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Leo Laporte Flushes $60,000 Down the Toilet on Vaporware TWiT Apps

Expert business leader, Lisa Kentzell Laporte.
Expert business leader, Lisa Kentzell Laporte.

Leo Laporte got taken to the cleaners again. This time, not by Four Kitchens, but by Indians he hired to write native first-party apps for TWiT.

He has now realized that they “had no idea what they were doing.” After pissing away $60,000 on his first attempt, Soup is simply giving up because there are “great apps” on every platform, including Android where no apps have been updated for 2 years. Developers, like everyone else, are tired of Leo.

Why would a developer choose to work for free, knowing Leo spent $60,000 in an attempt to undermine and eliminate them?

Leo completely wasting $60,000 is unconscionable! That’s almost 3 luxury cruises four Soup and CeHO!.

Leo’s gorgeous wife and CEO, Lisa Kentzell Laporte, is an expert business leader who will shepherd TWiT through its coming expansion contraction into its new office space.