worse than old media. By the way, this maniac attributes the money spent on iPad Today  to Sarah and the money earned to himself….And Laporte claims that two people at #TotalDrama are mentally ill?

The way a network should be run is a host/producer should have one job only. To make a good show. There are other people in charge of selling ads who are under Lisa, (albeit someone with zero sales experience.) They also should have one person responsible for media, social media, maybe placing an ad, maybe making sure they book hosts to appear on other podcasts, radio shows etc.

Instead, the duo that is incapable of taking any blame puts everything on the host. Why da heck should a host be responsible or even know what the rent is. If TWiT ran 60 shows a week the allocated rent to (ie) OMGCraft would obviously be less than it is if they run 25 shows a week. That is totally outside his realm and his show’s “cost” should have NOTHING to do with how many shows TWiT does. Instead, they make that a burden on hosts.

This image is not relevant to story
This image is not relevant to story

The sales department is grossly negligent as are other departments. If the Sopranos aired on TWiT it would have been cancelled. They really need some talented management there, this boat is sinking fast and more and more talent is leaving. Chad, if you make a good show and it gets tons of downloads on YouTube and does not get downloads from TWiT or have ads sold that is not your failing. That is management’s fault.

Leo also claims all the income from the website ads, the merchandise etc, that all goes in Leos column. Conversely, they meticulously attribute every cost to the shows. Why do they not do likewise with revenue.

All the shows that will live forever and earn money on YouTube, guess who gets that? YouTube revenue is miniscule, but they will end up with thousands and thousands of shows, a nice annuity to subsidize future soup purchases without giving a dime to the hosts. Nice scam soup, I think the cast of Giligan’s Island got a more talent friendly deal in 1964.

The network effect is a great thing and something Diamond Club needs to learn fast. There is a lot of benefit to everyone gained by teaming up. Hopefully <> will not suffer the same fate as one bone-idle-glutton.

Just in: “Podcasts don’t make money”

Lawsuit-happy patent troll Personal Audio, Inc. has discovered that it’s not worth suing podcasters because they don’t make any money.

TWiT CEHo Lisa Kentzell
TWiT CEHo Lisa Kentzell

In related news, TWiT CEHo Lisa Kentzell said, “I just looked at the TWiT finances and it seems that we aren’t making as much as I thought.”

In even more related news, TWiT founder and chief mouthpiece Leo Laporte said, “I just started this gig for the freebies and cases of NatureBox. Time to cut and run.”

An in-depth study of the TWiT books was recently done by noted researcher Richard Yes and released on TotalDrama.org—the lid has been blown clean off.

Personal Audio, Inc. press release follows:

“When Personal Audio first began its litigation, it was under the impression that Carolla, the self-proclaimed largest podcaster in the world, as well as certain other podcasters, were making significant money from infringing Personal Audio’s patents. After the parties completed discovery, however, it became clear this was not the case. As a result, Personal Audio began to offer dismissals from the case to the podcasting companies involved, rather than to litigate over the smaller amounts of money at issue.”

#TotalDrama begins first phase of fundraising campaign

#TotalDrama is happy to announce the first phase of a massive fundraising campaign: “T-SHIRTS THAT CARE.” This pioneering effort intends on raising $2 billion to fund the buyout of TWiT’s headquarters in Petaluma, Calif. If we raise enough money, we can buy the Shit Twithouse and kick Leo and company out in the street. Without a place to broadcast their shows, Mike Elgum would have to go out and get a real job.

Please support this worthwhile campaign by purchasing the reasonably-priced t-shirt with lovely TNT-inspired design today! We hope you will find it in your heart to purchase five or six. You can use them as spaghetti strainers or for cleaning up soup spills. Some of our readers are even planning on wearing them!

Click here for all the deets. 

Total Drama Signs Deal with Cartoon Network

OMG, We don’t have a CEO and all the money is already rolling in. According to an unnamed reporter, reporting on a report by another reporter about a report, the cartoon network is in production to turn this brand new website into a full featured cartoon.Total-Drama-All-Stars-total

Uh oh, it looks like it is geared to kids, better keep you know who away, he has trouble staying family friendly. ; ]

Details to follow.

Tired of hearing him talk about his millions invested

What are you smiling about fatboy?

I am so tired of hearing him talk about all the millions of dollars from his personal funds that he has invested. The company is profitable, the company has been profitable for years. The amount he has put in has already been paid back. His half truths are so fucking misleading. He has disclosed how much money he makes from podcasting and how much he makes from the shitty radio show for octogenarians. (No offense gramps.)  We know what he makes. Putting a portion of profits into your company is something every business owner does. “All his shows make money and all the other hosts’ shows lose money.” Can we see the spreadsheet your girlfriend put together that backs that nonsense up? Does he understand the halo effect?