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Helloworld Used Bad Language on Twitter

People should be respectful on Twitter and not curse. Ethics.

CEO of Personal Capital Bill Harris
CEO of Personal Capital Bill Harris

The Triangulation program featured an interview with the Personal Capital CEO who just happens to be TWiT’s largest sponsor. Move along, move along. Or……

Take ‘native advertising’ and multiply it by 400 and you get this. And I was trying not to discuss TwiT. You try to get out and they pull you back in. (For more info click here)

Does anyone remember the name of the song by the son of the guy who played the dad on Growing Pains?

And now people are emailing me that he is asking a (female) employee, Megan, if it is o.k. to “be salacious” or hit on her and she responds “I don’t mind it, uh……..but I can’t speak for everyone.” Put an employee on air and ask her if it is o.k. to do this and see what she says. THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF DURESS.

Once again we have the victim saying; I don’t mind, I am tough I can take it, it’s cool, don’t worry. No one at twit will do anything, no one will say anything not to the boss and not to his wife the CEO.

UPDATE: The g-mail address is no longer live for tips, I do not want to be notified about this stuff. I don’t watch TWiT so Stop sending me this stuff.