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@LeoLaporteSucks added to our “Heroes of the Effort”

CONGRATSIn a development near and dear to the hearts of contributors to #TotalDrama, we proudly announce a new addition to our “Heroes of the Effort.” Always available under the FAQ section on the top right of the blog, we repeat here his entry, both to ease new readers into discovering the history of the movement, but also because it’s just simply the right thing to do:

A true hero in every meaningful sense of the word, the @LeoLaporteSucks Twitter account is forever reserved an honored seat in the Pantheon of Heroes of the Effort. Through sheer force of his various chron scripts and a fierce dedication to hand-crafted #truth Tweets, @LeoLaporteSucks works tirelessly to advance the cause of enlightenment worldwide. And for this, we applaud heartily and with a genuine spirit of comradery.

Here’s a classic example of his electronic artistry: