Advertisers demanding more time

Cool it with the advertiser ass-licking Leo.
Cool it with the advertiser ass-licking, Leo.

TWiT viewers have long been accustomed to repetitive ads on the network. We can all recite the offer codes by heart for for example. But in recent weeks—after an “Inside TWiT” with Leo ‘n’ Lisa revealed that ad numbers are plummeting—it has become all but unavoidable to notice that the ads are getting loooooooonger and increasingly more desperate and cloying in their presentation.

Recent shameful examples: Leo has taken to shaving on camera; Steve Gibson has resorted to pimping his trumped-up love affair with the orange handle of his Harry’s blade, and I can hardly scrape the image of Padre wearing his puffed up SCOTTeVEST on camera for days. Other ridiculous extensions and intrusions into TWiT editorial are too laborious and ponderous to list here.

I would not presume to speak for everyone at #TotalDrama, but I’m confident that tech news seekers are not tuning in to hear Leo bloviate about the four advertisers that are on constant rotation.
It’s boring, Leo!

2 thoughts on “Advertisers demanding more time”

  1. Witness today’s preroll ad leading into Security Now w/Steve Gibson. A 5 minute “Ode To Harry’s”, as sung by Leo and Steve.

    On another matter it seems that Leo uses most of SN as grazing time. Steve’s incredible ability to talk without seeming to stop to breathe leaves a lot of good eatin’ time.

    Chow Time!

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