Time for the TWiT 2018 Audience Survey.

Keep in mind, Uncle Leo wants to sell the idea of high-value (college graduate, high income, etc) listeners to his advertisers, not blind old lady truckers and Elliot.

The battle between Sarah and Amber

So the battle of the millennium is playing out online. It’s an age old question: Who’s hotter? The sweet blond who’s actually sexy, or the poser who tries too hard and wears glasses and too much lipstick and basically fails at being a hottie?

strawpollYou can also register your vote at the Straw poll here.

I’ll let you decide. But just for the record, Sarah Lane is the sweet blond and Amber MacArthur is wearing lipstick. Vote your favorite in the comments section; just make sure it’s a vote for Sarah Lane.

Amber “Too Much Lipstick” MacArthur
Sarah “Just Perfect” Lane

Pioneering new words and word-forms

dictionaryWe here at #totaldrama pride ourselves on creativity and free expression. So it is in that celebrated spirit that today we are announcing the invention of a new word. It’s a modern union of English letters that takes both the best and the worst of two vile words and smashes them together in a frothy amalgam of something entirely cutting-edge and novel.

Presenting: Cuntch *

For decorum’s sake, I will not be revealing the two words that make up the mashup. Oh, what the hell, here they are: bitch and cunt.

Reporters reporting on other reporter’s reportings

bTyEB98TLThe TNT Way: Have a reporter on to talk about a story they’ve written. Fair enough. Not as good as having the actual newsmaker to tell their side of the story. But I’ll go along with it for now.

However, why would TNT host Mike Elgan have a reporter on to talk about what other reporters have reported? Is this like some kind of Inception joke? How about this: Engage in ORIGINAL REPORTING and broadcast it to your audience. This six degrees of separaton-style show is just not compelling enough to ever garner a real audience.

Broadcasting 101: Learn to drum a table

Here’s a hot tip for all you aspiring young broadcasters out there: It’s more important to learn how to drum your fingers on a table and scrunch up a piece of paper and throw it at an expensive video camera lens than it is to hone your craft. Forget well-researched stories. Begone pesky “work” getting great guests. All you need is those two tricks and you’re ratings gold.

071024_finger_roll-798191Remember, modern viewers don’t want news, they don’t want insightful commentary—they want people who can turn a wooden desktop into a percussion instrument. It’s what Walter Cronkite would have done if he had been able to afford a lobotomy.

So for now, I’m not naming names. I’m just going to leave this as a little reader quiz. Who do you thinks this post is about? Leave a comment if you would with your best guess. Thanks!

Captain Juno — hero for the world

The FAQ page of #totaldrama has been updated with a new section: Heroes of The Effort. Our first honoree is Captain Juno. You can always click on the FAQ at the top right of the homepage, but Captain Juno looms so large for us here, that we thought an extra-special shoutout was in order:


Captain Juno is an unidentified freedom fighter in The Effort against the lies of Twit. He is known to spare nothing in exposing what needs to be exposed; unmasking what needs to be unmasked; and video-ing what needs to be videoed. Bless you Cap Juno, for all that you do—and all that you will do. Here’s the link to his YouTube, a must-see for all fans of #totaldrama and #truth.

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about Tonya Hall

Tonya_HallIf you think we’ve forgotten about the trailblazing hostess of “Marketing Mavericks,” then you don’t know #TotalDrama. There’s plenty of time to dive deep into the bottomless pit that is Tonya Hall. So grab a bottle of hairspray, because girlfriend, we are gonna be here a while.

If you like a lively pre-show filled with girly giggles and a heavy dose of scarves and sweaters plus the largest laptop this size of Texas (more on these two tricks for the eye later) followed by a snoozefest of a show dealing with the intersection of the triangle connecting the parallelogram of marketing and the intergoogles, then “Marketing Mavericks” might just be the show for you. If you’ve ever wondered what the CEO of a suspect online retailer ate for breakfast or what the third-rate PR flack from a nearly bankrupt Web 2.0 company is twooterin’ and tweeterin’ about this month, then “Marketing Mavericks” is definitely the show for you.

But before we can get to all of that public-relationy amazingness, we have to address the elephant in the room: Tonya honey. Hey! Tonya. We’re talking to you. Listen girl. We are on to you. Update your decades-old Twitter profile pic. Lose the voluminous scarves that you’re hiding behind and for Chrissake step out from behind that gigantic laptop and embrace your inner NatureBox. Leo has; Padre has. Now it’s your turn. Say it loud, say it proud, “I am a big personality. And I will have a black person on my show before the end of the year.” Aw, who are we kidding? Twit doesn’t have black people on the air.

But seriously, who gives a flying fudge about marketing? “Marketing,” after all, is just a polite word for “fibbing.”