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FrogPants Podcasters Joke About Leo Laporte’s Dick Pic

Update: Scott Johnson weighed in.

Video Link

Hypothetical Help Frogpants Cover
A very funny podcast.

Scott Johnson and Mark Turpin have a podcast on the FrogPants network named Hypothetical Help in which they provide “help” in a humorous manner to those requesting it. It’s a much funnier Dear Abby for the digital age.

Thanks to a tip from a reader, we learned that in Episode 38 of Hypothetical Help, they made a joke regarding Leo Laporte’s dick pic.


Leo Laporte is a joke in the podcasting and technology circles. How funny is that? Every guest that comes on one of the TWiT shows has seen Leo’s dick pic and cunt pic. If you’re an invited guest, how hard is it to keep his dick pic off your mind?

If you’d like to listen to the full episode, the clip above starts at 16:17. They are responding to a question from “William” that begins at 09:25.