Leo Laporte Discusses His Expensive Meat and Beef Anuses

Trigger Warning: Watching more than 10 seconds of this video may cause you to experience strong feelings of hatred.

Fat man on a regular-sized couch.
Fat man on a regular-sized couch.

Leo Laporte loves only one thing more than himself and cruises, and that’s eating.

You can listen to him describe his $75/oz steaks and hot dog preferences in the video above.

He apparently strokes out about halfway through, but he makes a full recovery. Thank God.

27 thoughts on “Leo Laporte Discusses His Expensive Meat and Beef Anuses”

  1. Yup, couldn’t stand more than 30 seconds of that. Even for braggart Leo that was sad. He’d brag about the air he breathes if he could. He corrected himself and said it’s 35 bucks an ounce though, practically cheap!

    I guess his diet is bullshit like everything else. Does anyone belive he really lost 30 lbs? He doesn’t look any thinner.

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    1. 3:33… holy shit, what is his problem?

      I think the saddest part of this whole thing is how he got started. Dickie D. asked him something about his shaker salads, and Leo proceeded to talk about his expensive beef habits for over half an hour. He’s a textbook narcissist.

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    2. Yeah, narcissists lie like they breathe, and they never expect anyone will check them or call them on their lies.

      I checked the menu, and it’s not $35 per ounce, it’s $25 per ounce, so Leo lied. But did you notice how he started off at $75 per ounce, just to REALLY impress us with his wealth?

      Wow, Leo…you must have a LOT of money. But no amount of money fixes your micropenis pal. Always gonna have a cocktail frank…hey! Maybe that’s the source of his insecurities? He needs to brag about his money to cover up his physical inadequacies.

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  2. It sure looks like he intentionally trying to show someone that he can spend a lot of money. Who is he putting on this performance for? It would be interesting to find out.

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    1. Alexander Graham Bell said:
      It sure looks like he intentionally trying to show someone that he can spend a lot of money. Who is he putting on this performance for? It would be interesting to find out.

      His audience.

      He wants to feed his ego while assuring his listeners that he is successful and, therefore, he must know what he is talking about.

      The confidence he portrays is deceiving. He is clearly insecure.

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  3. Kobe beef is okay. I can take it or leave it. It’s mostly a fad, like most of what Leo seems to brag about – he doesn’t really know much about food, or good restaurants, or Broadway plays, he just follows the herd. Notice he’s all about Morimoto’s, which is trendy with the TV watching set, because Iron Chef guy is from there. I’ve been there – it’s a bit overpriced, not THAT great (it’s a good meal, don’t get me wrong, but not even near the best I’ve had), and the place is packed with people trying to be noticed that they’re eating there – Pretentious City, in other words. It’s one of those places where people go to say they went there, the food is secondary. So, yeah, it’s perfect for Leo “I take pictures in restaurants because I have no class” LaPorte.

    For grilling, the best steak in the Bay Area is a Fred’s Steak, from Schaub’s Deli, in Stanford. It’s expensive, but worth it a couple times a year.

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    1. We buy steak once in awhile from Crown Foods here in Spokane. It’s all frozen, but it’s local, grass fed and a top sirloin from them is as tender as a filet mignon. Grass fed tastes different, but it’s easy to get used to.

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  4. I love the gallery page in the video. He searched for the keyword “steak”, and that “sexy” picture of Lisa in the leather chair showed up. I sure hope the picture was taken at a steakhouse.

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  5. I’ve never had Kobe, or Wagyu. i’m not much into fetishistic eating.

    Leo seems to love living the millionaire lifestyle but he really doesn’t know what he is talking about. Wagyu comprises all Japanese style cattle, Kobe is a specific breed; usually considered the best by internet searchers everywhere.

    “The most exclusive Wagyu in the world comes from Kobe, Japan. People use the terms Kobe and Wagyu beef interchangeably in the U.S. thinking it refers to the same premium imported Japanese beef, when it does not.” Quote lifted from http://www.buedelmeatup.com/2012/12/04/the-difference-between-kobe-and-wagyu-beef/

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  6. Ok so here is my thought of Leo’s behavior of recent years and especially lately. He looks like shit .. He has lost interest in his product and that is obvious. The product is nearing “Rock Bottom” as they say. Leo is in his own narcissistic fantasy world full of Denial and blindness while his outdated joke of a so called “Network” is slowly slipping away as a result of his mismanagement and lack of a professional and i mean PROFESSIONAL CEO . I think the man is on drugs there aint no way he’s that whipped … I mean seriously YokoLisa? so yeah i say its drugs (white powdery shit maybe?) and narcissism . He seems to be having manic episodes and mood swings and he has lost some weight (yet he feeds off his own fat when he’s not stuffing his garbage shoot with #soup and other shit) … hell I got nothing to do in these Early hours, ill be back with some more theories . Peace out ..

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